Semi-Naked Wedding Cake Questions

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lblesser Posted 9 Sep 2019 , 5:31pm
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I'm new to wedding cakes and have one coming up for my friend. It's a semi naked almond wedding cake for 100 people plus the topper. It's 4 tier so 6,9,12 =100 people + 4 inch topper.

I have a few questions-

I'm using raspberry filling, I don't want it to bleed/seep through the layers as I've had that happen before. What do you recommend? I've heard of putting a thin layer of buttercream first and then on the bottom of the layer that is going on top so it's sandwiched between buttercream.

I've never used dowels before. I got bubble straws. How many would you recommended for each tier and any tips?

Should I assemble at my location it's a 20 minute drive or there?

I have a decent recipe for white cake that I add almond extract to but if you have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate that.

I don't have a lot of experience but my friend asked me to make it for her so I told her I would. I just don't want to mess it up so if you have any tips/recommendations please feel free to comment. Thanks so much!

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Freckles0829 Posted 9 Sep 2019 , 5:56pm
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You definitely want to use a ring/dam of thick buttercream and then add your raspberry filling in the middle of the ring/dam.  I would actually be tempted to do two rings of buttercream to really lock in the filling from seeping out.  I feel like doing a layer of buttercream, then a layer of filling, then a layer of buttercream would cause slippage issues for your layers.

For the bubble straws I usually use the same out of straws as the size of the cake they are being used to support.  So, for example, I would put 9 straws, evenly spaced, in the 12" tier to support the 9" tier.  I know some others may think this is excessive but it is what I feel comfortable with.  Just make sure all the straws are cut to the same length per each tier so that things stay level.

I am a big fan of the WASC recipe that you can find on this site.  It is a great moist cake but sturdy enough for stacking and you can adjust the flavoring to whatever you would like.

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kakeladi Posted 9 Sep 2019 , 6:52pm
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What are you using for filling?   A good quality jam would be nice  like snickers simply fruit   Yes a very thin smear of icing will sandwich the filling along with those rings freckles mentioned   Those are piped right on the edge of the cake   As for the straws/dowels I suggest 7   Mark an 8” circle on top of the 12” & place 7 straws  spread around that   For the next tier place 3 in a triangle within a 5” circle   Then place another 3 triangle to support the top tier   Each set of straws is cut to the same size—place 1 remove & cut all the ones for that tier      Since you have not transported before if you can put the tiers together  at the venue I suggest you do   Or put the 2 bottom tiers together at home & finish up at the venue   Remember to take *everything* you could possibly need with you :)      Of course I  highly recommend the *original* WASC recipe     Then to go along with it use the icing recipe “2 of everything “  also found on this site in the recipe section 

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kakeladi Posted 9 Sep 2019 , 6:55pm
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Auto correct is not exactly right   I meant snickers jam

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kakeladi Posted 9 Sep 2019 , 6:57pm
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Well it still won’t let me say Smucker :)  

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kakeladi Posted 10 Sep 2019 , 5:14pm
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there is some kind of new member delay on being able to "reply" to posts so please start a new thread to continue any discussion -- at some point all of a sudden you will be enabled to "reply" but not for a while -- maybe like 30 days — I think it might have to do with time and activity levels -- please respond by starting a new thread, referring to this one if you need/want to —

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SandraSmiley Posted 11 Sep 2019 , 12:54pm
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Freckles0829 and kakeladi's suggestions are the techniques I always use.  I do put more straws, as Freckles0829 suggested,  Delivering a stacked, tiered cake is the most stressful, nerve wracking thing imaginable, so I agree you should stack the first two layers, then stack the top two tiers and transport them separately, finish at the venue.  One important thing to remember, have the cake cold, right out of the fridge, to transport.  I always, even in winter, use Serdar Yener's portable cooler for transporting cakes.  I'll post the link below.

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SandraSmiley Posted 11 Sep 2019 , 12:56pm
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Here is the video showing how to make the portable cooler, easy and almost free.  

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SandraSmiley Posted 11 Sep 2019 , 12:57pm
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Here is the link to kakeladi's *Original* WASC recipe.  You cannot go wrong with this one.

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