Flower Pot ,urn :orchids,roses,dogwood,lillies,green Leaves,edible Butterflies

Flower Pot ,urn :orchids,roses,dogwood,lillies,green Leaves,edible Butterflies on Cake Central

flowers out of gumpaste and urn is white vanilla with swiss meringue and caramel filling, wrapped with satin ice fondant.

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thank you very much. i used the pampered chef bowl batter to bake the urn. and for the tiny base I used the same bowl filled it with melted chocolat, mixxed in some cheerios (i don't know why i did that ) and filled the bowl about 2 inches, let it harden, flip and cover with fondant. i poked a holein the center of the base for a dowel to go in and spakeled the hole with white chocolate. for the urn part i flipped the cooled cake put my filling and covered with fondant.