Stolen - Facebook Fan Page With 85,000 Followers!

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FancyCakesbyLinda Posted 10 Nov 2019 , 12:05pm
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Hi my Facebook Fan Page was STOLEN this week 9-16 June 2019.  I have made this video to warn other people and show them what happened to me.  I have been trying to get help by emailing facebook but so far no luck.  It's so hard to report a problem of this nature for the fan page.  As I no longer own it I cannot raise a message about it and there is nowhere for me to contact a person directly.  I lost the admin rights and ownership of my page with just 1 click on a link!  Years of work just gone!  I want to prevent this from happening to other people.  My intellectual property has been stolen and I feel cheated and violated.  Do you know how I can get my fan page back?  Has this happened to you?  Please comment with any advice if you can help.  UPDATE: Since making the video Facebook deleted my page and have still never contacted me.  I am so disappointed with the social media site which is why I decided not to have another business/fan page.  I am now streaming my work through YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and this site.  If there are other sites I could do this I would appreciate being pointed towards them  Thank you for your help nd support in advance.  

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-K8memphis Posted 10 Nov 2019 , 12:52pm
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my regular fb page was hacked and I lost control of it years ago but fb eventually restored it to me — keep at it — they are not speedy but they should have at least responded to you by now over six weeks — keep at it!  and notify you tube too —

i went and checked you out when you first posted here because we get So Much spam on here — you seemed legit to me but i’m no expert — I did wonder why you posted out of the blue like that — you seemed to have a nice thing going already — I hope you get this resolved — 

and I don’t mean to be vague by saying “you seem” but none of us know exactly who the rest of us are kwim — but I sincerely hope you get your stolen property back soon!

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-K8memphis Posted 10 Nov 2019 , 12:55pm
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wait what is “9-16 june 2019”? no such a date

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kakeladi Posted 10 Nov 2019 , 2:15pm
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K8 I took it to mean between the dates (in the week of)  June 9th to the 16th 

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SandraSmiley Posted 10 Nov 2019 , 2:23pm
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I remember when this happened, saw it posted on FB.  She's done everything she knows to do to try and recover her site, evidently without success.  Horrible thing to have happen.

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-K8memphis Posted 10 Nov 2019 , 2:43pm
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oh oh oh — dang too bad — what’s up w/fb? 

and fcbl — there is some kind of new member delay on being able to "reply" to posts so please start a new thread to continue any discussion -- at some point all of a sudden you will be enabled to "reply" but not for a while -- maybe like 30 days — I think it might have to do with time and activity levels -- please respond in a new thread if you need/want to —

best to you


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-K8memphis Posted 10 Nov 2019 , 2:47pm
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ok sure on the date  ‘cause she’s in england I think where they write the dates like that — oh man that’s way longer than I thought — five months!

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-K8memphis Posted 10 Nov 2019 , 3:04pm
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i’m sure you have but have you gone to someone else’s house and used their ip  address to contact fb? just of course explain everything and why you are contacting them from a different location — 

have you had your computer searched by a pro for anything bad that was left in there by the bad guys? if you have or if you will get a statement from them to bolster your claim — 

fb needs to hear this — call them in san fransisco —

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-K8memphis Posted 10 Nov 2019 , 3:09pm
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from a different location and from an account you own referencing the stolen one — you At Least Must be heard!

and even contact them from the fb page of the person whose house you’re at — so they can piece together what has been happening —

can’t believe you can’t get Heard at least —

best to you — please keep me/cc posted as to how you are progressing

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jchuck Posted 10 Nov 2019 , 10:20pm
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I remember this post here, and on fb and cakes decor. I’m so very sorry this has happened. Trusting a advertising promotion email from fb that was fake. If you have not received any help, I would seriously do as K8memphis suggested, and contact FB in San Francisco corporate offices. I direct email? I’d say phone, but you would have to have a worldwide plan, which I highly doubt many have. Calling from the UK to USA, could be very costly.

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kakeladi Posted 11 Nov 2019 , 7:43pm
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