Thinking Of Dabbling In Weddings

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KitchenSix Posted 14 Mar 2019 , 1:35am
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I’ve refused to do wedding cakes so far because honestly, the thought of dealing with bad brides freaks me out a little.  But lately, I’ve been thinking about trying it out, maybe after I get better kitchen accommodations and some more practice.

Are there any tips and tricks, or just all around advice for getting started?  I’ve seen that a lot of people have cake contracts, and I love that idea.  I’ve also seen that some of you take deposits, then expect full payment later, and then others want it all at once.

So what do you think about wedding cakes?

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-K8memphis Posted 14 Mar 2019 , 2:17am
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yeah go for it -- the rewards far far out weigh the booboo people -- i'll write more tomorrow  -- and I don't know anything about your beliefs and not trying to get in your pie either -- but one thing that always especially appealed to me is that jesus made wedding refreshments -- I mean I don't make furniture like he did, I don't cook fish on the beach like he did -- but I can make wedding food!

but tomorrow I will tell you about some of my favorite things and hardest lessons learned about doing wedding cakes 

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KitchenSix Posted 14 Mar 2019 , 3:14am
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I’d love to hear them! I’ve been flipping through th threads, but would love some more recent experiences as well, because the times do change!

I’m actually doing a large vow renewal cake for an acquaintance next year, and the only reason I’m doing it is because I know her and because she’s a loyal customer, but between this ‘pending’ order (as I call them), and that princess cake + delivery I managed to pull off, I’m thinking maybe I should try!

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me_me1 Posted 14 Mar 2019 , 7:12am
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I love doing wedding cakes. I love the other creative vendors in my city and getting to work with them on various weddings (and other events). I love how happy and loved up all my couples are - and their families, they will quite often bring mums and dads to the cake testing session - it can be so lovely with everyone involved.

Give me a wedding cake to do over a 3D sculpted kid's cake any day. I have found mum's trying to haggle over the price of their kid's birthday cake a heck of a lot ruder than any of my brides.

Get a deposit to lock in the date - then you are both committed. I ask for full payment a month before their big day. Lots of communication and be prompt with responses. I hear so many people complain about lack of response from vendors so I try to make sure I'm all over that side of things.

Hope that helps!   :)

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KitchenSix Posted 14 Mar 2019 , 3:53pm
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Thank you for your input! I actually also love doing birthday and sculpted cakes, but there’s not much demand for that here! Everyone wants cheap, but I figured most people are willing to spend more on wedding cakes!

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-K8memphis Posted 14 Mar 2019 , 4:27pm
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so I noticed on my computer -- if I write a lot in one reply the font gets real small -- so i'm gonna post this in increments -- use whatever you want -- combine it whatever works for you -- all cafeteria style -- take it or leave it -- best to you -- you will LOVE doing weddings!!!!

yes like me_me said, setting up with other vendors and it all eventually culminating in a family being born is quite a rush -- I love delivering cakes and hyping on the buzz -- nothing like a great cake high --  it really helped that I spent a lot of time delivering other people's cakes too -- it removed that bit of responsibility one step away and freed me up to get over the willies one can get driving around in the heat with a highly perishable one of a kind product -- but when you package things up right it's a no brainer -- 

my husband almost always went with me on deliveries and I realized when i drove and he rode along my jitters were gone -- after one such delivery -- we had just ordered our food at outback -- and my husband said slowly, "you're a really nice person...except when we're delivering a cake"  I thought about it and I said " you don't have any bruises or broken bones -- bald patches where I yanked out your hair -- consider yourself a lucky man" hahahahahaha

contracts -- some peeps have multi paged affairs where everything is initialed and frankly it would scare me if I was the bride, mob to have to go through all that for a cake even one as special as a wedding cake -- I had an order blank book that made extra copies to hand out and I spelled everything out on the order blank -- I imagine nowadays you'd want to maybe do it online -- idk -- but I got a signature that day so it was great that way -- we met at coffee shops mostly so that worked best for me --

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-K8memphis Posted 14 Mar 2019 , 4:27pm
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so i have my order blank book, as well as paper for my notes and to draw on -- plus an index card to write any homework the bride would need to do for me -- like get a swatch of fabric, tell the coordinator to set up the cake table first, or get an address or phone # -- remember I've been doing this since the 70's ha! -- and I would hand it to her at the end of the consult -- but as I gathered up the date, time and address of the wedding -- I also chatted them up and wrote down the b&gs full names and addresses and where they worked even the mob&g and fob&g -- because although Very Rarely -- you do have to do some legal collection and you need this info to make it happen -- more on that later -- but important to know where folks work and live --

I put all the cake essentials on the order blank then at the bottom I put several things -- one was the word "non-refundable" with a bracket { with the three due dates of the payments, one on top the other taking up three lines on the order blank -- right in front of the last payment date i wrote "no changes after" signifying that date -- underneath I wrote "payments (future payments) in lieu of signature confirms all digital changes/terms" -- to avoid any confusion about what they ordered -- then to the right of that you can add & subtract what they pay that day -- although they did sign the order blank that day --

I wrote -- "kitchen cakes in increments of 24 servings each can be added after blabla date" -- (the last payment, no change date) -- I also wrote -- "a wedding serving is traditionally 1x2x4" approximately the size of a cupcake with fillings -- one 9x13 cake yields 24 cupcakes -- therefore choose your cake cutter carefully or consider more portions to accommodate more casually sized servings" --

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-K8memphis Posted 14 Mar 2019 , 4:28pm
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I always made sure the cake had about 10% more servings if possible to allow for servings that might drop on the floor or if a dowel impedes a serving -- but I never announced that to the clients -- and THEY decide how many servings they want -- I gave them guidelines how to make the decision -- you can google the different ways -- and they determined the number -- I always said, "the wedding itself being is not incumbent on this cake being delivered -- I am not a full scale bakery with freezers and fridges galore -- you are buying a cake from an individual baker -- if you need to delay the wedding or god forbid, it's cancelled for any reason you still bought this cake -- you take delivery and freeze it yourself -- no refunds, or substitutions" --

I write "cancelations must be made in writing" because it can get dicey if someone doesn't make their last payment -- so do you bomb their wedding with no cake and bad publicity for you -- or do you follow through and collect later -- I chose #2 because it feels better for me, inside me -- if you decide "no cake for you" it feels terrible inside -- and that's why you got the insurance of employment places -- you will be able to call at least once and that alone will get people moving in the right direction -- when you get the person that signed the cake order on the phone -- you can kindly ask them for payment -- if you call the others -- you just ask them to have whoever signed to call you -- don't mention the reason why just that it's important -- believe me that's enough to set the woods on fire -- if they tell you to never call again you don't call again -- but you still call whoever signed at their home just not at work --

I explained each one of the payments like this -- the first one means I am reserving my time especially the week before your wedding where I cannot go on vacation, or plan or do any other major activities that week -- plus paying for the research I will be doing -- the second payment pays for the actual product I will be using -- and like I said i'm not a full blown bakery where I can send this material back into stock -- it's purchased expressly for this cake you are ordering -- the third payment pays me for the time I spend working on your cake -- that's why none of the payments are refundable --

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-K8memphis Posted 14 Mar 2019 , 4:28pm
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another essential is who is doing the set up of the reception and what time they will be there day of -- I always got their phone number -- I always made sure to tell the bride to tell them the cake table gets set up first -- and I called them to be sure they knew that as well -- very important to me -- 'cause I din want to wait around while they fiddled with every other table -- also you need that cell phone # because everybody is out getting married and will not be answering their phones if you get lost or the address is wrong or whatever or you get delayed -- that phone number is your life line the day of the wedding --

at the end of the consult I told my brides, worry about the flower girl, and the ring bearer, guests arriving on time -- but don't worry about your cake i'll take care of everything for you -- and I did -- if a cake table was set in front of a sunny window -- we drew the curtain or we moved the table -- I didn't need to call the bride for permission -- she was quite busy getting married and I put that level of protection around her -- I never called her within the week or two before the wedding either -- she didn't need to hear from me --

never take out of town checks -- only locally drawn ones -- the families can work it out amongst them selves --

at the end I would tell my brides that my gift to them is two small four or five inch cakes one for the honeymoon and one for the first anniversary -- easily made from leveling scraps or leftover batter -- I boxed them in the adorable little white 6" boxes -- I told them this way (huge selling point) they can use all their servings for their guests maximizing their investment in their cake -- they loved that --

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-K8memphis Posted 14 Mar 2019 , 5:12pm
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so I guess I was able to make all the posts have small font! hahahaha

but wow I hope you go for it -- but I mean you won't be able to afford a condo in cancun or anything from how rich you're gonna get but it's a wonderful fun fulfilling thing to do -- do not short change yourself though -- you'll burn up fast --

oh and you want to deliver at least one small and one large box for any potential leftovers -- I always just slid them under the cake table -- it makes the coordinator's and venue's job easier -- anything that makes their job easier means you'll get more referrals --

be careful about people with special recipes and flavor requests they want -- I mean if someone wants raspberry filling instead of strawberry yeah that's cool but it's better to have your own repertoire because wedding cake is a whole different animal -- it has to slice and serve perfectly -- be able to remain nice and fresh if it sits out cut on the plate for an hour -- needs to be able to be made days in advance and survive the frosting and decorating and hold time and delivery -- then be pinpoint fragrant and delicious -- you need to be rock solid sure of everything you make -- and if you are trying to create the bride's aunt louise's carrot cake from her recipe -- you're not gonna get it right and you'll run the risk of disappointing everyone -- not that you can't make that recipe but that you cannot get it the way aunt louise did -- it's a memory -- and that's I say "sorry I don't do legends"

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