9 Ways To Make And Decorate Stunning Display Cases For Your Products

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Joshua4u Posted 24 Sep 2020 , 6:25am
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Display cases are used in every industry, and products get showcased in it. If your product has high-quality, but its display is low-grade, then there is no chance of an increase in sales. Have you ever went to any shop and bought something that you did not even think about buying in the first place? But you still bought that product because it was looking authentic that you could not stop yourself from purchasing it.
The sole purpose of display cases is to attract the customers and to make your customers spend their money to buy products. If your products are not getting displayed appealingly, then the sale of your items will not increase. If your product packaging is shabby looking and is not distinct, then the customer will not bother to have a look at your products.
In these competitive times, everyone wants to increase their sales. You need to customize your packaging cases and set a new standard in the market. If you are not able to show the superior packaging for your product, then don't be shocked when the rate of sale decreases. If your product packaging is substandard, then your merchandise may stay on that shelf for a little more time than expected. And if your product is not getting displayed elegantly, then it will not attract the customers.
But the question is how to decorate your display cases? How to attracts the customers? If you also want to know that answer to the mentioned questions, then keep reading this article.

1) Consider Display Cases:
If you want to decorate your display cases, then first you need to know about different types of display cases. Every product's nature is different than other products, and every product has a different size, shape, and texture. You cannot display your candy products in ornaments display cases. Right? Imagine how silly it would look. That is why you should consider the product dimension and shape while purchasing the display cases. We are going to discuss some of these types briefly.

Transparent Display case:
These custom cases are transparent of nature. It is a simple type of display case. These custom display boxes are getting used to display cosmetic products like lipstick, nail polish, and foundation, etc.
Eco-friendly material such as glass or bioplastic is getting used in the manufacturing of these display cases. It depends upon your budget. Try to use glass manufactured display cases to impress your customers. And, also you would be using eco-friendly material so it would build a positive image in your customer's eyes. There is another type of display case that is called counter display boxes. These display cases are placed on the counter of the shop.

Confectionary Display Cases:
These display cases are getting used to display sugar products like candies or lollipops. These customizable-boxes are being manufactured as colorful and vibrant to attract children. You can draw doodles and illustrations to attract children.

Double-deck jewelry boxes:
These display cases consist of two decks, and they are used to showcase ornaments. If you have gold, silver, or platinum gems, then these boxes should not be customized in too much fancy way. But If you want to display artificial jewelry, then make your customizable display cases fancy and unique.

Power wings Display cases:
You can also use power wings to display your products, which are also called sidekicks. They named sidekicks because they are mostly attached to counter or shelves. Your sidekicks should be on the customer's eye level to promote your products. If customers cannot see the item, then the decline in sales will occur.

2) Make your Cover Distinguished:
Branding of your product plays a requisite part in your marketing. If your branding is notable, then consider your product sold. If your items do not have good branding, then your items might stay on the shelf for a while.

3) Logo and Slogan:
Get yourself a different and eye-catching logo and display it on your custom printed display boxes. A logo represents your brand and acts as a signature for your company so, make it unique as it can get. You can also display your slogan onto your packaging boxes. Your idiom should also be as unique as your logo.
Logo and slogan are a crucial part of your branding. If your logo and phrase are not on your packaging, then customers will think that product does not belong to an authentic company.

4) Get a Professional Look:
Flexible display boxes help us to pull off a professional look at your shop. But first, they need to be professional looking. The more professional look, the more increase in sales will be. You should not place a funny looking box to display your products and expect an increase in sales.

5) Figments:
Display boxes should have pleasant color combinations. If your colors are dull, then it would affect all the other products on that shelf too. So try to use lively and aesthetically pleasing colors. Try to use color codes to get the precise colors for your fascinating Display Boxes.

6) Typography:
Typography also plays a vital role. Try to use the fonts that can be understood easily, and they feel soft to the eyes. Do not use too small fonts and try to play with fonts while customizing your box to get the perfect one.

7) Use Area wisely:
Many people get confused while arranging fonts. People think that space is not an important thing, but this concept is wrong. If you want a professional appearance for your packaging boxes, then make good use of space. While customizing your fonts, use space wisely. Do not leave too much space unattended. How to use your extra-space is also an art. That's why try to be creative.

8) Get Help from Graphic Designers:
If you are confused about your branding, then try to get some help from graphic designers. Many people get confused about color combinations and typography. Designers can help you in customizing your packaging cases. Whatever you do, make sure to make your package perfect. Precise branding means the increase in marketing.

9) Reliable Display Cases:
If your display cases are reliable, then your product remains safe and secure. If your confectionary display case is not reliable, then your items will get all soggy and moldy. That's why keep your items safe and away from harm. Stable display cases also help to keep your product away from contamination and harmful radiation.
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