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CandySputin Posted 29 Mar 2015 , 10:33am
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Hello. Nevermind who I am or from whenceth I came. Here's my dilemma:

I recently got a nice new bottle of Confectioner's Glaze. As an aspiring confectioner (and rare fan of candy corn and glazy candy products), it was pretty exciting. And unlike some people, I think it's extremely cool that it's made from stuff bugs spray on trees in Asia. 

So, even though I was on a week's sugar fast, being very impatient I went ahead and started trying it out on some candy. Being even more impatient, I started to try the stuff an hour later, thinking it might have hardened and the additives might have already evaporated (I'd read that an hour could be sufficient). It hadn't and they hadn't. This continued for a short while until I left it out for several hours, then left it in the fridge for the night. The next day, they were still bitter and acidic and the glaze still soft. Well over 24 hours, only slight improvement. I'm pretty stupid, so they're all gone now and hopefully the additives haven't permanently destroyed my teeth. There was 1 layer on each piece. The test setup (and item on which these small pieces were left out) was a sheet of wax paper on a small saucer. Here are some areas I suspect I may have gone wrong, in order of sequence:

1. I may have started putting the coating on too early. I had just shaped the candy (which was really about as much a makeshift boiled icing - butter, sugar, corn syrup, flavoring) and it was likely still warm when I began coating.

2. I may have brushed an unnecessary amount on. If I did, this would likely have been due to my overestimating the runniness of the glaze, which I thought was dripping down the sides of the candy/icing pieces.

3. I opted to coat both sides by putting a layer under most pieces on the wax paper. In retrospect, it would likely have been much, much better to wait for one side to harden and then turn each piece over to brush the other side.

4. Refrigeration - could it have slowed or nullified the process?

I also wouldn't entirely rule out that I should the glaze too little or too much. It said to shake well, though, and I think I did.

So, would it normally take this long? And if not, what should I have done or not done to make the process better?

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