Wedding Logistics - After The Reception

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QueenCity513 Posted 4 Dec 2015 , 6:21pm
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Looking for input on wedding logistics  - specifically once the wedding reception has ended and you need to clean up/pack up.

As a back story: the first wedding that I did was for a friend. Her dad made the cupcake stand, and I was invited to her wedding. Ultimately, we arrived early, set up, used her dad's cupcake stand, and then once the reception was ending, I cleaned up the space and left the leftover cupcakes (in containers) with the couple, as well as their stand. 

For cases where you aren't invited to the wedding, but are catering - do you stay through the entire wedding (in the background)? Do you head home, and come clean up and pick up your items the next day?

Open to any other on-site tips and tricks as well! I have a few potential weddings coming up in 2016.  Thank you!

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-K8memphis Posted 4 Dec 2015 , 8:47pm
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i do not overlap my duties -- i complete the task of delivering the cake -- then for the rest of the evening i'm a guest -- i don't identify with the cake thing after that --

sometimes peeps want to hire you to serve the cake but i would point them to their caterer to find an expert servers -- 

as far as catering i associate that with the big luscious table spreads and shrimp and dips and all the yummy hot & cold foods & all that good stuff -- not the cake -- i've never hung out at a reception to collect cake stuff nor do i return for anything as a rule --

i leave boxes for leftovers and in fact i make/deliver two little cakes already in 6" boxes for the b&g one for the honeymoon and one for the first anniversary -- but i'm almost 'off duty' after delivery & set up --

i do stick by my phone in case any calls come through that they need me back there for any reason -- and i use all disposables in my cakes so i avoid those rental/return hassles -- i mean they may have an item they want to keep but that's all aside from me (well my presence) but again I would probably prov ide packaging -- if they have to have a plateau i make it or they rent it --

so while i have a different take on it than you do -- there ain't no wrong way -- and best to you

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crumbs.cakery Posted 4 Dec 2015 , 10:19pm
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I usually set up early and leave. I don't stay to cut the cake. Either the caterer or a family member of the bride and groom are taking over this responsibility. However I do leave a wedding cake cutting guide where it states the best way to cut and how many pieces each tier should yield.

There have been cases, where auntie happily slices the first tier in 4 by 4 inch wedges and voila, not enough cake!

Good luck to you!

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-K8memphis Posted 4 Dec 2015 , 11:48pm
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yes which is why i give that exact example at my consults and advise my peeps to safeguard the cutting/serving of their cake or order additional servings -- ironically i have never left a cutting guide and to my knowledge no one ever ran out or ordered extras -- ha!

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QueenCity513 Posted 5 Dec 2015 , 12:06am
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Thank you both! What about your supplies? A cupcake tree or plates that you used for your table set up. Were they disposable? If not, did you pick them up the following day? 


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-K8memphis Posted 5 Dec 2015 , 12:55am
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i don't do many cupcake cakes but it is not a good idea to wait till the next day to gather up your belongings from most places -- you need to have some arrangement with your bride for her to appoint a conscientious bridesmaid or her mom or someone to return your stuff --

but yes most if not all my stuff was disposable and the costs were incorporated into the price of the cake-- so much easier -- eliminates a lot of headaches

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crumbs.cakery Posted 5 Dec 2015 , 2:17am
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I don't do that many cupcakes.

For the occasional cake stand I charge a deposit, which will be fully refunded at the time of the return of the stand. The deposit is equal to the retail prize of the cake stand, by the way. Somebody from the wedding party either drops it off, or I come and pick it up the next day or so.

I never had any problems with that system, it seems to work for our little island.

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johnson6ofus Posted 5 Dec 2015 , 6:39am
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Don't take on too many jobs regarding the cake that don't pay you. A friendship thing, ok... but not a job.

A cake provider recommends/ discusses the servings needed; makes, delivers and sets up the cake, and leaves. 

Serving is done by the caterer, as is normally the clean up/ pack up. 

Rental returns are handled by someone in the wedding party, parents, etc.  No return, no deposit refund. You don't chase the items. 

Clean up is arranged by the venue, caterer, etc.

Just be sure all is defined in your contract, including "kids sticking fingers in cake", "cake being moved and knocked over by the band", etc. I don't know any cakers that stay for the event unless paid to do so (guard and serve 

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