Friday Night Cake Club For 6/7/13

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catlharper Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 2:40am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Who's up? Whatcha working on? This place is for anyone who wants to talk about their week, share photos of their work, ask for help or try to help.



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catlharper Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 2:43am
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Hi everyone!


So this week has been insane. 3 stacked cakes, 5 cupcake orders, and a single tier birthday cake kept me insanely busy this week! Here is one of the cakes:



But now the week is over and I actually get a few days off of this job. Have to work my clerical part time job but at least that doesn't deal with a hot oven! It's supposed to be 103 here tomorrow! UGH! 


Hope everything is going great for everyone here and I get to see some fun photos tonight!



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cazza1 Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 3:07am
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Hi Cat and everyone else who comes along and joins in.  I finally got my photos uploaded from the last 3 weeks so I am showing them all to you tonight.


The hitchikers guide to the galaxy green man I did for my Dad's 81st birthday with a "Yikes 81, Don't Panic sign.  It's somewhere in transit in the mail system at the moment.


The Flying North for the Winter Cake was to take on holidays.  My clouds were a bit wonky as I am fairly new to the airbush (and it is a really cheap one and sprays everywhere) but I really enjoy trying to use it.  The bird was done with my cricut machine.  I cut out a couple of layers in different sizes to try and give it a bit of dimension.  We are off for 6 weeks on Thursday so I will not be around for a while.  It is getting too cold here so we are heading North to warmer climes.  We are actually off camping in the middle of nowhere in the good old Aussie bush.  It's about 4 hours from the nearest small town and I am really looking forward to sitting under a gum tree, reading my book, all day.


Heading North for the Winter.





The shoe cake was for my son's partner's birthday.  She is a tiny thing and wears the highest heels.

My first attempt was a disaster and broke into 3 pieces when I put the heel on.  I used the Jessica ? wax paper method (from a craftsy class) to put the stripes on the side.  It would have worked wonderfully if I had put enough moisture on the stripes for them to stick to the cake.  The edges of my box were very wonky as I ran out of buttercream and could not be bothered making up another batch.  I learn things the hard way.  I really hated the look of them so I put the flowers on to distract the eye.  It worked really well and overall I was reasonably pleased with it.  Kate loved it and couldn't stop laughing whenever she looked at the shoe.

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sixinarow Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 3:15am
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Love your cake Cat, especially the hibiscus! :) And all of your work is amazing cazza1 -- those shoes are fantastic!

I'm trying to get a head start on cupcake toppers for an order next Sat. I'm helping to run the VBS all week at our church so I won't have much time to work on them, so I want to get as much finished now. ;)

Modeling chocolate strawberries and fondant blueberries.



I have a question if someone wouldn't mind chiming in. The strawberries are modeling chocolate and the stems are fondant. I've never attached fondant to modeling chocolate, would royal frosting work or would there be something better? Thanks! :)

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catlharper Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 3:23am
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Cazza, love all the cakes but the first one just cracks me up...seriously, every time I would go back to look at it I laughed! What is your secret to mailing cakes? Everything I have ever tried to mail has arrived in crumbs!


Enjoy your holiday!!! Sounds like a whole lotta wonderful to me too. We are just hitting our hot weather (103 here today) in the USA so going to cooler climes sounds wonderful to me! LOL!


Sixinarow: I've never used modeling chocolate before so I can't help but will be looking for the answer to pop up here tonight. 


Tonight I'm actually trying to figure out what I'm doing for Father's Day. I baked the cake already and still am not sure what the heck I'm doing with it. LOL!



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nikileebakes Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 3:24am
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AI love your flying north for the winter cake! All of the cakes look amazing but that one is my favorite.

I didn't get the chance to make any cakes this week. Although I did get to start my Wilton cake decorating class. I already knew how to do just about everything that was taught but I still got to learn a couple tricks and practice. And It even gave me a reason to start my cake decorating blog! The pictures from it are on the blog and the link is in my signature if anyone is interested.

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Brettley Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 3:26am
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Cat! Maybe there is something in the air. This week has/is nuts for me and I swear I turned away at least 7 people. I am at my limit that's for sure.



Cazza! Omgosh that first cake made me chuckle! I have no idea what it is but it is darn cute! Makes me giggle everytime I look at it!


So this is one of the busiest weekends of the year for me. I have already sent out a Target going away cake for 40, Silly Monkey for 20 and Dora for 20 and 8 dozen cupcakes. On the table now is a 2 tier ruffle wedding cake which I LOVE!! And 280 cupcakes to go along with it and a Red Rosette cake with 250 mini cupcakes to go along. Oye not sure what I was thinking.



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catlharper Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 4:08am
post #8 of 42 your blog...I SO need to get a photo taken for mine. SIGH. 


Brettley...what the heck were we thinking this week? Oh yeah, money and not wanting to let down a family friend. We live in an apartment complex where there are townhomes...we live in an up and down townhome and one with an extra room all on the ground level is being renovated...yup, we decided to move. Again, what ARE we thinking? Moving...ugh. Oh well, it will be better in the long run but cost us about $800 in the shortrun. So, yes, taking the extra biz is necessary but man, am I tired!

Love your sweet little monkey faces. And I keep saying I'm going to try the ruffling and never it hard?



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Norasmom Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 4:12am
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Just finished a Ninjago cake.  I had no idea what a Ninjago even was until I did this cake!

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auntginn Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 4:12am
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Good evening Cat and all, I love everyones cakes,  Great job Cat on your cake.  Cazza's your's are so cute,  The green guy, the bird, the shoe beats my first attempt.


Brettley cute monkey,   Gorgeous ruffle cake.


I'm working on Father's Day orders, Birthday cakes are simple, Baby Shower cake a little more work but not much.  I am making another pair of shoes tonight. But for the baby shower cake, lol.  My friend is getting married so I got to do her wedding cake.  I've been doing cakes for her for years already, so she is not a repeat customer.


Where I live will be a cool upper 70's but the wedding is further inland and will be warm,  too warm for a cake I'm afraid.  Its going to be chilled tho and the venue will be a/c'd

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Lovebug2867 Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 4:26am
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I just delivered a elementary school graduation cake today for my niece's class.  It was very well received and boy it disappeared fast.  The humidity today about killed this cake it started sagging and cracking UGH.


* Cake for my niece's class for their graduation from elementary school. Pencils and crayons are candy melts.  We allowed my niece to do the doodles on the plain tier and on the "chalk board"




* back of the cake


* side of the cake





* Side of the cake

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Brettley Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 4:31am
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Cat: Oh my goodness no, they are not hard at all. And honestly not even that time consuming and the end result is SOO worth it! If I could do every cake a ruffle cake I would! Love them.


I think we are all a bunch of suckers for punishment! I was renting a kitchen outgrowing that, now we are in the middle of putting a licensed kitchen in our house/basement and honestly I don't think I will be in it for more than 2 years. There is a bakery/cake decorating shop in my city that reached out to me recently. She is 62 and wants out very soon and wants someone like me to take it over in 2 years. Timing couldn't be more perfect... now to get the money... likely have a few more weeks like this:)


Norasmom: I have no idea what that is either! I just googled it and they remind me of Lego Men... haha.


I am pretty lucky where I am temperature wise. It's only going to be +20, and we rarely ever get over +32.

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Brettley Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 4:34am
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LoveBug: CUTE!!!! I bet the kids just loved that!!!


I get to do my first teacher cake this year and I am soo excited! And my daughter specifically requested that there be enough for all of the staff and cupcakes for her class too! She also said she wants the pencils with the kids names, a chalk board, addition, stapler, rulers and apple and a coat rack...! Haha. I asked her to draw to something for me to follow so we shall see what she comes up with!

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catlharper Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 4:35am
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Norasmom...I have a 12 year old boy...I "live" Ninjago...LOL. I was amazed when he said he didn't want that theme for his birthday...then he said Minecraft and it all made sense..of course at that point I was back to wishing it was Ninjago! LOL!


Ginn, your week sounds kinda crazy too. Share photos when you have them!


Lovebug! Wow! And, yes, with the heat and humidity I bet you were crossing your fingers it would all hold up till the event was done! That is a wonderful cake!



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Boyka Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 4:53am
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Great cakes Ladies thumbs_up.gif


Cakes are just hobby for me, and that is my latest cake for friend of mine one year old son.


 And here are some cookies I made few days ago

Cookies stufed with nuts and rosehip jam


I have one question, is it safe if I put ready and fully decorate cake in fridge for few 5-7 hours?!?

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catlharper Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 5:19am
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Once you get to the crumb coat stage of a cake you really don't want to put it into the freezer or fridge unless you truly have to do so. The fridge will impart smell and flavor and steal moisture from your cake. If it's covered in fondant it may leave a "bloom" on your cake when you remove it from the fridge that may not go away as it comes to room temp. Now sometimes you have no choice but to refrigerate one. If the filling is something that spoils or if the weather is just too hot to be able to keep the cake out in a cake box or on a stand then you MUST keep it cold and you won't have any choice but to use a fridge. 




ps. your cookies totally intrigue me! 

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Brettley Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 5:26am
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Those cookies are awesome!! Wow!


I don't usually put my completely decorated cakes in the fridge unless I absolutely have to but some people swear by it.

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Boyka Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 5:30am
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Thank you for the comprehensive response Cat icon_smile.gif About these cookies, they are very easy to prepare .. I can share how to do if someone wants to try.

p.s. more cookies ...those one has some Turkish delight inside



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Brettley Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 5:36am
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I have never really tried my hand at cookies, but it looks like something my daughter would enjoy doing with me! [email protected] is my email or you can pm me through here. I would love to know!



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cazza1 Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 5:47am
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Boyka those cookies are great.  Yes please share how you did them.  May I even suggest that you put it in the general area as I am sure that a lot of people who don't visit FNCC would also be interested.


Great cakes everyone.  I love looking at the cakes at FNCC because they are much more personal than when they are in the scroll bar at the top.  You get to know a little bit about the decorators and to me that makes it much better.


The green panic cake was copied from someone else here on CC.  I can't give a name as I have now wiped the photo but the minute I saw it I fell in love and wanted to make it. It is such a simple cake but so fun and effective everone wants another look at it.


Cat I make a very dense fruit cake to mail.  My local cheap shop has a container that costs $2 that is a perfect size for that large tin so I always make it.  I only ever do very flat decorations.  This fellas arms came off but I have put them in the box and told Mum how to stick them back on.  She probably won't, they only want to eat it.  I looked at it for 2 weeks so that's fine.  I then send it express mail, which takes 3 days from one side of Australia to the other as we are not in cities.  It costs me $23 just for the postage but it is worth it as Mum and Dad love fruit cake and Mum is not much of a cook.  I send them another one at Christmas and that keeps them going for the year, along with the slices that Mum does make and buys.  She is really funny with the fruit cakes and hides them when my sister visits so that she won't eat them all on her.  When I go to visit if I don't arrive with a cake I am sent down the stairs to borrow a tin from the neighbour to make one.

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catlharper Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 5:57am
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Cazza...ahhh fruit cake. Fruit cake here is a very dense cake with candy fruits and rum...lots of rum. I, personally find it disgusting, but my mom loves fact, she's the only person I know personally who does love it<G>. You do give some really good tips tho and I may take a chance again at sending one. Tins are sold here every Christmas, usually for cookies, but I think if I make the cake to fit the tin, cover it in fondant and use flat decorations only on the top then pack it into a braced box that gives it no room to wiggle then there may be some chance it could arrive ok. Worth a try, right?


It's 11pm here and I have to work in the morning at my part time job so I'm off to bed. Hope to check in here tomorrow and find even more people visited!



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cloviscole Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 6:43am
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ALadies the cakes are gorgeous! I'm doingcake poospops and cupcake orders tonight.


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cloviscole Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 6:46am
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A[quote name="cloviscole" url="/t/759501/friday-night-cake-club-for-6-7-13#post_7402150"]Ladies the cakes are gorgeous! I'm doingcake poospops and cupcake orders tonight.


Cakepops darn autocorrect!

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auntginn Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 7:45am
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Boyka, pretty cool cake, OMG are those peaches?  They are beautiful.


The wedding cake is done but I promised the bride (my friend) I wouldn't post it anywhere until the reception started so I will have to wait to put it up.  I didn't take pics of the birthday cakes because it was nothing special to me, couple of half sheets and 4 round cakes. 2 - 8" & 2 - 10"


Here is a pic of the baby shower cake.  Just need to write something on it, but I'm at a lost for inspiration right now.  Going to try and get some rest.  



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tdovewings Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 11:00am
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Wow what awesome cakes. This week was crazy, I turned away more orders this week then I made. It was supposed to be my week off, oh well.  Everyone just keep calling with their sad stories and I gave in. 


Here's a princess cake (one-layer) and cupcakes with Scooby Doo colors. The mom wanted Scooby Doo for a theme, the daughter wanted princess, so I combined the two. I couldn't find plain cupcake wrappers in the colors I wanted so I made my own. That was fun project I only needed scrapbook paper and craft scissors. 



I also did a wedding cake tasting, which was a success. The first stranger to book a wedding cake with me.  The groom is so sweet he's deathly allergic to dairy, like my kids and it nearly made me cry to see how happy he was eating the cake. He said he'd never seen so many types of cake before in his life. I was really holding back the tears because I didn't want the family to think I was crazy, crying over cake and all.


I also did some baby shower cookie favors to match an invitation.




Lastly a Snow White themed cake.  The snow white cake order came in Thursday afternoon and they needed it Friday.  I shouldn't have but I did. The girl wanted a normal looking cake like her friends get at parties and her mom couldn't pull the design together and her normal cake place Whole foods wouldn't take the order. So I did this egg-free, dairy-free,  and nut-free cake.


With all that, my birthday was June 5th, which was why I was taking the week off and going to visit my sisters in NC. I got a goodnight's sleep, so I guess my birthday week is turning into a birthday weekend. The most important cake though is at the bottom, the brown sugar pound cake with carmel sauce my little sister made for me. That I'm about to drive 4 hours to get. It has milk and butter in it, it's been so long since I've had a cake with butter and milk in it, I'm excited. 


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Marian64 Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 2:54pm
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AI really enjoy looking at the beautiful work that everyone does on here. I thought I would share the one I was up till 1:30 finishing for my niece's birthday. It is not quite up to some of the work I have seen on here. I am pretty sure I over mixed the butter and it has been hot and humid here I had to put in the refrigerator a couple of times.

[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]


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auntginn Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 3:19pm
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Happy Birthday tdovewings, you deserve to have the time with family and enjoy your birthday cake.  Nice work.


Marian, welcome to CC and the FNCC, isn't warm weather a pain in the rear?  About a month ago I delivered and was a guest as well 4 cakes for a birthday party.  It was so hot the buttercream melted.  argh....

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Marian64 Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 3:40pm
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AThanks auntginn hot weather is definitely a pain when baking and my buttercream is melting as I type and it is a little over a hour he party. Hopefully it will make it and not look to bad.

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auntginn Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 5:21pm
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Awe... so sorry for your woes. But I'm sure they will still see the cute design you created.  Hope the party will be under a/c.  I used to pack my cakes with dry ice in these weather conditions.  One time I did that but the hostess insisted on taking it out, needless to say being outdoors with temp well over 100 degrees it melted. lol

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catlharper Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 1:28am
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Cloviscole...LOL poospop....LOL. Dontcha love auto correct! I've never made them myself but am tempted to do the brownie version.


tdove: SO cute. LOVE the dress. Lots of these types of cakes get the shoes but the dress is so precious!


Marian: I truly hate the heat (we are 105 at the moment! UGH!) and have had the butter cream melt right off a cake before and had to re-ice it when we arrived at the destination. Hope it holds up..the hat is so cute, great bill (my main problem with hats). This time of year if it's not fondant I don't do it. 


I'm attaching the last cake of my week (and some of the cupcakes)..for a 7 year old's Justin Bieber birthday:



I'm hoping for party pics since this is going in a tower with a photo of JB as the topper. Next up is Father's Day. My "tame" week of this month. LOL



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