Tiered Cheesecake For A Wedding Cake

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Jaylyn1973 Posted 7 Mar 2015 , 1:55am
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Hello Everyone!

I am new to this forum, but I am glad I stumbled across it. My question for you talented ladies is I have a request to make a three tiered wedding cake but the bride wants a new York style cheesecake. They are estimating 100 people but when it is closer to the wedding they will have  a final count. I decided to do a 6, 9, and 12 inch pans for the cake. However, my recipe for a new York style cheese cake is for a 10 inch pan. Can any of you ladies help me adjust my recipe to fit the cake pans I need? Also, can I use a regular cake pan instead of a spring form pan?


Thank you in advance! 

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-K8memphis Posted 7 Mar 2015 , 2:22am
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yes you can use regular pans -- i placed a cardboard circle in the bottom of my pans so the cheesecake would exit the pan reliably -- some people just use parchment some people lay folded aluminum foil underneath that overflows the sides of  the pan so you can just coax the cakes out that way -- lotta different ways to do this -- but yes regular cake pans are fine to use -- they they perform well and are always easier to handle frozen  --


if you invest some math into this chart it  will give you the amounts you need to bake your cheesecakes using the 10" cake pan as your 'base' -- if you get what i mean --

you also need to determine if you will do two layer cakes or just the one layer -- if you do two layers you can glue them together with ganache or buttercream but ganache glues better -- check with your bride to see if she likes the two layer idea of course -- you can bake the top layers crustless --

and of course it goes without saying for safety's sake the cheesecakes can be out of temp for a total of 4 hours -- that includes cooling time, time out of the fridge in the mixer, time to decorate, to deliver, to sit out and be beautiful at the reception -- i inform the bride that i deliver these things at the last possible minute -- within 30 minutes or less to the start of the reception -- and for her not to worry because it is for the safety of her guests --

also the serving size can be smaller than the typical wedding cake serving so there's that decision too --

that's all i can think of :)

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Jaylyn1973 Posted 7 Mar 2015 , 11:41am
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Thank you K8Memphis for all of your help! That chart was very informative. I have one more question about that chart. Are the baking times the same for a cheesecake and a regular cake? The ten inch cheesecake  is similar to the chart but I am curious about the 6 and 12 inch.


I never knew to use the cake circles in the pan! Thank you! 

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-K8memphis Posted 7 Mar 2015 , 2:09pm
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no baking times are a whole different ball game for new york cheesecake than for the cakes in the chart -- i take it you've never made one before?  do some testing --

the best way i know of to ensure doneness is to use a thermometer and i think the internal temp is in the 150's but i mean it all depends on what your bride wants -- if these are supposed to be naked cakes without decor of any kind -- if yes then you need to be able to disguise the holes from the thermometer -- and serving safe new york cheesecake to 100 people takes a very calculated careful hand -- 

but maybe for safety the temp should be higher -- don't know for sure but you need to find out --

if you go with 155 on the temperature the cakes will likely crack so there's a lot to it -- new york cc are very deep 3-4"  and so a 12" one has to be handled very carefully -- you absolutely have to cook and hold these to perfection so no one gets sick -- it's a real big deal --

the cake circles can be exchanged for fresh ones after baking --

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-K8memphis Posted 7 Mar 2015 , 5:57pm
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one other thing about your cake order -- i did my best to get/make my brides commit to a certain size cake -- they are going to send out a certain number of invitations representing a certain head count -- i advised half of the inviteds but it is solely their decision  to make -- i needed the figure so that i could start charging them for their cake --

10-15 servings difference either way can change the whole configuration -- what if they are using a rented plateau and you gotta scramble last minute -- once this is explained to them they understand --

i use this illustration -- picture a prototype of a brand new car coming down the assembly line and the executive saying let's add a foot of leg room in the back seat -- they would have to redesign the entire vehicle -- i think i read that that happened at the ford plant once -- anyhow --

waiting to supply a head count is what is typically done for catering -- it's easy to toss a few extra steaks onto the grill or back in the fridge last minute but it's a whole 'nuther matter to redesign a cake midstream -- i mean you have to work with people and they do sometimes try to pull this one on me -- but i try to make them work according to my regimen --

there's no right or wrong -- just some thoughts for you -- 

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Jaylyn1973 Posted 11 Mar 2015 , 12:35am
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Thank you for all of your help and advice! I really appreciate it.

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