Clothesline Baby Shower Cake.

Clothesline Baby Shower Cake. on Cake Central

This cake is mainly inspired from Wilton's 2006 yearbook, but I did not like the topper on that cake, so I made booties instead for the topper. Only realised when I got to the party that I had forgotten to put the little clothes pegs on. The cake is covered in fondant, all decorations are fondant cut touts with RI details.

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Hey, nothing says we *must* do a cake *exactly* as it is pictured - no matter where the pic comes from:) You did a great job on this. It really looks good.


Thank you all for your lovely comments, so nice to hear. Debster, the buttons are little fondant balls which I flattened slightly, then pressed the end of a dowel into it to create the rim. Then I used the thin end of a no. 1 tip for the holes. Easy!