Trick Or Treating & Popcorn Balls

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alimonkey Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 3:28pm
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I would like to get you guys' opinion. I want to make popcorn balls to give out to trick or treaters this year. DH says it's a bad idea because parents won't let their kids eat them, and the kids wouldn't want to eat them anyway cuz they're not chocolate.

My idea is to put tags on them with "Happy Halloween from the Franks" and our address on them - so moms & dads know where they came from. What do you think - would you let your kids eat them?

Also, how many of you (or your kids) actually like popcorn balls? I was going to make them with toffee-like candy and nuts, and may even partially dip them in chocolate.

Thanks for your help--

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Kiddiekakes Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 3:32pm
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well I don't know about now but years ago we used to throw out any treats that were homemade.But then again there was no tags on them either!! I'm not so sure the kids would enjoy them as much since chocolate bars,candy etc...are so much of society's junkfood nowadays...which is a shame!! The nuts I would be careful of in case there are any kids with nut allergies!! really thoughful idea though.

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MissBaritone Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 3:42pm
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I normally give out home made toffee. The kids round here love it. I bag it up in 100g greaseproof paper cones and give them one each

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edencakes Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 3:44pm
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I think it depends on your neighborhood, really. If you put a tag with your address and phone number, I would think the parents would be fine with it.

Sorry I'm not more help!

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Barbara76 Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 3:59pm
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Everyone I know won't let their kids eat homemade treats unless it comes from someone they know, I am not sure how many people would change their mind because of the tag? Maybe if you add an ingrediants list too, for people with kids with allergies? My son is only 4 months old, so i have no personal experiance, but I can undrstand being weary of something baked by someone I don't know.


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bonnscakesAZ Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 4:09pm
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If I knew you personally it woul dbe okay but other than that, anything opened or homemade gets trashed. Sorry I know that it is fun to make that stuff. I would love to be able to also, I just think it will all get wasted.

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blittle6 Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 4:13pm
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I agree with Bonnie...if I knew the people personally, I'd let my kids eat them, but if it was just someone who lived in the neighborhood- no way- tag or no tag. There are too many crazies now a days to be that trusting.


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Newbie Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 4:34pm
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Sounds like fun but I agree with others here - they would end up in the trash in our house. We just don't take chances and wouldn't find the time to double-check things.

I say save these for the school parties.

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MrsMissey Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 4:40pm
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..I agree, it would be a hit at a school or halloween party!

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stephanie214 Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 5:20pm
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Yummy...please post recipe for these.

Most of you are probablly to young to remember this but years ago people were finding things in the store brought candy.

I never let my children do house to house trick or treating...took them to McDonalds, different stores and such to trick or treat. Also, they each got to pick out a bag of their favorite mixed candy.

I would just stick with the regular candy giving.

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TexasSugar Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 5:23pm
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We don't let me nephew eat anything homemade, unless we know exactly who it came from and we know them personally.

If you want to make them, why not give them to some of your kids friend's before halloween. Or any family members kids. icon_smile.gif

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Fishercakes Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 5:35pm
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In my home, we don't let our kids eat anything open or homemade either. It is just too risky these days. I always give them their first piece of candy that way they have something candy to eat while we are trick or treating until I can check all of their candy and with five kids' candy to go through it does take some time.

It would be a wonderful idea for school parties or bake sales but personally, I just won't take that chance with my kids. I would just stick to store bought candy.

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denise2434 Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 5:42pm
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I know when I was a child...we would go to the elderly ladies house that lived in our town because she would give out popcorn balls. Ohhhh I loved them!! We had to make sure we were the first ones there because they went quick!! Before it even got dark....we were headed to her house to make sure we got first dibs. thumbs_up.gif

I only let the kids have homemade treats from people that I personally know. Even though we live in a small town...I'm still extra careful with it.


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littlebubbieschocolates Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 5:44pm
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its not like the old days where u wouldnt have to worry about things like this.but if my son got something like that i would throw it out. even if it did have ur addy. my rule if its homemade or open its trash.. im sure ur not going to do anything but u really cant take the risk..

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veejaytx Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 7:27pm
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It really is a shame that it isn't safe for your kids to eat the treats that people give, sometimes not even the wrapped name brand kind, I hate it that there are so many evil minded people out there
who would do harm to them. Sorry, alimonkey, but I would also throw out anything that was homemade.

My DIL takes my grandson to parties, commercial places giving treats, or Trick or Treat at homes that they know (not to be an alarmist...but every day we hear "but he/she was such a nice person") so even that isn't a guarantee of safety!

On that happy thought, I'll shut up. Janice

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melodyangel1978 Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 7:33pm
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if you were giving them out to children you knew, then i think it would be ok. But if I didn't know where it came from then it would be trashed. Also nut allergies are common, my sister would be hospitalized if she ate something like that, without knowing nuts were in it!

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MommyEdzards Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 7:40pm
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i always make handmade treats only for the kids I know well in my neighborhood and I know their parents too. The kids love it, but I wouldn't give them to anyone I didn't know. I wouldn't let my kids have handmade treats unless we really trusted the person and knew them.

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sunlover00 Posted 9 Oct 2005 , 10:16pm
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Please don't take this the wrong way - but when Iwas a kid, I usually got about 2 popcorn balls and I hated them! They were always stale and tasted like my grandma's house smelled! Kinda like moth balls! icon_lol.gif

I KNOW your's would be better! Although I would be a bit leary and I'd check the address out and maybe even call you to be sure you were the one who gave the popcorn. I like the idea of the ingredient list - maybe add your phone number also?

Our were made from jello - many different colors.

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stephanie214 Posted 10 Oct 2005 , 12:34am
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Can someone post their recipe...never tried them.


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alimonkey Posted 10 Oct 2005 , 2:57am
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I don't even have a recipe, I just though I'd see what everybody thought. I'm a little bummed now. Oh well. Maybe I can find an occasion to make some.

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Barbara76 Posted 10 Oct 2005 , 3:45am
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How about making them in Halloween colors for people like your mailman, check out girl at the grocery store, receptionist at Dr's office, etc? or of noy for halloween, then in Christmas colors for Christmas?


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Fishercakes Posted 10 Oct 2005 , 1:09pm
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If this is a recipe that you really wanted to make, you could call your local schools and ask when they will be doing their Halloween parties and make some to donate to the local school or daycare, etc. Or maybe even check with local churches to see if they are doing anything that for kids on Halloween to keep them off the streets and make some up for that event.

Sorry your bummed, it is not you, it is just the society has made all of us at this point!

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lastingmoments Posted 10 Oct 2005 , 6:58pm
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I thnk that they would get thrown out .....We love them around here it so much that you wanted to make them or the fact that you want to give out popcorn balls because Walmart has a large box of popcorn balls for $4.00 with 20 inside I buy 2 everyyear and keep my table stocked they are each wrappped.

i think i found a recipe on from semihomemade that list melting caramel squres with water melting in the mocrowave and then mixing with the popped pop corn..... I looked at the bag of caramels and it list the water ratio for caramels apples i think its the same for the balls since they have to set .....I know that they are super easy make. I just wont for fear that Ill eat them all my self.

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