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Sissysweets03 Posted 28 Apr 2015 , 1:52am
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Hello! I just got an order today and I am a little stumped. I am just a small home based business and I can usually figure things out but I am looking for a little advice if you don't mind! The cake is for a baby shower and they want a large square gift box with a lid that is slid off to the side and a baby peeking into the box. So all you see is the baby butt and legs. My question is how I make the baby butt out of cake and attach it to the gift box that will be covered in fondant? I live out of town so my worry is that the cake butt will slide down the side?! Any help/suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks :) 

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Jinkies Posted 28 Apr 2015 , 4:22pm
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Hmmmm, trying to picture what you're thinking.  If you want the box and the baby butt to be cake- you could stack the baby butt cake on top of the box cake. However, I think that would look weird because that would make the "baby" upside down.

I think I would but the box on its side and have the baby sort of crawling into it.  You could have some fondant tissue paper hanging down so it looks like the baby is half in and half out of the box.

A real baby would probably pull the box over and crawl into it anyway.

Hopefully someone else has some ideas :)

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Sissysweets03 Posted 28 Apr 2015 , 4:44pm
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That is a great idea! In the original picture the box is upright and the baby looks like it is falling/ peeking into the box. Bend over the side so all you see is the butt and legs. I do like your idea! Thank you!

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Rhonda Gossett Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 12:29am
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The other tutorials that I have read the baby's butt is RKT. Not cake. Held in place with dowels.  I know this is very late from the original post, but maybe it will be helpful to someone else. 

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LeanneW Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:15pm
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when attaching things to the side of the cake I always go for double sticking method. RKT would be the best b/c its light, so I would use gum glue or melted white chocolate to "stick" it onto the fondant and then also skewer through it a couple inches into the cake in a couple places for extra hold. bonus points if those skewers can be angled so they go through a cake board for anchoring.

I do like the idea of the baby crawling into the box, sound cuter actually.

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tasterschoice1 Posted 17 Jul 2016 , 12:36am
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My friend is going to try and make this cake. I have located a tutorial for her :) However, I have a question that contradicts what the tutorial states to do when making the legs. Please give advice to help me sort this out. Here is the question ? The tutorial says to shape the legs using 100 percent fondant. I am thinking the legs would lose there shape very easily unless given a lot of time to set up (dry out) I suggested rice krispie treats covered in fondant. Why? they would hold there shape and not require a lot of drying time. Would the rkt legs absorb moisture from the fondant and breakdown. In the  end which is best all fondant or RKT?? Thank you in advance :)

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cupkakesp Posted 17 Jul 2016 , 1:30am
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I did a version of this cake (pic in my photos)... Baby legs and butt are rkt..  I personally wouldn't use fondant for it, but I guess it depends on the size.. Maybe modelling chocolate?.. You can add chocolate to your rkt while making them (will help to hold its shape), or coat the rkt in chocolate after they're formed (<what I always do).. Hth!

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carolinecakes Posted 17 Jul 2016 , 4:19am
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RKT is  commonly used in cake decorating and it holds up well, so I would not worry about it breaking down. I have also done a version of this cake you can see it in my gallery. Butt is actually a styro foam bowl  covered in fondant and the legs are RKT covered in fondant. Make the pieces ahead of time, a couple of days so it dries solid. I make figures with RKT and cover with fondant and they dry solid. Adding a little tylose powder to the fondant helps it dry solid.I use store bought RKT some folks make their own, personal choice. HTH

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