Using Cakeboss For *other* Bakery Items (And Crowdfunding, Samples)

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SunshineCarbs Posted 25 Apr 2014 , 10:07pm
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So on the Cakeboss website, in the FAQs, it says:

I have a cookie/candy business.  Will CakeBoss work for me?

If your business runs on recipes, CakeBoss can work for you. 


Which is fine and good, but doesn't tell me if it will really work *well* for me. So I thought I'd ask, if any of you have businesses that concentrate more on cookies , what it's like, more practically, if one is managing non-cake items, or projects that are half and half. 


(I'm selling about $300 a month in cookies, and usually one or two cakes a month, usually tied to cookies - tomorrow I have a birthday cake going to a 15 year old who fell in love with my narwhal cookies, so her mother asked for one with narwhals as toppers).


How does it deal with 'freebies'. I don't like to roll cookie dough out more than twice, so I started cutting tiny little circles out of the second rolling, , which I bake and then frost with whatever is around the place at the end of a job, so that when people say they want an idea of what some of my custom developed flavours are like, I can give them a one-bite taste. Does CakeBoss effectively track promotional things?


Also (this was unclear to me) is it possible to put in...anticipated sales? If I'm going to a farmer's market or craft fair/bazaar, I need to make a selection of cookies on spec. I'd really like to be able to order 100 cookies from myself, basically, and then track, after the fair, what sold well and what just sat there, so that I can adjust for the next time. Is that possible, or will I wind up just tracking that by hand?


Finally, I am going to do a crowdfunding campaign; it's set up, I'm just working out the rewards. There's going to be a weird set of orders that will be based on people who contribute to the campaign, whose money I will already *have*, but it won't be individually broken out. Are there custom fields? Or maybe a deposit field where I could claim the crowdfunding amount as the deposit? Anyone incorporated crowdfunding into their tracking?

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-K8memphis Posted 26 Apr 2014 , 12:03am
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cakeboss is a very good company, efficient to answer questions for you--i'd just ask them for best results--


they shoot straight imo

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SunshineCarbs Posted 26 Apr 2014 , 2:58am
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Thanks for your reply (and for the recommendation; I have sent them mail, but it was late on a Friday, after all :-) ). To clarify: What I'm really looking for (and I say this as a former software developer and coder) is info from users, as opposed to what they can tell me, especially since several of the things that I'm asking about are not really things that the software supports, but things I want to kludge my way around, and suggestions from people who have possibly done what I am doing (which the developers will not have done).



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-K8memphis Posted 26 Apr 2014 , 12:44pm
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yes i see--and i have the software--lightly used--but i don't know what crowdfunding is and you're asking if it will track anticipated sales for you or do you have to do it by hand--it's not a pos so it's only gonna track what you input--no? (rhetorical)


clearly i do not even understand your questions--:-D and you shouldn't waste any time on me by explaining them either-- but what i mean is the developers can even put some stuff in there possibly for you to enable your wishes/needs to come to fruition--


best of the best  to you--hurry monday 

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SunshineCarbs Posted 26 Apr 2014 , 1:28pm
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crowdfunding just means things like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, if you've ever seen that (I won't get into details, but there's a good chance you've seen something like it; basically it's a way of getting community support for financial needs - in my case, I'm offering people some exclusive designs in exchange for prepaying so I can pay the deposit on my shared kitchen).


They will be orders to fulfill, and I'd like to know the cost, but I won't be invoicing them, since the payment will already have happened. So I want it to print an invoice with no actual charge, to include. 


Thanks so much for replying!



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