Cake Much Do You Pay For Basic Ingredients? Lets Compare Countries!

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Bunny0410 Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 5:09am
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I know in my area, the cost of supplies from the cake decorating shop seems to be getting dearer. It's big business as everyone joins the cake movement.


It does make me curious to the cost of supplies in other areas and countries.


Anyone willing to share?



Examples in Sydney Australia:



3 litre Milk $3.00


5kg Self Raising flour $13.20


Dozen Free range Eggs $5.80


1kg Icing Sugar: $3.58


Premade Fondant 7kg $52.00


Petal Dust 15g $5.30


Colouring 20gm bottle  $4.50


12inch cake box $1.40


Would love to know how our prices differ.

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winniemog Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 6:16am
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AWow, I would just about drive up the Hume Highway to get fondant at that price! I pay $63 for 7kg in Melbourne. Of course I try to stock up at the sales though.

Belgian couverture chocolate I pay $170 for 10kg.

Butter depends, sometimes I splash out on Lurpak (European cultured butter) at around $5 for 250g, but more often NZ butter for $2 a pack!

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Ellie Sunshine Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 6:22am
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Hi winniemog,


If you're looking for a better price for fondant try CakeDeco in Melbourne CBD (if it's close to you)! 

I get mine for $45 for 7kg which i think is very reasonable. They put down their prices a few months back and since then I've been bulk buying tubs like crazy. 


I'll be interested to see the replies to this thread, i know here in Aus it's expensive but it will be interesting to see just HOW expensive in comparison to other countries!

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winniemog Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 6:34am
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AI've never seen the CakeDeco prices so low - I did get the bakels for $45 from bakeboss in their last sale, had to carry 28kg back to my car parked miles away in Richmond! But usually no one is that low, I'm trying to stay on top of requirements, but sometimes I get slammed with a whole lot of orders and there's no sale on!

I'm always very envious of the Americans, they pay so little for many of the ingredients. Even shopping wholesale doesn't help as only the cheaper ingredients are available and last long enough to store in bulk. I just can't make it through 5 litres of cream in a week or two!

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johnson6ofus Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 6:49am
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Using Austin, Texas prices, I had to convert to metric and exchange dollars as I assume you quoted in Australian dollars (using $1 AUD =. .93 USD). Brands and stores make a difference too, as well as locations.I posted the local price for local stores. Using regular grocery stores, rather than commercial suppliers. I bolded the two prices to compare to show what we pay, and noted my personal choices/prices below that. 



3 litre Milk $3.00            1 Gallon, $2.98 = $2.36 USD for 3 liters= $2.53 AUD  (HEB Austin, TX)

* this is what I actually pay.


5kg Self Raising flour $13.20    Gold Medal flour 5lb, $2.46USD=  $5.42 US for 5kg= $5.80 AUD  (WalMart)

* I usually use generic that is about 20% less


Dozen Free range Eggs $5.80  $3.18 for 18 NOT free range= $2.12US= $2.27AUD  (SamsClub)

* this is what I actually pay. I don't use free range


1kg Icing Sugar: $3.58            C&H 2 lb.$2.18= $1.98US/kg= 1kg= $2.12 AUD  (WalMart)

*I pay a little less at SamsClub for their brand and a bigger bag. Maybe 10% less.


Premade Fondant 7kg $52.00, Wilton 5 lb is $23.99 + $74.04USD for 7kg= $79.28AUD (WalMart)

​* I usually pay 40-50% this amount with a coupon at  Michael's or JoAnn's


Petal Dust 15g $5.30   Wilton pearl dust, .05 oz is $4.49USD= $47.51USD for 15gm= $50.85AUD  (Wilton)

* don't buy much of this, but larger available commercially


Colouring 20gm bottle  $4.50  McCormick, 1 oz= $2.98US= $2.10 US for 20 gm= $2.25AUD  (WalMart)

* don't buy much of this, but larger available commercially- a liter is about that price at restaurant Depot


12inch cake box $1.40  Duncan Hines, 18.25OZ, $1.44USD= $1.54 AUD (WalMart)

* I usually pay about 1/3 less and stock up on sale.





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thebrat68 Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 10:12am
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Jacksonville NC 


White Lilly Flour 5 lb bag $2.98 


Granulated Sugar  5 lb bag $4.88


Butter 2 lbs $6.48


Milk 1 gal $3.97


Eggs 18 count $2.94


Hi Ratio Shortening 4 lbs $11.95 plus shipping


Cake Boxes 10x10x5 $1.50


DH Cake mix 16.5oz $1.29

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Crazy-Gray Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 10:38am
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ANorthern Ireland UK

butter £1.20 500g flour £1.30 1.5kg eggs 12p each Caster sugar £1.48 1kg Icing (powdered) sugar £1.80 1kg Vanilla paste £6 120g jar chocolate 50-60p 100g fondant (a realatively cheap brand) £20 5kg

Maybe for easier comparison this makes an 8" round pound cake (equal qtys flour/butter/sugar/eggs) filled with basic BC and covered with fondant (regalice sugarpaste) cost: £12.50 (exluding a board and box which would add about £3.50): in todays exchange rates thats USD20.40, AUD21.78

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Cakechick123 Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 11:59am
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Im in South Africa


This is using UK conversion  GPB  £1 = R17.52


I don't bake mud cakes, only sponge ones. For me a 8" chocolate sponge cake  with ganache, covered in fondant will cost £11.76 AUD 20.50  or $19.19 This includes the board and the box. 

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