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SnLSweetEscapes Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 3:23pm
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I know a lot of you are debating attending Festivals so I wanted to give everyone my experience.  I live in a small town, probably about 8,000 people total.  The held their 27th annual Strawberry Festival so I decided to give it a try since the 2 day even was relatively cheap for a 10X10 area.  Here is a list of items that I brought, the amount and how much sold:


Strawberry Shaped White Cake Pops - 47 - Sold out

Chocolate Cake Pops - 72 - 47 left

         **I never have luck selling white cake pops so I made them strawberry shaped and they sold     

          like crazy!  Wish I had more!  Chocolate was always a best seller and I hardly sold them**

Chocolate Chip Cookies (individuals) - 40 - sold out

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - 34 - 11 left

Strawberry Shortcake Push Pops - 36 - sold out!

              **People were fascinated by these!!! Should have had more!

6 packs of Sugar Cookies - 8 - sold out

6 Pack Cupcakes - 6 - sold 2, then for Saturday I put them individually and only had 5 cupcakes left.

Rocky Road Rice Krispie Treats - 27 - sold 16 left

Snickers Rice Krispie Treats - 28 - 11 left

Chocolate Brownies - 12 - sold out

Strawberry Brownies - 20 - 4 left

Chocolate Whoopie Pies - 23 - sold out (should have had more!  People loved these)

Strawberry Whoopie Pies - 29 - 1 left

Lemon Whoopie Pies - 7 - 1 left

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - 7 - 5 sold


Due to the even, I was obviously basing everything on a Strawberry theme.  We had everything prepackaged and indivually wrapped.  Came back with one order and tons of questions about birthdays, weddings and showers. I am a home based, inspected bakery and people were begging me for a store front because our town does not have a bakery.  Not in the business plan right now or budget.  A lot to consider with such a small town.  However, this festival completely took me by surprise!  The only advertising I do is through my website and facebook page.  I did this to stay home with my kids.  We came out ahead and will attend next year for sure.  OH!  The weather!  It rained both days but people still came!  This amazed me! 

I hope this helps some of you when you are thinking about attending festivals.  Next year will be all Strawberry Shaped Cake pops, Whoopie Pies, Cookies, Push Pops, Cupcakes, and chocolate covered pretzels, oreos and nutterbutter cookies.  People were looking for a sweet treat after they ate.  Individual was the way to go!


Here is a picture of my tent.  People LOVE the pink tent because no one else has one.  Very noticable!  Takes a while when you are sitting in it to get used to the color but well worth it.  Plus it came with the four sides, 2 with windows.

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Godot Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 3:41pm
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ACool! Where did you get that pink tent?

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Baking Sis Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 4:12pm
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"I live in a small town, probably about 8,000 people total."


This made me town is extremely small...maybe 700 if we count the folks in the nursing home! haha!


However, your tent is fabulous and table/set up looks very inviting. Love your table covering too!  Glad it was a  good experience for you. 

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JSKConfections Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 4:13pm
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Beautiful display! Great info, thanks for that!  Love that pink tent!thumbs_up.gif

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MimiFix Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 6:54pm
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Lovely display! You have a great business sense!

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SnLSweetEscapes Posted 10 Jun 2013 , 12:40am
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Thanks for the comments!  I got the tent online somewhere last year.  Sorry, I don't know the site off hand.  It's a great tent.  I think that I just searched "pink tents". 

Baking Sis ... compared to yours, I guess we are big, haha! Compared to our surrounding cities we are small.  Right now, I am trying to build my name up and have several repeat customers.  I have only been in business a little over 2 years.  My goal is to build up enough business by doing the custom orders that when I can open a storefront, I will feel financial comfortable doing so.  Who knows when that will be and if it doesn't happen, that's ok too.

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jason_kraft Posted 10 Jun 2013 , 12:43am
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AI'm curious to know how much you charged for each item.

BTW small town of 40,000 here (Brea, CA).

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Stitches Posted 10 Jun 2013 , 12:50am
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I shopped at a  big farmers Market yesterday (in the mid-west) so see what displays looked like, etc... Yours is nicer then the ones I saw at this giant market. That's a really great presentation! GOOD JOB!


Pricing at the market I went to....$3.00 seemed to be a popular number on individual Danish, croissants, sweet rolls and breakfast items (they all were very large). Cookie bars were all about $2.00 each (but they were on the small side). A mini-pie 4" was $6.00 each, 9" fruit pies $12.00.

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SnLSweetEscapes Posted 10 Jun 2013 , 12:17pm
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Thanks for the compliment Stitches!


Here were my prices for the market:

Cupcakes = $2 each

Cake Pops = $2 each

Push Pops = $3

Cookies = $1 each

Rice Krispies = $1 each (made these in cupcake pan for individual serving size)

Brownies = $1 each (about 2 1/2" square)

Mini Whoopie Pies = $1 each (2")

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kearniesue Posted 10 Jun 2013 , 12:46pm
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Any problems with icing or chocolate melting?  I'm not sure how long you were there or how warm it was each day, but that would have been a concern for me.  Thanks!

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SnLSweetEscapes Posted 10 Jun 2013 , 1:21pm
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No issues with that.  It was only in the 60's and raining both days.  Plus, I was careful with what I choose to bring.  Things I knew that wouldn't melt.  On Friday, we were there from 11-7 and Saturday was 9-5:30.  The worst thing we experienced was the rain was like a mist.  So we were wiping down packaging because even though we were in the tent, the mist was still getting in.  I was at a farmers market last year where it was over 90 the 2 days we did it.  The first day, the frosting melted off.  The second week, I only put out a few "display" items and kept everything else in totes on ice.  I do not like the heat, so being at a weekly farmers market is not something that I will do again.  We were also on black top which didn't help.  This festival was held right on our Main Street.  So we were located on grass and there were buildings around that would have helped block the sun if it decided to show up.  But it never did. 

I tell people, that I will try anything once.  Tried this festival and will do it again next year.  Tried the weekly Farmers' Market (which allowed me a 3 day trial period thankfully), I will not do that again.  I think it's all about trial and error and what works for you.  I also have 2 young children (4 and 6), so I have to also base it on when I can have family watch them.  I may miss out on some opportunities because I am so picky, but that's ok. 

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beachhousebakes Posted 17 Jul 2013 , 11:24am
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your display looks great! I'm curious about your push pop pricing...I made them for my kids' school birthday celebrations and they were a huge hit. 


I posted a picture on my personal FB page...NOT my business because I can't imagine the pricing on them, they were so labor intensive and the containers were $1.00 each.  within minutes I got posts/texts from ppl who are friends/like both pages wanting to know about ordering them. For my kids classes, I collected the containers and ran them through the dishwasher, I'll use them again for personal use, but wouldn't be comfortable doing that for customers, let alone the logistics!


So how did you come to your $3 pricing and is it actually profitable for you?

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AHTCakes Posted 17 Jul 2013 , 11:43am
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Oh my gosh, simply BEAUTIFUL. I had absolutely NO idea they made color tents and I think that is going to be my next investment. The couple events I've done provided tents, but there are some that don't and I've always just assumed I would use our 10 x 10 party tents from Target... Has anyone done an event where they have provided tents for you and you asked to bring your own? I realize it depends on the area, but wonder if there is much resistance. 


My only other question...are you sure your getting money for your products? Again, I have only done a couple festivals (smaller town myself) but no one batted an eye at purchasing a cupcake for $3 or a dozen minis for $7. In fact I had a lot of people purchase multiple items at that price. I wonder sometimes if I am even pricing too low. And please don't take that as an insult, I REALLY just think you could be making a lot more for your time and talent!

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