Need Some Help Client Asked For This Particular Cake Dont Know What To Do

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smile22 Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 6:26pm
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so i had a call from someone who wanted some stuff for a christening. she saw on my facebook this cheese cake and it was topped with raspberries blueberries chocolate drizzle and whipped cream border, the problem is the cheesecake was what i call a fake out i went to the store and got a frozen cheese cake ( i know but this cheesecake was something i made for my family at my house) and decorated it with fresh fruit and whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. the christening is next sunday and she lives in the next state over from me but she has family and a place she stays at in on the weekends in my state ( i live 35 minutes from her weekend place and is going to be in my state on friday evening into saturday morning so i would need to deliver the cheesecake on friday for a sunday event 


can a cheesecake be made and still taste good on a friday and eaten on sunday. i would need a ny style  something that would hold up with fresh berries, could i make a cheesecake freeze it with the berries on top would it still taste good on sunday. on saturday she will be traveling an hr back to her house with the cheesecake, she also wants a whipped cream boarder and that needs to hold up as well..


am i taking on to much will it work is there an alternative that still has the cheesecake flavor with the berries and whipped cream and hold up till sunday?

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-K8memphis Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 7:00pm
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it's not the most practical cake considering all the traveling


can it be done? sure but you need to package it in temperature controlled wrappings


cheese cake and whipped cream have to be kept out of the temperature range between 40 &140 degrees except for an accumulated window of a few hours


has to be below 40 and above 140


i would not do sucha cake for a client who's gonna be driving all over timbuktu with it--i'd sell her something else


yes friday to sunday is fine for cheesecake--but must be kept properly--i'm not positive the whipped cream would survive--you have to whip it correctly and it has to stay climate controlled--how do you ensure that in this scenario?


~~and more than you may want to know but since you are asking online like this


i'm going to venture that you do not have the expertise to handle a highly hazardous item like this


i'd advise you to just say,  "no let's try this instead..."


no hard feelings icon_biggrin.gif

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Sassyzan Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 7:10pm
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AThe cheesecake would be fine. Stabilized whipped cream would probably be fine also. It's the berries on the cheesecake that I'd worry about. Once you wash berries, they start to deteriorate, and they will weep all over the cheesecake and make the whipped cream run.

I'd offer her one decorated with chocolate and she can put berries on herself or do a berry glaze or something like that.

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Embles Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 7:35pm
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AThis would frighten the life out of me, so many things that could potentially go wrong (I know im probably not telling you anything you dont know already!!!) I agree with the previous posts, if you are totally sure you have a fantastic recipe that you had done loads of times you knew wouldl keep etc and this client was asking for an addition that you hadnt tried before then the risk factor is small however if you are taking risks on the recipe, storage, travel and border theres too much thst could go wrong. I would guide her towards something you know will be fabulous, keep and hold up to a long journey and explain that you are concerned it will be a mess by the time she gets home and you dont want her paying for a product she cant use. Good luck

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BakingIrene Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 7:51pm
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Raspberries and blueberries are in season in the Southern Hemisphere right now.  What you buy "fresh" anywhere in Europe or North America will have been shipped in for an exorbitant price. No guarantee whatsoever that they will taste like real fruit.


You should consider labelling such goods "seasonal". Or update your Fakebook page regularly to reflect what you can offer at any given time.


But anyway you could say "sorry that cake is not available right now" when the customer asked. And if you have been following threads on Cake Central, you will see that many problems happen because of long distance orders.  You are allowed to say "sorry, no" to any order that you cannot personally deliver in good condition.

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smile22 Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 8:27pm
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so before i even tell her the cake will not work i would like to exlpore all my options does anyone have a recipe for like a cheesecake with like a ganach topping and some fruit i can place on top i figure if the cheesecake has a ganashe toping and the fruit wont run? 

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Sassyzan Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 9:15pm
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ASugar will draw the moisture out of the fruit, so any icing will make it weep. Ganache, fondant, chocolate, frosting, whipped cream. Have you ever had a 2-day-old chocolate covered strawberry?the strawberry gets kind of loose inside the chocolate as it shrinks away and loses its juice. Blech. I mean, it's still chocolate and strawberry, but not fresh and amazing, ya know?

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Embles Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 9:31pm
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AHiya just googled cheesecake/shelf life etc and a country style cheesecake has come up, apparently uses buttermilk to alter the ph and gives you a better shelf life. Thought you might be able to use buttermilk to help you to make it more stable for travel. Maybe include seperately packed fruit and chocolate drizzke fir client to appky when she gets home google country style cheesecake

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Izzy Sweet Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 9:57pm
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My cheesecakes have traveled many times. I would not put the fruit on until ready to serve how ever. My cheesecakes have sourcream and a little flour in them for stability. If you freeze it before transport and do not turn the heat on in the car you will be fine.I would put it in a travel cooler too.If you would like my recipe just PM me and I will give it to you ;)

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Izzy Sweet Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 10:01pm
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Oh and if you are going to bake one and then freeze it , make sure it sits for 6 hours in fridge before you freeze or you will end up with pudding when you go to thaw it.Cheesecake is still baking when you take it out of the oven , so if you put it in the freezer you will shock it and the components will break down and turn to mush

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-K8memphis Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 10:36pm
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true, izzy, what happens is the water crystallizes when it freezes and then thaws as water and mushes it out




blueberries and raspberries which is what she stated will hold for a couple days much better than strawberries which have a much higher water content


there's a serious reason cottage food laws draw the line with highly hazardous foods like cheesecake and whipping cream


the potential for bacteria to reach the thriving point trumps weeping fruit --that probably won't weep anyway imo


but if the whole thing is kept cold properly it might be fine but you srsly need to know what you are doing


if you get a dumb recipe that calls for leaving the oven door open after it's done to cool completely you'll be spreading highly hazardous bacteria


here's an example of your current out of temp time table


  • buy it at the store get it to your fridge--20 minutes
  • leave it out to get to room temp so it creams well with no lumps-30 mins
  • prep/mix time--10 mins
  • cooling off after baking --45 mins or more
  • getting it to come to 40 degrees in chill box--probably never because your home fridge might not get that cold but say that's at least 2-3 hours
  • ganaching with warm chocolate will tweak it into an unsafe temp for a few
  • decorating time 15 minutes
  • your drive time to deliver 35 minutes
  • her drive time 60 minutes
  • and this all assumes it was kept at the right temperature from birth and you had the full four hours all to yourself


even if it's transported frozen by the time she gets to set it out for more accumulated time out of proper temp it 's already gonna be on the bacteria upswing fully degraded into the hazardous zone


sure we make the choice and eat stuff like this all the time "and we don't die"


but it's a completely different responsibility when you are providing for the community--do any of her guests have crohn's?


there's a four hour window for out of temp and this has hazard written all over it


i would not risk this order myself


i only do cheesecake when i control e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g and i deliver to the cake table right before service

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Embles Posted 23 Feb 2013 , 11:39pm
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AJust a thought is it the design of the cheesecake she likes or the cheesecake aspect? I think its really impotsnt that you have this conversation with her because you may not need to worry about the cheesecake aspect at all. If you have the conversation she may say "I think it would look stunning on the table" if thats the case then you can confidently offer something similar like a chocolate cake with ganache that will travel. I am not a dessert person however I think that you are leaving urself wide open on this one if you attempt it, k8 memphis said the possible consequences of getting it wrong could land you in a whole heap of poo. Clearly the vustomer loves how you decorate if shes gonna order from the next state (what a complement! !!!) Use this to ur advantage and knock her socks off with something travel safe/bacteria safe!!!!

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smile22 Posted 24 Feb 2013 , 12:11am
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now that i am thinking about it i will call her up tomrorow and talk to her about the cheesecake and temp and the berries not staying that well and runing into the cake making it mushy and such i was thinking a single layer tort with a ganche filling and i could provide her with raspberries that she can place on the cake however she likes 

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Embles Posted 24 Feb 2013 , 12:43am
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ACan you post pics when your done please, would love to seexxxx

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