Hello Kitty Close Up

Hello Kitty Close Up on Cake Central

for an adult that loves the character. butter cake with orange infused cream cheese/buttercream icing. the electricity went out in the middle of doing this cake, but i forged on, and am proud of the results. body and head of kitty is buttercream, airbrushed with luster dust and fondant pearls. mini cake is covered in marshmallow fondant and decorated to mimic the bottom tier.

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thanks for such generous comments! fortunately the lights came back on after a few hours, so i was able to finish with the airbrush as i had originally planned. the small white flowers are made of fondant, and ones that i keep made up for "back up". i didn't know how to finish the edges of this cake, so the flowers saved the day. i simply dotted the middles with my different colors of icing to pull all the colors together from throughout the cake.