Smbc And The Fridge Question.

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Julie5 Posted 11 Aug 2016 , 11:27pm
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Hey guys, 

I've only recently started using SMBC so I'm not positive on some things just yet. I am just a hobby baker, so I do t make but 6 cakes a year or so. Here's my question...

I am doing a a small wedding cake for a friend for Saturday. I don't like to rush and am just simply not good enough to do anything last minute.  So basically I baked today (Thursday) and let the cakes cool completely out of the fridge then torted and filled, and crumb coated. Made the icing fresh just before using today. I hope it's not the wrong decision but I put my cakes in the fridge after that point today. I am not planning on final icing till tomorrow so I had planned on leaving them in all night. Do I need to let them sit out tomorrow for a while before final icing? Will they do a sweating process? If so do I wait it out till they quit? I'll be honest that I've only used this type of icing a few times and didn't refrigerate at all last time. It was for a small birthday and I made it day of. Anyway, what should I expect tomorrow when this cake Comes out of the fridge? How long do I need to leave it on counter before final icing? I will be making fresh again tomorrow (again, new at this SMBC so I'm making small batches) . After I finish the final coat and stack, I'd like them to go back in the fridge till Saturday, or should I wait and stack Saturday morning? How long should this final cake sit out before they eat it at the wedding? Again, the sweating is what I'm talking about...  

Thanks for for the help in advance.  This site has been my savior.

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Frank68 Posted 12 Aug 2016 , 12:35am
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We all have different methods so here is mine. I've been using SMB for about 6 years. I torte my cakes, fill, crumbcoat and put in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes to let the crumbcoat stiffen. I do the final SMBC coating and stick the cake back in the fridge for another 15 minutes while I prep the fondant.  I then put the cake (or tiers) back in the fridge until I'm ready to decorate or deliver.

Some things to keep in my mind:

  • Humidity affects if your cake will have condensation on it. I have a separate fridge for cakes that happens to be low humidity so I rarely have condensation issues. 
  • Even if you have condensation, just leave your cake out for 1-2 hours and it will go back to normal. The only time I advise being really careful is when you've airbrushed the cake - condensation can definitely cause issues there.
  • SMBC and your fridge are your friends. If you have the space, keep your cake in the fridge until you're ready to deliver. The cake will hold up much better during delivery. Just make sure you have about 2 hours in between when you take the cake out and when it will be served. When I deliver cakes to venues and they want to put it in their walk-in, I always advise they take the cake out at least 2 hours in advance. Everything's usually back to normal by then. 

I might think of some other things in a bit. Remember, a lot of this has to do with the humidity in your house as well. I live in NY, relative humidity inside my house is always 35-40% and temp is steady 73 inside my house .



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costumeczar Posted 12 Aug 2016 , 11:53am
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What he said :)

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640Cake Posted 12 Aug 2016 , 12:56pm
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Perhaps I missed Frank addressing it, but if you have the room for the stacked cake in your fridge, go ahead and stack now - no need to wait until Saturday.  More time (and less stress) to fix any marks made when stacking :)

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Julie5 Posted 13 Aug 2016 , 1:13am
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Thank you so much! Great Info. I took the cakes out today to final ice and no sweating! I will say that my SMBC kinda is a mess to work with so Im gonna try a new recipe next cake I make. I feel like when I watch videos of people using it, its smooth like marshmallow fluff or whipped cream. Mine was like applying an actual marshmallow. lol Sticky and thick. It happened last time I made it too. I follow all the rules about it coming together and its not that it doesn't come together. It is just thick. And about pulls the cake apart trying to spackle it on. Anyway, I'm stacking tonight, good advice there too. That way if anything weird happens I have time to bake all night. LOL

I usually just use dowels and cut them to height and put my cake on top. Never had an issue but its been a while since I stacked. Wish me luck!

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