4 Tier Dummy Wedding Cake

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suzied Posted 13 May 2015 , 4:23am
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I have to make a 4 tier dummy wedding cake next month. I was wondeingr whether i have to send a long dowel through all four tiers to keep it in place. Also, i thought of using  6",8",10" and 14" dummies.  is the last size ok or do i have to place a 12" instead of a 14"? There will be fresh flowers from the top to bottom.  pls check . four tier cake with salmon pink flowers. tia. www.weddingplanner.inwshop.com how far ahead can i do the butter cream icing on the dummies. any advice would be appreciated. (not sure how to attach the photo)




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SquirrellyCakes Posted 13 May 2015 , 5:15pm
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If you are using a shortening only based buttercream with non dairy as the liquid, you should be ok with icing the dummies  for up to a week or 2   ahead, depending on humidity levels where you are storing the cake.  The risk is the icing drying out and cracking.  If you use dairy  - as in butter and milk or cream in the frosting, the risk is the icing becoming rancid and/or melting if the room is too warm  or you ice the dummy cake too far in advance.  So you don't want to use dairy.  You don't need to add flavouring, just shortening and powdered sugar and water.  

You can buy a product called"Perma-ice" that is artificial icing.  It is rather expensive.  You can also use spackling  compound - a product that is used for filling holes and cracks in drywall.  Spackling iced cakes last forever although after a few years light exposure  can change the cake colour.

To make the cake like the picture in the link, your dummy cakes should be in sizes graduated by 2 inches.  Not sure why you asked about the bottom layer being 4 inches bigger than the tier above?

I would use a centre rod.  I think the easiest way of doing this is gluing the stacked uniced dummies together, then driving a centre dowel through them.  Then icing the cake.

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suzied Posted 14 May 2015 , 2:06am
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Thanks Squirrelly for taking the time to reply in detail. I will be using SNO Cream shortening. You add 1kg icing sugar to 500gms of the above + 125mls water. Have you heard of this vegetable shortening before? The structure is due  end of next month. weather should be approx. 10-13 degrees C. thought of doing it about 3 days before the event. I should be safe.

Can you please look at the picture of the cake on www.weddingplanner.inwshop.com and tell me please if the tiers  graduated by 2" or 3" I am a bit worried because another will be making the sprigs of fresh flowers  and i have to place them on the cake.

So do i use  6,8,10 n 12"     or 6,9,12,n 15         

Thanks for all your advice. much appreciated.


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SquirrellyCakes Posted 14 May 2015 , 1:03pm
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Are you in Australia?  That shortening is an Australian product so I am not familiar with it.  I have often heard of it but don't know how it holds up.  I am in Canada.  You might want to make a separate post asking Australian decorators what they use on their dummy cakes and how long in advance they ice them.  But your celsius temperature is good, nice and cool.

Hard to tell by looking at the picture what sizes the cakes are.  If you think about it, if you use  pans graduated in sizes of 2 inches, you have 1 inch around to ice and place your pearls or border and use whatever is left to sit the flowers.  I think the design would work either way.

What will the dummy cake be sitting on?  Are you using a silver plateau for display as in the picture?  Are you using some other form of a base?  The size of your plateau or base would be a consideration in determining the size of the bottom layer also.

Here is what I would do if this is a possibility for you.  I would go to the store where I buy my dummies and stack the different sizes.  I would get a cheap artificial flower garland or individual flowers approximately the size of what the real flowers will be from a "Dollar Store".  Then place the flowers against the cake sides.  That way you get an idea how they will look.  I find sometimes being able to visualize helps me make decisions.

I think either way the sizes will work but the only difference will be with the 3 inch graduated sized pans you will get 1.5 inches all around to place your flowers so you get another 1/2 inch  space.

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leah_s Posted 14 May 2015 , 1:29pm
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I would definitely do 6/8/10/12.

I'd also do it in fondant, and do it now.  fondant is super easy on a dummy cake.

you can royal icing the dummies together - no need for the center dowel, or you can skewer them together 2 at a time.

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suzied Posted 14 May 2015 , 2:12pm
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Thanks Leah. The bride wants it in butter cream not fondant. the  fresh flowers will be like the picture mentioned above, but there will be diagonal lines on each tier (rustic butter cream design) pls check https://www.pinterest.com/pin/357473289148547215/ will  stick to 6,8,10 n 12  and hopefully there will be enough space for the flowers. thanks once again.

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suzied Posted 14 May 2015 , 2:25pm
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Thanks Squirrelly once again. yes, I am in Australia (Melb) The cake shop recommended that particular veg. shortening.

The structure will be sitting on a plain silver masonite board. i heard that the bride will be placing a round mirror underneath it.

Since i have to apply a good load of buttercream for this design  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/357473289148547215/ I might get more room for the flowers. I dont have to place any pearls at the end of the tiers like in the previous picture only the flowers will be placed that way. hope i am not confusing you all.

 Have taken all your advice on board.Thank you Leah and Squirrelly. 

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SquirrellyCakes Posted 14 May 2015 , 4:26pm
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Let us know how it goes and post a picture.  I am sure it will be lovely.

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