Covering A Large Cake In Fondant

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Laurenbem1 Posted 17 Apr 2015 , 11:13pm
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Hi all,

I've recently started doing more larger cakes And challenging myself...However...

I always seem to have difficulty when covering my larger cakes 12/13/14 inch cakes in fondant

I always use a rolling pin to help me lift and position onto cake but always find because of the weight of so much fondant and me managing it by myself, it begins to tear in places or give cracks from the icing powder (used to roll it out)! 

Therefore leaving me to disguise the imperfections with sugar work/toppers

I've been told using a silicone mat is handy as i wouldnt need to use icing powder to stop it from sticking to the surface but would love to know some of the ways/procedures that work well for YOU guys personally.. any tips or tricks I could test out would be brilliant?  

I'm still an amateur in the cake world but would love to improve with every cake!


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cakegrandma Posted 18 Apr 2015 , 12:44am
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I have The Mat and love it for rolling out fondant or you can use one of the Wilton mats that show circles with numbers of the size of cake in inches.  Leave the fondant on the mat or whatever you are using to roll out on.  What ever you use to roll fondant on give it a small amount of shortening on the surface.  All it should look like is a shiny sheen, not globs of shortening on it.  You won't have to use cornstarch as much, except on the top to keep the rolling pin from sticking to it.  When it is the size you need, lift the corners of the mat nearest you and hold the fondant with your finger tips on the edges,  11 and 1 o'clock.  Hold this over your cake until the bottom of the fondant is where you want it.  Lay it over the cake and slowly peel it off the mat, plastic.  It will be perfectly centered and if you only used a tiny bit of shortening then it will not stick to your smoother.  If it does puff the cornstarch all around it and smooth.  HTH

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Laurenbem1 Posted 18 Apr 2015 , 8:19am
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Thanks  you soooo much! This was REALLY helpful and step by step for me

Got a cake to do next week so will order a large mat today...thanks again!

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cakegrandma Posted 18 Apr 2015 , 11:42am
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The mat will have 2 pieces, 1 will be the bottom, of course, and the other will be the top.  Even though it says you do not have to coat with anything I still put the very thin layer of shortening.  It is so much easier to roll out and just be sure you do not use any thing sharp on it as it can cut or knick it and this of course will affect your fondant.  Good luck and let us see the cake.

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cheatize Posted 19 Apr 2015 , 2:07am
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I've done it with and without using a mat. When doing it without a mat, I get both arms under the fondant about a third of the way in from 2 opposite edges. This way I'm not asking it to carry the weight of all the fondant, causing it to stretch too much.

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kakeladi Posted 19 Apr 2015 , 5:20am
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the ideas given are good to work with.  BUT......are you maybe not rolling it thin enough?  That would cause much extra weight.  If/when you use shortening on the rolling surface be sure to use a *VERY!* thin rubbing and then take a paper towel and wipe it lightly off. 

Another thought I had is maybe your fondant needs just a bit of additional fat or liquid so it does not crack.

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Lfredden Posted 19 Apr 2015 , 11:52am
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I agree with Kakeladi.  I've had success by rolling my fondant really thin.  I make Liz Marek's fondant which rolls out really thin.  I also use a heavy, metal rolling pin, the kind you buy at a restaurant supply store.  I start out by using about 6 oz. less than what's recommended on the Wilton Fondant Coverage Chart and I always have more than enough. HTH

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Laurenbem1 Posted 7 Jul 2015 , 5:36pm
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Thank you everyone! I used the mat as well as shortening and rolling it thinner and the cake came out amazing!

I now use it for all my cake covering 

I would attach a photo of some of the cakes I've done but can't find the option to do so on my smart phone

Thanks again everyone, practise makes perfect x

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