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CreativeLee Posted 10 Feb 2019 , 3:30am
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I'm a newbie.  I purchased this pan set.  The pans are 4, 6 and 8 inches wide and use only one box of cake mix.  This is the first cake I will ever had made so that is why I'm starting with a cake mix.  In time, I will switch to making cakes from scratch.  

My questions are do I need to put cake boards (I think that is what they are called, maybe cake rounds is the name) in between each layer and do I need to put support sticks (? columns) inside the bottom layers?  Is the correct sizing for the cake boards the same size as the top layers, but 2 to 4 inches bigger for the bottom layer?  

Thank you in advance for any and all help!

Newbie Stacking Question

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SandraSmiley Posted 10 Feb 2019 , 4:42am
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First of all, you need to have at least two layers for each tier, so buy two cake mixes and make two sets of each size.

Yes, you need to dowel you tiers so they support the one(s) above and you do need to put a cake board under each tier.  For the four and six inch tiers, use a four and six inch cake board, for the eight inch tier, you should have at least 12 inches and it should be strong enough to support the whole cake.  For support, most of us are now using sturdy straws because the do a good job and are easy to cut with scissors.

Here is a great tutorial by Edna De la Cruz of Design Me A Cake on how to dowel and stack a tiered cake.  There are many tutorials on YouTube.  Good luck!

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Freckles0829 Posted 11 Feb 2019 , 1:33pm
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No way will one box mix be enough to make all of those tiers.  Each tier should be at least 2 layers so multiple box mixes will be needed.

Like Sandra said, cake boards and dowels will be needed.  The reason for the larger bottom cake board is because that will also serve as the decorative serving board and needs to be thick enough to support the weight of the cake.  The video Sandra posted provides great info and you can find many other videos after a quick google or youtube search.  So watch some tutorials to get a feel for the stacking process.

Oh and don't think you have to switch from box to scratch baking.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with box mixes and one of my favorite recipes came from this website and uses a box mix as the base for the cake (  I also love this recipe because it stretches the box mix so you get more batter than you would if you just used the recipe on the back of the box.  Perfect when making tiered cakes or a lot of cupcakes.

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-K8memphis Posted 11 Feb 2019 , 2:46pm
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as sandra said -- dowels are the name for the inside the cake construction type supports be they straws or wooden or plastic -- columns are the decorative separators you can see in the finished product that go in between tiers of the cake -- each of the pans will bake up layers of cake -- the finished cake will consist of three tiers that will contain however many layers -- just to get some more jargon out of the way

there's a thread going on right now called "cupcake woes" -- give that a read and if not for this time --- be aware of this distinction to add a little to your cake mix as freckles has mentioned  -- in the past few years they reduced the size of cake mixes by about 3 ounces -- in fact i'd suggest you use two and two thirds cake mixes and set up an additional pan with cupcake wrappers if you have it -- or get out whatever pan you have to bake up the excess so you don't really have to get into the math and all, while you're doing your first cake -- batter amounts to follow --

and nothing wrong with doing a petite cake with just one layer in each tier to start off with -- you'll want to level each cake -- to cut off the rounded part on top -- as i'm sure edna says in the video and you won't need to dowel that for internal support -- but you'll want to add a couple skewers/dowels/straws in to hold the three cakes in place so it doesn't slide -- but i'd still encourage you to use one and a third cake mixes -- or a regular cake mix and a jiffy cake mix if they have those in your area -- then for 2" deep pans fill them no more than 2/3 full of batter -- for 3" tall fill no more than half full -- although that seems counter intuitive  -- it's correct --

best to you -- would love to get an update on how it goes-- and it takes a while for new posters to be able to respond to a post  so feel free to make a new thread for any more questions -- best to you

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With these smaller 15 oz. Box mixes I add 1/4 cup P flour, 1/4 cup gran sugar, 1/4 cup sour cream full fat & get 24 + beautiful cupcakes.

Any brand, any flavor.    Or

Buy 6 boxes of mixes, divide 1 box into 5   ziplock 3 oz.baggies & put 1 bag into each 15 oz. Box for a full 18 oz..

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kakeladi Posted 11 Feb 2019 , 8:48pm
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I do believe that is a mini tiered cake set   It can be made w/one mix  -single layers   If so you don’t need supports nor cake boards   Just make sure the layers are totally level   Otherwise what the others have said should be followed 

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