So Frustrated!!!!

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JennT Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 5:05am
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Commuters have "Road Rage"......I have "Oven Fury"!!!!! icon_mad.gificon_evil.gificon_mad.giftapedshut.giftapedshut.gificon_cry.gif

lol icon_lol.gif

I just have the most stinkin', rotten, uncooperative oven ever made on the face of this beautiful earth!!!!!!!! thumbsdown.gif I don't know what the problem is, but it just cooks at whatever temp it feels like setting itself at at any given moment!!!!!!!!!! A couple of weeks ago I bought a thermometer just for the hangs on the rack. When I set the knob at 350 degrees, the thermometer was reading 430!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! icon_eek.gif So I've been adjusting my settings accordingly, I thought. I can't seem to get it right.... icon_cry.gif So to get it to cook at or as close as possible to 350, that means I have to set it at.....270, right? Well...that doesn't work either. I had a cake in the oven that I just took out about 5 minutes ago because the tops were getting way too browned and the edges are overdone entirely!!!! tapedshut.gificon_evil.gificon_mad.giftapedshut.giftapedshut.giftapedshut.gif At the adjusted setting, it had cooked for almost an hour and still was not quite done in the middle (only a 9 inch round), so I thought what could it hurt to kick it up 5 degrees??? hurt alright!! icon_cry.gif In maybe 5-7 more minutes that's when everything turned darker....ugh. So I yanked them out and then tested the's done!!! Go figure!??! I thought it would've taken at least another 12 or so more minutes, with the way the oven is cooking. I just am at my wits end with this thing!!!! Please help me figure out ways to convince my husband to just bite the bullet and go get me a stove/oven that works!! That's all I bells/whistles needed....just that I can set the knob at 350 and it cooks at 350!!!!!!!! Is that expecting too much??!! icon_sad.gificon_cry.gif

Ok...I'll stop now...since it appears that I've used all the emoticons available to me to accurately express my opinion about my pitiful icon_rolleyes.gif Thanks for letting me rant! icon_smile.gif

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eryka1842 Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 5:10am
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This is just me, but I'd make him a really lavish dinner using only the oven. When everything comes out undercooked after a few hours or burned to a crisp maybe he'll get the point. LOL

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JennT Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 5:13am
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hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! icon_lol.gif I love it!! After some gentle prodding, if I get no response or no action (on buying the oven, not the other kind...hehehe) I just might have to do that!! Thanks! lol icon_twisted.gif

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lastingmoments Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 6:39am
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Do what I did......
I just went and bought it.....I even had them deliver which cost $75.00 more so that it was too late buy the time he got home!!!

Then when he got home go figure it took him about and hour to notice I said "oh thats the Birthday/valentines day present you bought me, dont act like you dont remeber the delivery guy told me it was from you!".

he played along so that he wouldnt look bad

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eryka1842 Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 6:40am
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LOL, now that's a good one. Nice job!

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auzzi Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 10:09am
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My oven is exactly the same. What is your brand? mine is a variety of Electrolux...

When we purchased this house, the previous owners had renovated the kitchen and installed whizz-bang expensive stainless-steel equipment. The only problem is that the oven's thermostat is completely crazy.

The company's service technician [$75 call out and $95 per 15 mins] recalibrated it - checked it [no change] and elected to change it.

"NO thanks", I said - $$$for technician's time and $$$for thermostat..on top of the time already elapsed....

Upshot:- 80-90oC [on dial] = 175-180oC [cake baking temp] usually works well.

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bikegal Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 12:17pm
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Wow, I don't think I've seen so many emoticons in one post before. I think you've used up your share for this month JennT! icon_smile.gif Anyhow, if you're dead set on a new oven rest assured there's some great financing plans out there right now. Lots of 0% financing for a year, etc. that might sway your husband if he's a numbers guy. If that doesn't work take an ax to the oven, your takeout bill will be SO enormous he'll buy you that oven in a jiffy. It's all about creativity. icon_wink.gif


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ntertayneme Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 12:38pm
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When we built our home, I got a new drop in type stove. From the day I turned the oven on, it overheated. I had to call the manufacturer and have them send someone out to fix it. It was the thermostat. The technician did tell me they allow a 25 degree flucuation in temperature and that mine heated 25 degrees above what it's set. Of course, I bought a thermometer to make sure and he was exactly right. No matter what I set the temperature dial to, it's always 25 degrees above now. So when I bake, I always lower the 25 degrees and everything comes out really nice.

Just burn a few meals in the oven, act completed devastated by it and your husband will get the message. Nothing like a mad cook serving up burnt offerings. You'll have a new stove in no time icon_wink.gif

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MainCake Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 12:52pm
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What kind of oven? Gas or electric? I personally prefer gas. My mother has an electric oven with the ceramic cooktop. I hate it! My husband and I lived there for 2 years while we were building our own house and I hated every minute of using that stove. Now that we are in our house, I have my simple, no-frills gas stove back!! One thing I have noticed though, is that gas ovens tend to cook hotter than electric so I have to adjust my temperature and time accordingly. I've never had any problems like what you're describing with my gas ovens though. I love my oven and wouldn't trade it for the prettiest electric oven on the planet!

Ntertayneme - when we were building our home, I considered a drop in type gas stove. So glad I didn't get it now that I've heard about the trouble you had with yours!

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MominSC Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 12:56pm
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Oh Jenn...I can soooo relate to your story. When we first bought our home we had a drop in stove...HATED IT!! I kept telling hubby, we need a new stove, but he kept insisting that it was "good enough to get the job done". Well, usually I don't make big purchases without him knowing, but enough was enough! We went to Sears one morning to "price" the stoves. Well, I had my trusty pen and paper with I wrote down the model number and price to the one I wanted. I was getting that stove, with or WITHOUT We went home, and the next day he went to work, and I was like a telephone operater dialing numbers ( I could still see his taillights as I I called Sears and told them I was just in there the day before and I wanted such and such stove. Hubby had done some electrical work for them not too long ago, which I didn't know until that day..anyway, when I called that specific stove had just been shipped to their warehouse..icon_sad.gif She knew who I was, so she asked me to come in and look around and she would match the price. So I go in, find the smooth top stove (799.00) with an AWESOME oven. I picked it out and she gave it to me for 499.00. I had them deliver it and when hubby got home, he didn't even realize When he did, he was a little upset. BUT after a few meals in it, he realized that it was for the best. So now, I have a smooth top stove with an oven that bakes very well, and even better, it's easy to clean!! Good Luck with the stove hunting, and I would go on strike from cooking meals until I got the stove... icon_wink.gif


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twindees Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 3:25pm
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My oven is doing the same thing, but my DH thinks he can fix it. I am giving him another week to try then I an going to SEARS.

I can't take it any more.

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bubblezmom Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 3:34pm
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I have learned over the years to stay 2 steps ahead of my electric stove. It's so hard to regulate the temp correctly. I just check any bake goods 10min before they're supposed to be done. icon_razz.gif

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luv2cake Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 4:04pm
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Well I haven't done this, and I don't know if I could actually do something like myself while keeping a straight face but...
Maybe you can unplug it or disconnect some wires or something and then try to bake a cake in the oven. You will need to pretend that you don't know why the oven isn't working and act frustrated, etc. and maybe convince hubby that you really do need to get a new one.

Husbands- you can tell them and tell them, but until they see for themselves, then they finally believe if you didn't know what you were talking about in the first place. Gotta love 'em though!

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edencakes Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 5:15pm
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I totally understand, we just bought our house in December, and I've been dealing with the same problem since. Not only can I NOT predict what temp the oven will get to when I set the knob, I have to CONSTANTLY check the temp throughout the baking time because it will randomly change by, oh, 50 DEGREES or so. Thank goodness I have an oven thermometer, I just wish I could get it set right and leave it instead of babysitting it the whole time!

If you can figure out how to get your hubby to agree to a new one, PLEASE let me know! icon_biggrin.gif

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tcturtleshell Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 5:30pm
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Poor Jenn!! I know how you feel!!! I had the same problem!! My hubby wouldn't get me a new oven until I got a few cake orders. When I did my first practice wedding cake & had so much trouble with the oven.. He felt sorry for me & went out & bought me a new stove!! The one I have is a Kenmore. I actually have 2 ovens... kept the old one because it is the type that goes in the wall. I had a surface ceramic top & hated it so we got rid of that & put the Kenmore in it's place. I still have problems with the new oven. It's really hard to get it regulated! They are soooo moody!!

You said you used a thermometer... I would try a different one just to see if it has the same temp. Sometimes those thermometers don't work right. I bought 3 before it was right~

I laughed so hard reading these posts!! You guys are great!!

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Daniela Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 6:39pm
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I feel for you Jenn, but don't worry because you are not alone. I'm sure that in one way or another we can all relate to your story. I wouldn't give up though, keep pushing and he'll come through!!

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alimonkey Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 7:44pm
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I can just imagine your frustration, Jenn! I'd go on strike until I got a new one, too.

I don't have those problems with my oven, but my stove is another story. It's a 40 year old electric stove that has push button controls instead of knobs - cuz anything with buttons was cool in the 60's (our lights are push buttons instead of switches, too.) It functions as it was designed, but when I'm trying to cook anything on medium-high heat, I have to constantly switch back and forth between 2 buttons because neither one is ideal to maintain 350degrees like for any kind of frying.
It's still better than my mom's stove. The elements are so slow, it takes her 20 minutes to boil water for tea. Forget about a big pot for spaghetti!

The worst part is that 6 feet from where the stove is, there is a GAS hot water heater on the other side of the wall in the garage. Can't wait till my stove goes completely on the fritz! I'm having DH run a new gas line through the wall, getting the fridge out of the way, and getting myself a gas oven!

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SweetCreations Posted 18 Sep 2005 , 2:51am
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Have any of you thought to check to see if your Stoves were LEVEL? I have heard that if a stove is UN Level it affects the temp's..

Heck at this point I believe it would be worth it to Check.. Good Luck On the New Stove!

Oooo Yeah,,, Lowes has a really nice looking stove on sale for like 398.00 =0)


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