Start A Cake Business In Spain: Mission Imposible!

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TartasImposible Posted 25 Feb 2014 , 12:59pm
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Hi all!


I discovered this wonderful world one year ago but I started doing cakes seriously as from last september. I think I have been improving since I started. I usually sculpt with clay so that helps me with modelling cakes.


The problem is here in Spain we cannot do cakes at home, not even legally, and I can't own a bakery now but I would like to work for myself, it would make my dream a reality. I do cakes, lots of them as a gift, I've sold some of them to cover my costs for over $60-$80 but I'm tired, I spend lots of hours and people I sold them think are quite expensive.


These are my last works:


Brownie and hazelnut cream. Basket made with fondant and modelling chocolate. All vegetables made with RKT and white modelling chocolate.


Three great huge children books for a great child. Made with gumpaste and modelling chocolate.







Vanilla custard spongecake. All decoration made with sugar paste and edible paint.




How much do you think I could sell those cakes? I really appreciate any advice about how to start a business. I know Spain has his rules but maybe you have fresh ideas to find a way to start something with not much money and I will research how to do that here.


I'd really thank your words.

Best regards!  

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BakerBellis Posted 25 Feb 2014 , 9:59pm
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Hola y wow! Your cakes are beautiful y muy muy professional! You are undercharging by a lot! I understand that a lot of people think that cakes are expensive, but when they see the finished product, they then realise how much time and effort has been put into each cake. I undercharged when I first started making cakes, but then became very angry because I was spending a lot of time on them for little money, which then made the hobby that I once enjoyed become a chore. So now, I charge that little bit extra, because I know my cakes are professional and high quality, and if people want my cakes, then they have to pay for them. I think you should be charging at least £80 and up! no less! These cakes are professional, and works of art!

If a cake costs you £25 to make, then I would x by 3. so charge £75. Take into consideration how many hours it takes you to complete and reflect in the price too. so have this idea as your base price x3, and then add 10-25% extra if it takes a lot of time to make. I hope this makes sense? The green monster/orge cake you have made I would charge £150 as it looks very large and would have taken a very long time.

I didn't know that you are not able to make cakes at home in Spain? That is a real shame... k pena!! :( no lo creo! Why is that? I used to live In Spain, cerca de Sevilla, and I didn't know about this law?

I hope you find a solution to your problem as it would be a huge loss of talent, as you really are a great cake decorator :)

Buena suerte para el futuro , Leanne x

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TartasImposible Posted 26 Feb 2014 , 8:43am
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Muchas gracias Leanne!!! I love the way you mix english and spanish haha It's amusing! Thank you so much for your words, they make me feel valued and convinced me to charge a suitable price so work decorating cakes be worth the effort because I recently feel a little bit unmotivated.


These types of cakes are fairly new here in Spain. We usually pay over 20 or 30£ for a normal cake so if I ask them 100 or 150, I know people will look at me like "are you mad, girl?" But I'll try because I spend lots of hours, I can't earn 2£/ per hour, that's ridiculous...


...but first I need to legalize my situation. I know it could be unbelievable but It's true: Here in Spain we cannot do cakes at home even though we pay our taxes and self-employed fee. Spanish health department force to own a local with lots of requirements so if you don't have almost 250000£ in the bank to spend in a bakery you can do nothing but wait or change your dreams. Well, yes, you can sell cakes illegally but I don't want to. I need a low-cost solution, a partner or make a type of agreement with a bakery I don't know. Someone of you did something like that or know the steps to do it?


Thanks again Leanne! I wish you all success too!



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Dayti Posted 26 Feb 2014 , 1:07pm
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Hi, your work is of a better quality than the majority of cake decorators in Spain, and I know a lot of them, both legal and illegal. You are 100% right that you cannot operate out of your home. I opened a place because of this reason. Where in Spain are you? Could you get in touch with bakeries or studios where you could rent space in their down time? I know a place here in Madrid that does that and another one or two in Barcelona. 


Aside from that, for your quality of work, you should be charging at least €6 per portion, and I say that without even knowing where you live. Do not undercut those of us who have opened spaces, and don't sell yourself short since your cakes obviously take longer to make than those found in Mercadona. Some people will not like your prices - they can carry on buying at Mercadona and hope their cake is defrosted in time for their party. Others will jump at the chance of having a fabulous cake made just for them and to their requirements. 


If I can help in any way, please let me know. Good luck!

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Dayti Posted 26 Feb 2014 , 1:13pm
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Sorry, I see from your FB page that you are in Bilbao. Perhaps it would be an option getting together with other bakers and renting a space between you all? Not sure how you could work in with Sanidad to get the licence (either one for the whole place, or an individual one each). Each person would have to become Autónomo of course - trying to run it as a business between you all would be a nightmare. The people who helped me most when I opened was the Cámara de Comercio - make an appointment at their office in Bilbao, it's free. 

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TartasImposible Posted 26 Feb 2014 , 5:49pm
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Thank you very much indeed Dayti! Another english-speaker in Spain? We should be aliens hahaha...I appreciate so much your words about my cakes, you have experience and lots of beautiful and well-done designs so your opinion is very important for me too. And your idea is pretty good! I'm from Madrid but I'm living here for six years and I'm thinking to move on the next year, probably near Cataluña so maybe there I can make some calls, talk with bakers and maybe come to an agreement. Tomorrow I'll call to the Cámara de Comercio and health department to make the appoinment and explain the situation. Thanks so much, now I feel sun still shines behind the clouds ;) I wish you all the best too!

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samho21 Posted 14 Apr 2017 , 7:24am
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Hi there, I'm also living in Spain at the moment (Mataro, outside of Barcelona), and wondering what you finally did re your baking business? It's a shame it's illegal to bake from home, I make cakes as a hobby for friends and family. It would love to get more serious about it... here is some of my work:

Start A Cake Business In Spain: Mission Imposible!Start A Cake Business In Spain: Mission Imposible!Start A Cake Business In Spain: Mission Imposible!Start A Cake Business In Spain: Mission Imposible!Start A Cake Business In Spain: Mission Imposible!

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