49Th Birthday For A Mets Fan.

49Th Birthday For A Mets Fan. on Cake Central

Home made spice cake with home made blackberry filling. I didn't have my new inks in for my printer so I had to do a FBCT. Haven't done one of those in over a year!!! I much prefer the edible images. I think he'll like it though.

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Critique Group Member: One good thing about running out of ink is that it keeps you in practice with FBCTs :wink: . That was a very unique idea to make the skyline on the baseball. Good job on your FBCT.


critique group member: I have to say that I like the fbct on this because it gives it a little lift on the cake and make it stands out. I think the little baseballs along the outside of the fbct are an incredible detailed touch and that your borders and the cakeboard are perfect! wonderful work!!