White On Ivory

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Well not my favorite cake but all in all a pretty one. Chocolate, raspberry chocolate, with ivory fondant with white RI piping. I would have loved to see what it looked like with the flowers as I think it would have really brought the cake to life, but the florist got into a car accident on her way to the site and called to say shed be at least and hour late!!! The poor bride probably had to walk down the isle with no flowers. Thanks for looking!

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Fabulous piping job! In the future, remember there is always a way to get a few flowers and put them on yourself. You are talented enough - you don't need a florist to do it!!!


Thank you all so much for your nice words. I still look at it and see so many flaws but just thinking about that poor florist and her nightmare makes my cake issues seem minor. Thanks again for all of your nice words.