Cake Central Magazine Metallic Lantern Wedding Issue

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kstevens Posted 27 Apr 2018 , 4:36pm
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Were you contacted by Cake Central magazine saying they were very interested in working with you on a project for an upcoming issue of Cake Central Magazine where they were looking for a wedding cake inspired by the below photo for their Moroccan Lantern issue?  

I myself was asked to participate and I put a great deal of effort, time and money into my design as I am sure was the case for anyone else who was contacted.  I am still irritated, frustrated and disappointed that nothing ever came of it and more so that all attempts to contact them regarding it were ignored.  I have never shared my cake with anyone as I was holding out hope that someday the issue would come to be.  Seeing as though a year has now passed I think it is safe to say that our cakes will never be published by the magazine (does it even still exist??). 

My hope is that all of us who created a cake for this may come together and present our creations as a group.  If you are interested in doing so please send me message and we'll work on having our creations seen together as they should have been a year ago.



Cake Central Magazine Metallic Lantern Wedding Issue

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ArtOfCake-NewYork Posted 7 Oct 2018 , 11:36am
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i just saw your post. Yes, I’m just as irritated as you. Made the cake and that was it, magazine ceased to exist. Would have been nice to receive some sort of an email from them at least saying we are no longer a magazine. 

Anyway, let me know how you’d like to proceed. 

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SandraSmiley Posted 7 Oct 2018 , 5:11pm
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What a shame!  I look forward to seeing your lovely creations.  Don't forget to post the link.

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Cupcations Posted 9 Nov 2018 , 6:03am
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I too was one of the bakers that submitted pics for this particular theme, i gave up "checking my email" as you said it would have been nice if we got an email saying the magazine ceased to exist. To this day I have yet to share the pics of my creation :( 

kstevens Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
kstevens Posted 9 Nov 2018 , 1:31pm
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@ArtOfCake-NewYork and @Cupcations how would you ladies like to proceed?  Shall we post our creations together as a mini collaboration of sorts?

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DormCat Posted 9 Nov 2018 , 5:14pm
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I know I would love to see your creations

maybe their conduct was why they went out of business

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jchuck Posted 9 Nov 2018 , 10:02pm
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Sorry this happened to you. I had been asked a couple of times to submit a cake for the CC magazine. But before I commit to anything, I always do my homework. Once I did, the answer was an unequivocal No. I have a couple of decorator friends, met over 7 + years ago on another cake site. Several were asked also to submit cakes to CC magazine.  One decorator, was asked probably minimum  5 years ago. I knew from her and the other these ladies that CC appealed to the decorator with flattery. The promise of exposure. CC expected the decorator to take professional photos of the cake..AT YOUR EXPENSE. Ahhh, nope. But the kicker, in my email from CC, they stated my cake would be “CONSIDERED”. So therefore, no guarantee cake pictures would be used. I’m not a gambling type of gal. I’m not going to go to an exceptional amount of work with zero possibilities. And there had been soooo many posts on CC and cake decorating FB pages about soooo many not receiving there CC magazine after paying for there subscription. And after contacting CC, no solution.  As they say, something smelled rotten.  I hope you ladies can gather your cakey creation pictures and display for many to see. We can all enjoy your hard work and effort. 

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SandraSmiley Posted 9 Nov 2018 , 11:47pm
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Absolutely!  As June said, we would love to see your creations and more than happy to share them to lots of other sites.

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kstevens Posted 10 Nov 2018 , 12:25am
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@jchuck  I was asked once prior to submit something and I turned it down.  That issue came out as did a couple after it.  When I was asked this time it was my coworkers that convinced me to do it.   As a hobby baker there is no real gain for me to do it ither than it's cool to see your work in a magazine and I knew I was taking a chance of not getting published but I didn't expect it would all go down like it did.  Long story short I was told some of my images were selected and then that was the last I ever heard.   Very unprofessional to not reply to any inquiries that I and others made but my hope is that we can all get our creations out for everyone to see.

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jchuck Posted 10 Nov 2018 , 4:08am
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I agree Kelly, very unprofessional to you and others not to offer an explanation, and an apology. Especially since you were told some of your cake images had been chosen. That gave you expectations. This seems to be the way with many organizations. Rather than fess up to the truth, there is silence. Zero, nothing. Your left hanging. Not sure you’re on FB?  If you are, you could publish your cake on your page and others as well. I belong to several FB decorating pages, where you could join. I am sure the members would love to see all the cakey creations that were made for the Moroccan Lantern cake issue. 

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