Chavens To The Gallery?

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megan_in_pink Posted 21 Jul 2015 , 12:58am
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Hi! I have not been on in a long time. The gallery seems to be very  diffrent. Are all the sub galleries gone or am I just not seeing them? Thanks!

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carolinecakes Posted 21 Jul 2015 , 6:14pm
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When I'm looking for something I use google and type in my topic and You can use the search button on the top right of the  homepage but you get thousands of pages.  I find using google to be easier. hth

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Shasha2727 Posted 27 Jul 2015 , 2:56pm
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Same problem! Yesterday I wanted to look up this baked lace I'd read about here, and when I entered the exact detailed name of the recipe, I got 891,237 responses! I can't find ANYTHING! And I can no longer direct people looking for cake ideas to CC, as they get flustered & overwhelmed, and then give up. What can we do?  I will try the Google option again, IF I can recall the name associated with the low heat baked lace....CC, you used to be such a joy! Go back to the way you were!

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carolinecakes Posted 27 Jul 2015 , 5:20pm
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This is is what you wil find in. He Help section: 

"Our gallery organization has changed, instead of using predetermined categories we are locating photos by tags. This is because often cakes could reasonably be placed in multiple categories.  So all you have to do is search your desired theme in the search box on the top right of the page. In your search results click the gallery tab to view the images.

You might be interested in other content, such as tutorials or conversation about the same topic, you can find these results under the other tabs in your search results."

Yes the new updated system takes some getting use to. They recently brought back the " add a pic"  to your  post. So I guess the fine tuning is taking time.

I use Pinterest a lot to find cakes/ inspiration/tutorials and a lot of pins take you right back to  CC, to the exact page. YouTube is also another place I source info. You can also ask a direct question in the forum, the ladies on here are very helpful. Hth

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Shasha2727 Posted 25 Aug 2015 , 12:11am
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OK,  I just tried doing a search in the upper right search box. I used "Baptism cake" as my search subject, and got 812,348 images to choose from. And they weren't baptism cakes, there were cakes of every variety.  I can't seem to refine a search. 812,000 cakes are waaaaay more than I can view.  Am I doing something wrong?

Also recently tried to start a 'conversation' in 'The Lounge', the second time I ever tried to open a thread in all the years I've been a CC member, and was denied access, getting a message that said I couldn't post because my "posting limit (was) exceeded". I sent a message to HELP and got a confirmation of receipt, promising an answer in 24-48 hours, and that was 5 days ago. And this was my second HELP request, and still no HELP.  

If I reply to something on a post with a question, and someone answers, I get an email with a link to the answer, but when I use the link, I get a message that says "oops! cannot provide content" or words to that effect, but I have half a dozen of these in my email inbox every time I reply to someones post, or follow with a question.  

Sadly, I can no longer use Cake Central as an integral part of my hobby / business in baking. In the past, CC was my #1 go to resource, but all I've done lately is post questions, and the only answers I've gotten have come from other CC members. I'm sad, because I miss the old CC!  I've always sent cake enthusiasts & customers to CC to search for inspiration, and always loved looking at cakes in a certain theme when in a proper grouping, but those days are no more, as it's all willy nilly now.

Maybe if we all ask CC to work on fixes, they will. I'm sure if traffic slows, they'll take notice, but that could take a long time. 

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kakeladi Posted 25 Aug 2015 , 1:35am
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Shasha I get the same thing. Try looking up my own recipe so I can answer ?s people are asking about it  and instead of a recipe I get pics of cakes :(   Right now there is a thread about 'server problems" or some title similar to that and I can't even get into that one :(  Very, very frustrating.

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-K8memphis Posted 25 Aug 2015 , 2:47am
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i'm sorry you guys are frustrated and having troubles w/cc --

i tried these things on my tablet:

  • googled "wasc recipe" got all kinds of links one of the first took me right there
  • searched cc for "baptismal cakes" got tons, yes it was thousands and no sub categories but i got baptismal ones 
  • googled "claire bowman baked lace/cake central" and a lot of cc posts came up -- don't know if that's what you were after though

this is a free site that changed formats completely five months ago and it's been improvement after improvement after that -- it's a free site --

i never used it for my business or anything i just mostly yap on the message board -- it is not the same format and it changed 5 months ago, it's gotten way better and it's free -- it is an Amazing Incredible Free Resource that doesn't work the same way it used to work -- it's different now --

it seems like it was like a mississippi river of a board that got reduced to a creek in size but kept all the water so it was a more awkward fit for a while but the creek has been widening out and deepening down so more of the features we like have returned but it's not the same board anymore -- it is better in many ways and there are still some things that need to be fixed but it's still:

  • incredible
  • amazing 
  • free
  • better than it was
  • and still free

i found baptismal cakes and the wasc recipe but no sub categories in the photos -- they are working on more improvements -- it'll never be perfect--

i'm sorry you guys are frustrated

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