Weight Loss Tips That Worked For You

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-K8memphis Posted 5 Jan 2015 , 2:54pm
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this thread is about posting whatever you have done that works for you in weight loss/maintenance or things like that -- congratulating successes -- groaning with you if you've fallen off the wagon --myth busting -- things like that -- i thought i'd start this thread -- we've had similar ones going in times past --


so don't be shy :)

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-K8memphis Posted 5 Jan 2015 , 3:09pm
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so i'll start -- this one might seem a little corny but it is actually very satisfying -- dr. stork on 'the doctors' got this from olympic athletes -- when they are training and climbing toward goals -- have two clear containers with one empty and one filled with a jelly bean for each pound you want to lose -- then you transfer a bean to the empty container when you lose a pound -- i love it -- it gives a spatial permanent reality to your journey -- and i will keep mine to visualize the maintenance  after i move all the jelly beans --

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Claire138 Posted 5 Jan 2015 , 3:13pm
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If that were me the only way those jelly beans would be moving would be from the jar to my mouth!

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-K8memphis Posted 5 Jan 2015 , 3:22pm
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yes indeed! me too!


so i went to the store and found of all things 'snowflake' dog treats in the shape of a six petaled flower on sale for two bucks -- they smell great very vanilla -- but if i'm gonna eat sweets i'm not feeding my cellulite on dog treats -- so i'm safe on that one -- BUT and this is hysterical my husband likes them hahahaha well and the dog does too -- told him i'd hurt him if he eats any of my display -- hahaha!


http://fruitablespetfood.com/snowflake/  one of the ingredients is SNOWFLAKES! ???

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julia1812 Posted 5 Jan 2015 , 4:54pm
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AMy tip: Eat less cake! Lol. No, seriously, myth no 1 is "Don't eat past 6pm". Unless you go to bed at 7pm. Myth 2: "Diet xy works". No diet works...speaking long term. Change what you eat and drink permanently and treat yourself once a week. No alcohol or fuzzy drinks (unless it's treat day). Have a glass of water or juice whenever you feel hungry in-between your 3-4 meals/day. Wait 10 mins and see if you're still "hungry". Have a big glass of water 10-15 before each meal. Most stomachs have sort of a "expanding memory". So if you're overeating, your stomach will tell you to stop. If you do it regularly, your stomach stretches and will give the "stop" signal later than it should. You can trick it with the water and then slowly reduce the amount to a normal portion size. Your stomach will slowly get back to it's "old", healthy size (unlike other body parts ☹ ). Try new yummy recipes and make it a rule to have at least 50% fruits and/or veggies as a meal. And don't give up after a week/ month because you haven't lost the 5 stones you hoped for. It takes time, the longer the healthier. Exercise! Yes, hate that too

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kkmcmahan Posted 5 Jan 2015 , 5:05pm
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I have been successful in the past on weight watchers but found I focused more on getting as much food as I can for the allowable daily points rather than focusing on nutrition.  I've been very successful on Jenny Craig but want to try and stay away from processed foods.


So there are 3 plans that I find work well for me; Dr Oz (it's mostly veggies with some chicken), the Virgin Diet, same thing, and Dr Phil's 20/20 plan which I am working now.  What I like about these plans is that I don't feel like eating all day and I don't eat after dinner (which for me is tremendous).  The problem with these plans is they are harder long term as there is not a lot of meat choices so my goal is to use this as the boost to get me back on track and to continue with the concept of the plan but allow more chicken and fish while staying away from all processed foods.


One last comment on the Virgin Diet, which is tough long term, I felt great on it and it wasn't as tough as it sounded.  Lost 13 lbs the first week (don't care that it's mostly water).  Felt like I was on the Biggest Looser!  But really, portion control, lost of veggies and fruit (careful about the fruit I eat) and limiting starches and red meat.


Good luck everyone!

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Callicious Posted 5 Jan 2015 , 7:23pm
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AIm one of those that loves choc, cream, butter etc.... but i went on the Risemary Conley diet a year ago and it changed my attitude towards food. I found weekly weigh-in helped as well to keep on track as well as regular excercise, doesn't have to be strenous. I also did not keep things in the pantry and fridge that would tempt me. I lost 35lb in 2.5 months, but it was the inches i lost that really showed, and thats down to restricted fat and sugar intake. I also wear a oedometer and have a phone app called "my fitness pal" and you can monitor your daily calorie intake. Good luck and stick with it, i promise you will feel amaxing xx

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-K8memphis Posted 5 Jan 2015 , 8:50pm
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  • i'm doing two smoothies a day if needed and one meal of good protein and lots of veggies -- i have a less than miniscule metabolism -- 
  • smoothie #1 is more fruit -- smoothie #2 is more veggie --- both have protein --
  • i'm not doing low fat -- 
  • i keep my sugar carbs around 100 give or take --
  • snack -- raw organic carrots because they are really good --i can really get my crunch on --
  • snack -- i make baked tortilla chips and kale chips to eat as is or eat with tapenade or cheese dip --
  • i drink cold decaf green tea sweetened with stevia w/lemon or lime --
  • i make pizza with cauliflower crust -- goes down easy and while it seems decadent it's not dangerous -- 
  • oh and i do an 8 minute tai chi routine as a 'snack' too or rather in lieu of a snack


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LNW Posted 5 Jan 2015 , 9:00pm
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My tips, cut out the processed foods.  I know easier said then done but it's possible.  I coupon, price match etc. to keep my grocery budget down. 


I don't use salt unless I absolutely have to (and that's mostly in baking). 


If it's something I am likely to overindulge in I don't keep it in the house.  I do keep a 90% cocoa Lindt chocolate bar around to keep my chocolate cravings under control.  I like the super bitter taste AND it's so darn bitter I can only handle a tiny piece of it.


I don't drink soda.  I keep these 44oz cups around and make sure I refill mine 4 times.  I need close to 180oz of water a day to stay hydrated.  Basically drink until your pee is clear.  In theater they say break a leg.  In the running world we say "Is your pee clear?"

I am an exercise junkie.  I LOVE to run.  And I cross train with weights, ballet, yoga and kickboxing.  I keep my running endurance level up by keeping myself signed up for a race of some kind.  currently I'm training for a half marathon but I always try to have something I'm training for so I keep going.  Otherwise I'll get bored and stop.  But once you've paid that entrance fee and you've marked the date on the calendar you have to do it. 

I have several friends who do Paleo diets (there seems to be a ton of them out there) and all have had real success with them.  It's just sticking to them that is tough.  That's why I don't like diets.  I run so I can eat :-P  But if you need that kind of restriction to keep you accountable then Paleo seems to be the big "in" diet at the moment.  Just avoid that crazy bulletproof coffee crap Mr. Asprey is promoting. 

And don't lose your mind over it all.  I gained 6lbs this holiday season.  I'll run it all off in the first few weeks of the new year.  So I ate more pumpkin pie then I should have.  Big deal.  It was delicious :lol:  I only get to do that a couple times a year so I enjoy every moment of it.  Give yourself some cheat days, enjoy food and don't get too caught up in the numbers.  That will make you crazy.

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