Refrigeration Device Of Vacuum Unit

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Refrigeration device of vacuum unit

The heat produced by roots rotor vacuum unit is produced by conveying and compressing gas, which must be transmitted from the rotor to the shell. However, under low pressure, the heat transfer and convection performance of gas is very poor, which makes the heat absorbed by the rotor difficult to disperse, resulting in the rotor temperature always higher than the shell temperature. Due to the thermal expansion of the rotor, the gap between the rotor and the rotor, between the rotor and the pump shell is reduced, especially in the case of high pressure difference, which even causes the rotor to be stuck and causes the pump to be damaged. In order to make the roots rotor vacuum unit work under a higher pressure difference, to expand the scope of use and increase the reliability of the pump, it is necessary to try to dissipate the heat generated by the rotor, that is to say, to cool the rotor.

In order to understand the essence of air cooling, let's take a look at the flow of gas at the exhaust side of roots rotary vane vacuum unit. The process of compressed gas inhaled in roots rotary vane vacuum unit is not continuous, but sudden. The inhaled gas is enclosed in the cavity with the rotation of the rotor, and the gas in the cavity is suddenly connected with the exhaust port with the rotation of the rotor. Due to the high gas pressure on the exhaust side, the gas at the exhaust port will recoil to the cavity, and then be driven out of the pump with the rotation of the rotor. This process exhausts four times in each revolution.

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