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halesgirl Posted 30 Jan 2014 , 5:26am
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So I have been reading all these threads about pets in a home based business...I am troubled. Indiana does not say anything in their laws about pets in the home where a home based business is . I looked over every piece of literature I have on the laws for my county ...I am relieved . 3 Months ago I had gotten my kids and my mother a 1 year old dog . I had read it was a great way to help kids with ADHD  calm  down and people with Alzheimer's to keep them company despite having 6 other people around these people become very depressed and lonely . A dog is a quiet comfort . As for me she completes the family . My small cake business is more of a way for me  to cope with caring for an Alzheimer's  mother , the loss of my beloved father.. And it is a little dream of mine that brings smiles to people around me . I find I do my best work when I am feeling down. The dog , the cakes , therapy ..... I let people know there is a dog on the premises and if they want I will show them where  and how their product is being prepared. They can look in my microwave , cabinets if they are so inclined . I have an air purifying system in my kitchen running continuously . and the counters and floors are swept and steam cleaned daily (2 times)I even vacuum out the oven . If people have a problem with pets where food is prepared maybe ,and as outlandish as this may sound , consider banning pet owners from going into places where food is prepared , they are dragging their pets fur and dander into these "sterile area's ". Before I had gotten the dog I have had cake clients come over covered in fur and leave fee fees fur on my chairs , do I not take their order because they have drug it into my home and potentially polluted the semi sterile baking environment .. Not! as if . I think its a common sense thing . regardless of pets or kids or whatever environmental issue there is , keep your work area as clean as you can . Do what you can to keep your product quality . I knew a cake lady who had a husband with a massive beard , shed like a yeti. poor guy was banned from his own kitchen .....

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