Selling Organic And Non-Organic Treats Together?

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TricycleTreats Posted 24 Jul 2013 , 4:39pm
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There was a post over in the Recipes forum about a decorator using box mixes instead of making from scratch as she's starting up her business.


Here's my dilemma spurred off from that question. I'm posting it here since it's more business related.




Originally Posted by jason_kraft 

There's nothing wrong with using a box mix, some people prefer it. Generally using a box mix is cheaper at lower volumes, but once you start ramping up production scratch becomes cheaper.


Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I need this reassurance.


I got in at a farmers market. The woman I spoke with assumed I'd be setting up this Saturday. I had planned to start selling on August 10th, but figured, "Okay, she wants me to start selling this Saturday. I'm not going to argue with the universe."


The thing is... I'm starting up my home bakery again (third time is turning out to be the charm). I had a successful (at least to me) debut at the Whole Foods Pie Festival last Saturday with organic mini pies. Only offered one flavor, but still, making it 100% organic killed me cost-wise--and I didn't make much of a profit off them, if I did the unit cost correctly. (Pie Festival turned out to be a last minute thing too, so I didn't have the chance to shop around. I bought most of my ingredients at... Whole Foods. icon_smile.gif )


I decided to do mini cupcakes for the market this Saturday as well as sell the few leftover pies from the festival, but can't afford to make scratch and/or organic cupcakes.


Am I contradicting myself by selling organic pies but non-organic cupcakes? (I'm trying to reassure myself that even Whole Foods isn't a 100% organic grocery store.) My marketing of my bakery right now isn't on the organic aspect, but rather on the bite-size treats... focusing on organic mini pies. If that makes sense. I'd eventually like to become all organic, but it's like I need some non-organic treats to help fund that goal.


I need to label the mini pies as organic since I'm charging $5 per pie. <-- That's where I think I'll get weird looks from customers. "Oh, you can do organic pies, but you can't do organic scratch cakes?"


Thanks bunches!

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