Anything And Everything About Fondant!!

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Swayman2202 Posted 24 Feb 2014 , 1:34am
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I have been doing some crazy amount of research on fondant. I am relatively new to it but I have had fairly good experiences.. I am sure I will have more questions but here are some to start off.


What is everyone's favorite packaged fondant?? Do any of them have their own special perks that make them better or worse for different projects??
I use a MMF that Artisan Cake Company made a video on youtube about!!

How does everyone feel about MMF? It seemed to be super dry and crack easily when I was trying to roll it out on cake and smooth it, is that normal for fondant or operator error. If the latter how do I avoid that?

I HATE the taste of fondant even MMF, is there a way to combat that?

I attached pix of my first fondant cake, tell me what you think, what could I have done better. With a follow up with the client they said the cake was great however the fondant was horrible. But I hate it to, so IDK if its normal for people to say the fondant taste bad or not?? (PS I know the feet look odd, oops lol)





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CONFECTIONERIE Posted 24 Feb 2014 , 2:04am
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I use MMF and I LOVE the recipe I use.  It's smooth and just the right amount of stretchy.  And it just tastes like marshmallows.  This is the recipe I use:


I swear by A Spicy Perspective's recipe.  It's so simple and basic and if you like the taste of marshmallows, then you'll like this MMF!


What's the recipe that you're using?


I've been interested in getting into premade fondants but I don't have a car and I really have to jazz myself up for paying shipping on fondant when I know I can make it myself.  


Your cake looks great though!

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BeesKnees578 Posted 24 Feb 2014 , 2:05am
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I use Fondx, used to use Satin Ice.  I like them both.  I'm not a HUGE fan of fondant, but would eat it if I had to, and I would pick that to work with over buttercream ANY day of the week.


Oh, and you can mix modeling chocolate (choc, white or colored) with fondant....that's REALLY nice and tastes pretty good to me.  You can soften a batch of mod choc in the microwave for 20 secs on 30% power to soften it up.  I like doing that because it's so darn hard once it sets!


I have a caker friend who makes her own MMF and tries to get me to convert, but I don't like marshmallows unless they are toasted. The few times that I did make it, it seemed like it lacked the elasticity of regular fondant.


I have tried Elizabeth Marek's combo of store bought and MMF...I don't remember being blown away by it, but didn't really take the time to "get to know it" either.  I am going to make it again to see how it goes.


You can use flavoring to improve the taste.   I wonder if the oil candy flavorings would pack more of a noticeable punch of flavor?

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Swayman2202 Posted 24 Feb 2014 , 3:14am
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ACondectionerie, this is the link to Artisan Cake Company's fondant tutorial on YouTube

. I will check out that recipe also!! My recipe was very easy to make and it stretched well, I guess, but it cracked on the edges it just seemed dry. My husband bought me a batch of satin ice, I will probably roll it out tomorrow and see how I like it. But I am with you, its a drive to go to the nearest town that carries a variety of brands. Wilton is readily available but I have heard horror stories about it so I avoid it. However in Artisan Cake Company's recipe it is called for. If I get into the kitchen tomorrow and test out the satin ice I will post on here how it turns out!! Thanks!! I Think it could have been better but for my first attempt at it, I feel like it turned out well.

BeesKnees, I have heard wonderful things about Fondx, that it taste pretty good and is very very easy to use!! I love buttercream!! I have mastered the "VIVA method" but it is definitely NOT as pretty as fondant, but it tastes good! I have heard a little about modeling chocolate but have not looked to far into it!! I will look into and try it out!! I didn't have much luck with it being super elastic, but I am so new with it, I fear it was just lack of knowledge. Elizabeth Marek is her name, I couldn't remember it for the life of me!! I like her recipe but it was the first one I have ever used and I have no experience with the packaged stuff so I am biased I believe. I have wondered the same thing about candy oils, I will look into it more and post anything I find. I know I have to practice to get good at this, but it drives me nuts to waste a whole batch of fondant or BC or cake batter because it doesn't turn out well!! But, its unlikely I will every get a test batch perfect the first time haha!!

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