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Cookies are not easy to make at home for the beginners. You can bake them some simple steps easily.  you should work with great care from starting point to ending point. Try to follow the instructions in order to bake delicious cookies by yourself. You will be able to make cookies more tasty than available in the bakery. You can use cookie boxto pack your homemade cookies. Some tips are given here regarding making cookies at home.

Selection of Right Pan

The selection of pan to bake cookie is a highly concerned issue because the shape and taste depend on the pan greatly. There are two main things that must be considered by you. you should not grease the pan. It can spread the cookie on the pan. The pan that is shiny and clean will be the best option for you. The blackened pan will not be suitable to use in making cookies. Avoid using such kind of pans. Secondly, use the pan in light colors. The cookies will be burnt from bottom in dark pans. The reason is that the dark color absorbs more heat as compared to light color sheets. You must follow these tips before making the cookies.

Measure Ingredients Correctly

We usually, do not pay attention to proper measurement of the ingredients. We do not care in actual measurement. Try to take the ingredients in grams, not in cups. If you want to take 100 grams of flour and other ingredients. When you us cups and scoops then you take more than 100 grams. The cups add more value than actual. It is a serious problem. Always keep in mind this tip before measuring.

Quality & Temperature of Butter

Butter is an essential ingredient in making the cookie. The form of butter is also important. The butter must be original. the cheap butter contains water also. It will cause excess spreading during the making of cookies. Make sure the quality of butter before purchasing. The freeze butter and melted butter both are not good in the baking cookie. Because too cold butter will not cream perfectly and make the cookies dense. The soft or melted butter will not hold and produce heavy dough than fluffy. The baking of cookies will be destroyed. Try to cool the butter for the fifteen minutes only. It would be the right time length to get the required butter state.

Handling the Dough

To handle the dough is a sensitive matter. Many people make mistakes in this stage. They use flour to dust the surface. The extra addition of the flour will make the cookies hard. You can use the sugar powder. The cocoa powder can be used to bake chocolate cookies. Then you can give a uniform shape to your dough. The cutter can be used to cut the extra dough. It will reduce the scrapes and re-roll the cookies. You will get the fine shape of the cookies.

Notice Baking Time

Some necessary tips should be noticed during baking in the oven. Firstly, avoid rotating the pan inside the oven. You do not need to open the oven again and again. The cookies will not get brown. They will not be properly baked. By doing this, the heat will be eliminated from the oven. The cookies will be not baked accurately. The time to bake them is from ten to twelve minutes is enough. Do not stop the oven an check them during this time period.

Use of Cooling Rack

After baking the cookies, do not keep them on the pan. Do not wait to get cool of the cookies. The pan will be hot and the cookies will continuously get brown. The bottom side will be dark. You should use the cooling rack to make them cool.

Packing of Cookies

You can eat the cookies when you bale or can store them by using printed cookie boxes. there are many kinds of stuff and packaging bags available in the market to pack the cookies. You can make at home as well.

Cookies for Sale

You can run this business at domestic level. Sale your cookies to your friends and relatives in your society. Present the cookies in well-designed packing bags. The beautiful printed and decorated cookies packaging will enrich the taste and appearance of your baked cookies. Give a professional look to the cookies. You can easily by the cookie boxes wholesale in the market at economical prices.

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