Glad To Be Over That Hurdle!

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BomCakes Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 1:32pm
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I am never late. Almost Never. I have dreams about being late for things..  Ok so this last weekend I was working with a bride back and forth who only seems to want to text me on FB. She had my info from the Consult.  Anyways, I reminded her that her payment was a lil late-2 weeks- and I would need that to be able to deliver. All friendly like I always am to everyone.

So she said  "I'm sorry, my mom will drop it by". Me- "ok I'll be here prob between 1-5 I have to be in town but I'll be back right around then" ( I did get waylayed in town and was a few minutes late. The Mom was there and gone apparently in that small window. So All flustered the girl FB's me "She was there and you were gone????!!!!!!"   ( "sh*t" this is why I'm almost never late because it makes me a dirty bird)

We agreed to a meetup for the next day. (I even said Listen, I can make an exception and just get the check at the reception if it would be more convenient)

I've been back and forth to my Mom's every day. Sadly, she's stage 4 Pancreatic cancer and can't take care of herself any more.  So I took off again for Mom's house that afternoon.

So the Bride's mom shows up again and I'm not there. No appointment. I have no clue. Next day..FB message "She's coming at 2:30"  (incidently I do not camp out on Facebook nor do I own a smartphone with fb updates) So I don't expect the mom at all when she shows up because I'm working on the cake.

Doorbell rings, I answer, "Hi! good to see you, sorry I missed you, I really hurried to get here by1:00 yesterday but I was held up." "Well. This is our 3rd trip out here and I just want to say what an inconvenience it has been." "I AM truly sorry, my mom is dying, I couldn't get here any sooner but I did hurry (to get here in the time window) "Well, I'm sorry to hear that but it was a very big inconvenience for us, we live in (the next town over).( However! the venue is 8 minutes away from my studio!!)

 I said " I told Ashley that you could slip a check in the mail to save a trip"

" Well, I don't do checks" Blah Blah Blah. Super abrupt.

I just wanted to bawl.

So cake is delivered, it's perfect, Bride is extatic. Mom floats over looks at it and walks off.

My first face to face nasty. Glad it's over!

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Louisekate1975 Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 1:55pm
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AAwkward!! Anyway she was late originally by not paying you on time. I hate being late, I get angry at myself sometimes and put myself in a bad mood if I'm late by as little as 3 minutes. Forget about it, the bride loved it and will recommend you to all her friends xxx now relax and go have a cuppa x

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cazza1 Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 2:01pm
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These things happen in life sometimes.  You've got bigger things to worry about than this.  The bride loved the cake, the mother will get over it.

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ellavanilla Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 4:53pm
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if you "don't do checks" then i guess you should expect to be a little inconvenienced carrying cash all over town! HRMPH!


glad it's over and was a success!

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therealmrsriley Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 4:59pm
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If the bride is happy, I'd say this is a victory. My heart goes out to you and your family concerning your mother's illness.

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scrumdiddlycakes Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 5:11pm
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Oh gosh, how terrible for her to be inconvenienced like that. NM the fact that she was 2 weeks late, using an irresponsible communication method and showing up at unplanned times.


Bride was happy, you got paid, MOB doesn't really matter :P

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costumeczar Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 6:58pm
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So you said that your mom was dying and she said "I'm sorry to hear that but I was inconvenienced." That says it all, and you shoudld just write her off as the witch she is. I'm sorry about your mom :(

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kikiandkyle Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 7:58pm
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AI'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Don't waste your precious time together worrying about idiots like these. They are most definitely on the no cake for you list.

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howsweet Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 11:49pm
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Holy cow! These people aren't worth another one of your thoughts. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. People can be really self centered and insensitive.


The week my poor mom was actively dying (she'd been very ill for three years). She was in my home and my daughter who was staying with me that week brought her dog. Even though we kept fixing the fence, the dog got out several times.  So I get this neighbor at the door complaining about the dog getting into her garbage and I tell her how sorry I am and that we've got the fence fixed, etc.. But she keeps going on and on about what a pain it was for her to have to find this garbage mess after work.


At this point, we're having round the clock nurses and my mom's room is near the front door and the nurse comes to the door to help and I introduce her as my mom's hospice nurse. And she just passes that off as nothing and keeps ranting. I finally told her my mom can hear you and I have to close the door now and she didn't care... she made a dismissive motion with her hand and turned abruptly on her heel.


On a side note - it wasn't even trash day and deed restrictions requires that garbage be locked up, so her trash had no business being where the dog could get it.

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BomCakes Posted 31 Jul 2013 , 1:10am
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Thanks for the support, wisdom and chuckles. I needed thatthumbs_up.gif

Howsweet, I'm right there with you! Thoughts go out to you and your family!

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scrumdiddlycakes Posted 31 Jul 2013 , 2:02am
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I'll spare all the details, since I can't revisit them without getting so angry I want to kick puppies. We had a very similar situation to Howsweet's last year. Except it was over some flooding that the crazy neighbour somehow thought my dad was responsible for? (nutjob)


There is always some totally self-absorbed twit that can't see past their own problems. Usually those problems are petty little trifles, which make it so much more infuriating. I just try to focus on how much more kindness we received from people, than nastiness during that time. Those people aren't worth the time you spend worrying about them.


Although, she probably wonders why her illegally parked RV keeps getting tickets and reported to the by-laws every week.

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knlcox Posted 31 Jul 2013 , 2:08am
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I would've been a little angry and responded with "It was very inconveniencing for me to have this payment made 2 weeks late.  I could have charged you a late payment fee".   I'm so sorry about your mom! I can't understand how some people can be so darn insensitive!!

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