Additional Charges For Wedding Cupcakes

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Jessica32 Posted 29 Jan 2019 , 4:28pm
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So I have a small home bakery and this Saturday I have my first "tasting" for a couple whose wedding is in August. I've been trying to prepare myself for all the potential questions and options they may want. I've looked up cupcake wrappers just in case the couple would like that extra touch. I found some nice options on Amazon, a pack of 100 for $10-11 depending on the color. Just curious what some may charge extra to add wrappers to the cupcakes? I've never used them before but from my research it seems like they may be a bit of extra work. They said their guest list is no more than 250..which by the way how many extra cupcakes would you suggest they have if they are allowing guests to get their own cupcakes?

Thanks in advance..I've never been able to reply to anyone who comments on my posts in the past so I assume this will be the same.

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Jan 2019 , 6:24pm
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how to determine how many servings is the responsibility of the bride or sometimes whoever is paying for the cake -- there are 10,000 different ways to do the math -- I always half the number of invited people -- so if one invite went to a family with four kids -- that's three -- are they doing plus ones -- are there blanket invites to the whole church or work place for anyone, mom of bride, groom, grandfather, etc. -- for those that person has to guess how many -- are all these people on diets, are they big drinkers -- adult beverages typically dissuade people from sweets --  take all that into account and divide by two -- the formula never failed in a zillion years at this -- although there are thousands of different ways to go about this -- but it's whoever is paying for the cake's responsibility to get that number to you -- and they can decide if one or two cupcakes make their serving --

if you have more than one flavor -- more people will eat additional cupcakes -- 

best to you

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kakeladi Posted 29 Jan 2019 , 8:56pm
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Why are you asking about cuppies for a wedding?  Have you been told they want a cupcake cake?  I think I read to plan on 2 cuppies per person but like K8 said, depends on all those other things including different flavors.   Yes, the bride, groom  &/or  families have to tell you how many guests they expect.  Do the #s given mean they sent out 250 invites or how many replies they have had.  If how many invites sent that usually meany X2 - Mr & Mrs etc.  So now you have double the guests!  If they are actually counting heads there usually are about 20% who do not show up.  I allow updates on the #s up to 30 days before delivery.   If they want to add  more after that it cannot be within the design but offer sheetcake for that.   If increased be sure to get more $$.    And there probably won't b e any way to deduct # of servings from a design close to the delivery date.       Besides what K8 said, what other food is offered - buffet; sit-down meal; a sweet table; or just appitizers??  This all effects how much cake they will want.   Another ?: do they want any leftover for a gift opening session  or 'brunch' for the out-of-town guests/relatives the next day? 

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-K8memphis Posted 30 Jan 2019 , 12:57am
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yeah what lynnie said -- and see the bridelette has to pay for it -- so that's why she decides on the number -- I had a bride on purpose buy a 100 serving cake  for a 200 guest wedding -- that's all she could afford -- y'know, whatever -- we just make what they pay for blush

and just an aside -- but did you know that when those pretty laser cut cupcake surrounds were first available they were a dollar a PIECE -- now you can get a ton of 'em for a few bucks which is ver ver cool -- but yeah extra labor -- 

best to you -- would love to know how it goes green_heart

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Jessica32 Posted 30 Jan 2019 , 2:33am
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Thanks for the advice. I wasn't really trying to figure out a total myself, I know that's given to me. I just thought perhaps there's a guideline to give the customer to consider. Such as, if they are allowing their guests to get their own cupcakes then perhaps consider they may take more than one. Also, if there is are going to be more than one flavor (which they've requested to taste 3 flavors) then guests may also take more than one flavor. I am by no means trying to tell them an amount, just give helpful ideas as they consider it themselves. I didn't know if that's sort of what a baker does... this is my first official meeting and tasting with someone who is considering me as an option.

I was most concerned about what to charge for doing something like a wrap on the cupcakes. As I've said, I've never actually done that before but it looks to be a lot of extra work. I'm just curious, aside from the cost of the wraps, what does anyone else charge additionally for the task of doing it? How much time does it add to the job and what not?

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Jessica32 Posted 30 Jan 2019 , 2:38am
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I'm specifically asking about cupcakes because it's what I've been requested to make. The potential customers are having cupcakes in place of a cake for their wedding. So, in preparation I was hoping to have some info for them and be able to answer any questions they might think of. Example: "If we'd like to make our cupcakes look fancy with pretty wraps, would that be an additional charge and if so how much?" I just want to be prepared as possible... that's why I'm asking specifically about the charge someone may add for doing the wraps on cupcakes.

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-K8memphis Posted 30 Jan 2019 , 2:57am
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and look who got to respond to her post!!! congrats -- you've arrived blush

I tried to err on the side of not nickel and diming people to death too -- which is why I would  add it to the cost of the cupcake in  the first place and if they decline the idea then subtract a bit -- I think i'd do a dime per cupcake for labor plus the cost of the wrappers added in there too --

three flavors is an invite for some peeps to get three -- 

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Freckles0829 Posted 30 Jan 2019 , 2:01pm
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In my experience (mainly just from talking to a ton of family and friends who have had weddings and also my years in the floral industry) when someone says they have a guest list of 250 that means they are inviting 250 people, not that they are sending 250 invitations.  Just make sure that they are including their wedding party and themselves in that count because sometimes people forget to include themselves...they need a cupcake too!

In the end, yes it is up to the customer to decide on how many cupcakes to purchase, but as the professional it is up to you to suggest an amount that would work with the number of guests being invited.  Personally I would suggest one cupcake per guest if only doing one flavor and if you are doing two or more flavors then I would probably suggest 1.5 cupcakes per person.  I would also clarify whether there will be other desserts available because if so then I would just stick to 1 cupcake per person regardless of the number of flavors you are doing.

As for the wrappers, I would say that they add 50 cents to the total cost of the cupcake.  I would also be prepared with costs for possible fondant decorations they may want like small flowers or cupcake toppers.

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johnson6ofus Posted 30 Jan 2019 , 10:37pm
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Don't forget ASSORTED toppers. Mixing in some "easy" ones (read...cheaper) with some more elaborate ones presents very well, but won't break the bank. Not every cupcake needs a hand made sugar rose.

Consider minis if they really want assorted flavors ...because, yes, many people will take one of each available flavor. 

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Jessica32 Posted 8 Feb 2019 , 2:00am
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Thanks for all the help everyone! The tasting went very well! The next day they contacted and said they would like me to bake cupcakes for the bridal shower and wedding! They want nothing fancy, which is a relief to me. I'm very excited. I'm so glad I asked for help and so kindly received it because they did ask my 'professional' option about how many cupcakes per person is suggested.

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