Wedding Cake Filling Help Please!

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Momy2Boys Posted 19 Mar 2013 , 6:25pm
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I found the perfect wedding cake filling for my cousin and they tasted it and loved it.  Until I read on here that doing fillings and frostings with cream cheese in them were a bad idea. 


This is the recipe The only thing I was going to change was doing strawberry instead of the raspberry.


they loved this filling and so do I.  The wedding is on the 30th, and I could really really use some help finding something simaler.  The filling had a firm yet fluffy texture.


thank you in advance for your guidance.  I realy don't want to dissapoint them.

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-K8memphis Posted 19 Mar 2013 , 6:30pm
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it has to be kept refrigerated is all --at or below 40 degrees


you can still use it


it has an accumulated out of the  frige time frame of 4 hours before the bad bacteria start to flourish


that's why cream cheese is considered potentially hazardous because it is ph


and did you test that formula with the strawberries?


how it performs & all?


oh good it's made with jam--good-- i was thinking fresh berries & quietly freaking out


already made jam is better better better


but you still gotta sweat the cream cheese thing

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-K8memphis Posted 19 Mar 2013 , 6:39pm
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can't you just keep it well chilled?

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Momy2Boys Posted 19 Mar 2013 , 6:51pm
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I had thought about that but wasn't sure how to make that work.  I'm making a 4 tier cake (6",8",10"'12") and frosting with buttercream.  The wedding is at 3:30 with cake and punch reception there at the church.  I've never refridgeorated a cake before and didn't want to serve a cold cake.  

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-K8memphis Posted 19 Mar 2013 , 6:55pm
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86 the hazardous fillings then


cake warms up fast


i deliver all my cakes chilled


some peeps do some don't


but you have to for perishable fillings

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-K8memphis Posted 19 Mar 2013 , 6:57pm
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i use mostly perishable filling though too


but it'd still fridge my cakes esp for delivery

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leah_s Posted 19 Mar 2013 , 7:19pm
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That 4 hour window is critical for potentially hazardous foods.  And its a total of 4 hours.  So count up your decorating time + transport time + the time the cake is on display.  All that time together has to be less than 4 hours.  Then the cake has to be thrown out. 


I always found that after I added in the display time (time between when the cake is set up and later served) the four hour window had been exceeded.  And "chilled" doesn't necessarily do it.  It has to be held at less than 41 degrees.

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Momy2Boys Posted 20 Mar 2013 , 1:37pm
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Thank you everyone for responding so quickly.  I do feel that I should find something else since I'm not sure how I would keep it refridgeorated, and I don't want to chance it.  


Does anyone have a recipe that would be ok out of the fridge that has a simaler fluffy but firm texture?  I made almost a 3 hour (round trip) drive yesterday to get some bettercream I whipped it up last night and added the pudding like they suggest but it wasn't thick enough.


Could someone point me in the right direction please.  I really don't want to be a failure at this.


Thank you! :)

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-K8memphis Posted 20 Mar 2013 , 2:42pm
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most mousses & stuff like that have to be kept cold


it's not a failure to keep peeps safe--it's a big win for everybody


just tell them you had to adjust the filling recipe and it's still strawberry but safe


this is like the bride who wants a smbc iced cake at a 2pm beach wedding in june


the chance of sand getting in the melted icing is very high


just because someone is getting married and we want to make the best cake ever


we still have to play by the rules or suffer the consequences


it's ok--you did great--figure out the filling you can use that doesn't have to be friged if you don't want to go that route


a mousse is not it


there are sleeve fillings that are shelf stable--you can add lorann oil cream cheese flavoring--


but fluffy and firm--probably not without proper handling which includes the refrigerator


or a ton of recipe testing with ingredients like carageenan and agar agar and who knows what all else


best idea here--go with what you are confident in the b& g will go for that the best too


learn how to refrigerate the cakes or don't use mousse


test it make a tier and mousse it out and time yourself and see if you deliver at the exact point of the reception starting and if the bride will serve cake quickly and not wait till 4 hours after it starts then you got it


i mean if it's a fruity curd or a fruity something i fudge on the time


you cannot fudge on the milky things


if you wanna use that then do the frige thing


if not scrap the whole dang thing and find something you can use


you did GREAT to catch this in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!


multiplied congratulations to you--you are to be commended

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-K8memphis Posted 20 Mar 2013 , 3:43pm
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hey i got it--make the b&g a honeymoon cake with the special mousse


take it when you deliver the wedding cake


just have it all boxed & ready


a little six inch box----use cake scraps from leveling the wedding cake or use leftover batter


let the person in charge of the reception know that you're bringing it


and it needs to be kept in the chill box and that it goes with b& g  when they make their escape from the reception


cool??? icon_biggrin.gif

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Momy2Boys Posted 21 Mar 2013 , 3:04am
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Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful advice!  


K8menphis - I went back and looked at some other posts and had decided to try the vanilla bettercream and mix in some of the strawberry jelly to see what would happen.  Then I saw your suggestion and remembered that I had bought the shelf stable cream cheese sleeve.  So mixed it in and it tasted very very simaler to my first recipe.  So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for that suggestion.  I'm testing the recipe in a cake tonight.


I also love the idea of the honeymoon cake and I'm deffinently going to do that.


i can't thank you wonderful ladies enough!!!

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