How To Make An Eeyore Gumpaste Cake Topper (Tutorial).

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Art Gateau Posted 15 Aug 2014 , 5:14am
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You don't have to use all of these tools. For example, you can use black colouring and a paint brush if you don't have edible ink pens. You don't have to use the stitch marker but it does give a more finished look. You can also smooth with your fingers rather than the tools pictured.

I make the basic shapes so that I know that the sizes are right, etc. Then I leave the head and the body shape to dry for at least 12 hrs. Make sure that you make the body taller than what you expect as it will sink down as it's drying. To save from less sinking you can fill the body with a foam ball in the middle and cover that with the gumpaste. This also makes the topper lighter. I didn't do this as I wanted him to sink down a bit as Eeyore is a bit 'sunken'..


While the body and head are left to dry (over night for me) I place the other body parts in a zip lock bag so they dont dry and I can mold them later.

To get the second colour, I put a touch of pink with the purple gumpaste that I have used for the rest of the body. I also use this for the bow on his tail. I don't use a template i just roll it out thin and cut it to an approximate size that I want and then I place it on the belly, cutting away any excess. You can use scissors if you find exacto (or Stanley Knives) too tricky.


I smooth down the edges of the belly with my fingers as the warmth of your fingers helps to make it blend a little better. After I have smoothed the edges, I trace around the edges with the black edible marker, then I use the sewing marker tool to etch in sewing marks. I do it after as it leaves little sewn dots and sometimes if you do it before, you can't see them anymore. You can quite easily skip this part as it a detail that isn't necessarily needed.


Using the sharp edge of my sewing tool, I push in marks on the front feet to show little rolls that Eeyore has on his feet. You can use a toothpick or BBQ skewer for this part if you don't have this tool.

I use sharp scissors to cut this to shape to fit on the leg. Ensuring that it comes half way on the inside of each leg but not on the outside of each leg. This is for the front legs.


For the back legs I wanted to make sure that the shape was closer as the bottome will be showing so I cut them to this shape.

Use a little bit of water on a brush to stick the legs to the body. I should have put the front legs on earlier for a smoother finish but I was busy taking pics every few minutes so I failed on that one :/


I used a circle cutter for this. I failed to put it on the "Tools Used' section so I thought I should mention that here

When you put on the circle, make sure that you don't smooth down the sides. Using the balling tool, push in to where you would like the smile to be, then smooth the flaps that are sticking up to the back of the smile (I hope this makes sense)


I actually drew an out line of the facial featues with the sharp end of the sewing tool (toothpich will also do this or a knife) ie, I put a line down the middle of his head and drew in the mouth, then I used the edible marker to mark the outlines and then I used the sewing tool to finish it all off. I then used the balling tool to make eye sockets.

To make fairly even sized eyeballs I make one ball and then cut it in half, that way you get two balls the same size. Make sure that the balls are slightly smaller than the eye sockets as they will bulge out too much otherwise.


Repeat the same process with a tiny black ball, cut in half and then placed on the eyes. You can put on tiny white specks of white to give shine to the eye.

Before I put on the ears, I place the head on the body. I used a 20 gauge piece of bent wire partically put in the body, just ensure it doesn't go through the head. Thats why I prefer a wire to a toothpick as wire can be bent so it goes down the head, rather than up through it.


Get the smothing tool to mark a groove in the ears and cut out two shapes about the same size from the gumpast with pink in it. Then smooth the two together.

Mark along the edges of the two colours.

Using black fondant and this clay tool to create the hair. Cut short pieces of hair off with the Stanley knife (Exacto knife)


I actually forgot about his eyebrows so I put them on a little bit later than usual. Usually I would put them on before I put the ears on :D

To make the tail, flatten out the pre-rolled tail and cut off the tip and Eeyore has a flat tail. Use the tip to make the pin on his tail. Cut more black fondant from the clay tool for the tail end.


Now it's time to create the bow, using the pink coloured gumpaste, make a rectangular shape to start the bow.

Get both ends and fold to the middle. Making sure you leave two loops for the bow. ie, don't fold them flat.

Push in the middle of the bow on both sides so that it is slightly dinted in the middle.


Cut a thin strip to place around the middle of the bow. I then press the tool in to the bow on either side of the strip to make little indents, you don't have to do this, its just gives it a little more character.


This is what the tail looks like when its finished.


This is the behind of Eeyore. You can see that I continued his mane a little down his back.

I know there are a lot of pics but I would like to make this accesible to all people of all skill levels.

I hope this helps some people as I just wanted to give back to this wonderful community of fellow cake heads as I have learnt so much. :D

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roxylee123 Posted 15 Aug 2014 , 4:38pm
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That's great thanks for sharing.

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Art Gateau Posted 17 Aug 2014 , 10:38am
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A[IMG][/IMG] My pleasure! This is how the cake turned out... They wanted a Teddy & Stars theme as well :D

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roxylee123 Posted 17 Aug 2014 , 12:19pm
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That is super cute you did a great job, love the little teddies on the side to.

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Krypto Posted 17 Aug 2014 , 2:08pm
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AVery generous of you to share. Nice job!

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Art Gateau Posted 17 Aug 2014 , 10:16pm
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AThank You fellow Cake Heads :D I have learnt so much from this site. Its my number 1 site for cake decorating tips! Thanks to all fellow cake lovers!

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