Red Marshmallow Fondant Without Food Coloring

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mariamom Posted 26 Apr 2021 , 3:41pm
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Help. I've been asked to make some red marshmallow fondant for some cupcakes, but they don't want me to use red food coloring. I typically use gel food coloring but they don't like the red 40. Any suggestions on how to create the red with something natural? I've heard beets work for regular icing, but unsure how that would work with fondant. Has anyone ever used something besides gel food coloring that works well? Thanks!

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-K8memphis Posted 26 Apr 2021 , 4:33pm
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my first thought is that I hope they are paying you a fortune ~

I would run from this ~

red is harder than black because you can at least use black cocoa like they make Oreos with ~

yes you can get other colors from nature and while I agree regular red food color is worse than extremely gross -- wow making a true red out of beets is going to take quite the science experiment -- then work it into fondant? 

oh my -- I've purchased all natural food color and it does not pack the punch to color fondant red --

run, forest, run

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-K8memphis Posted 26 Apr 2021 , 4:37pm
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ok so I forgot about something they have now -- beet powder -- look up some recipes for "making red food color from beets"  

duh on me

but it's really quite a process without beet powder -- I just forgot about all the different wonderful powders we can get now 


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-K8memphis Posted 26 Apr 2021 , 7:50pm
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I think I would try to make a red paint with beet powder or dehydrated raspberries  — you can put them in a ninja type blender and make a powder out of those too — hibiscus powder is also red — not sure what that’s gonna taste like —

i don’t know what the fondant is supposed to do, make bows or whatever design but I just don’t think it’s gonna get red enough — look how much red you have to use anyhow to get a real red in fondant or any icing —

your clients gave you a huge ask — they want you to be a food scientist not just a pastry chef caker person —

I would charge so much just to do the experimenting it would not be worth their while —

using watermelon, strawberries, apples and brightly colored fruits is the way to go if they want to avoid red — 

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ReginaCoeliB Posted 26 Apr 2021 , 9:15pm
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I do agree with -K8memphis, but there is no way to get bright red out of natural sources, you will get purplish shades of pink, but never bright red.

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SandraSmiley Posted 27 Apr 2021 , 1:12am
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Ditto what -K8 and Regina said.  Beets are not bright red, they are more a dark purple/burgandy.  What about covering the cupcakes with white fondant and painting it red with petal dust mixed with vodka?  Don't tell them you are using vodka or you can use lemon juice.  I would paint it with petal dust mixed with vodka, let it dry completely, then dry dust again with the same bright red dust.

I repeat........"run, Forrest, run!"

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ReginaCoeliB Posted 27 Apr 2021 , 1:25am
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Sandra, I think petal dust has red 40 on it... Keep running Forrest!

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tesso Posted 27 Apr 2021 , 8:49am
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hi, try my jello mmf recipe, in recipes, the jello colors the fondant and gives it great taste. it’s what i do to get true red, easily and makes it tasty. 

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tesso Posted 27 Apr 2021 , 6:27pm
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hi, i don’t know if your state sales 190 proof everclear, it’s illegal in a few states, but i use it in airbrush and to hand paint, it dries within seconds, no taste, and no gummy/gooey that can happen with vodka. i always recommend trying it if you can get it. It’s the secret to airbrushing without gunking up. 

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mariamom Posted 28 Apr 2021 , 12:30am
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I love the “run, Forrest, run” remarks. I may just tell her I can’t get red with out the food coloring and she can just take the fondant off. Basically it’s buttercream on the cupcakes then A cut out of the you-tube logo which is bright red with a little white arrow on top. I may see if I can find beer powder but not really sure where to look. I could try her Watkins coloring but it’s liquid and I hesitate with fondant. Also the luster dust may work with lemon juice...hmmm

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Apr 2021 , 4:20pm
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just remember everything red has food color in it -- you could laminate red paper "A"s and put those on there -- and you could laminate with wide tape 

you could cut them out of apples or watermelon although I think the apples would do better -- of course the app!es probably have food color on them too unless you get organic --

cut strawberries are just about a perfect " A" as is too 

less red food color is a very good thing -- my kid was/is allergic to it

please update on how it all pans out

best to you

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