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DeliciousDesserts Posted 12 Feb 2013 , 12:52am
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Who the heck cuts good cake that small? They need to be taken out back and whipped, severely! If it is a Christmas fruit cake, they can keep it...


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hieperdepiep Posted 12 Feb 2013 , 9:18am
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Originally Posted by Suuske 

oef ... many questions icon_smile.gif and thanks for the compliment.


I'm a semi professional homebaker ... (I know, very vague), meaning I still have a dayjob that pays my bills; also meaning I am in the situation of transitioning and getting the paperwork in order, also declaring all my "earnings" (if you can call it that) to the tax authorities ... Last year I had cakes where I actually earned just a few bucks (literally!) on the cakes I made ... I learned fast, very fast.


That cake would probably take me 4 to 5 hours in total baking, decorating, cleaning (the colored blocks probaby taking up most of my time), so after deduction of costs, I would end up with probably with an hourly rate somewhere in the region of of $ 9.


I use a sponge cake, which is bit more heavier but a lot less dry. I try to tell people not to cut "applepie servings", but indeed ... we are a hungry bunch




9 dollar (6.75 euro) is a very good price per hour for a hobbybaker, good for you!  But it still under minimum wage for a professional baker. Even people who work for a boss (loondienst) get paid more, and have the insurance of a steady income. Working a independent business ask for a higher hourrate (ZZP-tarief) which include vacationfee, pensionmoney, some healtinsurance. Are you aming your businnes as going for at least double or triple this hourrate to get to the minimum ZZP -rate? 

It would be great if businesses like yours can get to this serious level!

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Suuske Posted 12 Feb 2013 , 10:29am
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I don't think so, Hieperdepiep. The minimum ZZP hourly rate is (still) a bridge too far in the cake industry in NL. I would love to actually earn that (and quit my dayjob). It is $46 (€ 35) per hour and there is no way in this current climate that we will be able to get that now. (for the non Dutch - ZZP is an abbreviation for "Selfemployed without employees"). For now, even when I have all documents in place, it will always be something on the side, unless my husband is able to land a job which would make it able for me to just stop working.


I actually this weekend posted a text on my Facebook page, which I borrowed from LadyViola (with her permission) and I've tweaked it for the dutch environment. It does cover the ZZP issue. We need to educate the masses ourselfs, and hopefully one day people will understand how the pricing is done. But it will take time, I think the Dutch cake climate is not as mature as it is in the US or even Belgium (if I look much closer to home). We still have a long way to go.icon_smile.gif

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hieperdepiep Posted 12 Feb 2013 , 8:09pm
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A35 euro, ...i did nt even realize it was thát much higher. Indeed a long way to go. I have read your post. Good to inform people. I ve seen it is being discussed, so you are making people think. Good job! Just thinking.. you state that the price of cake must reflect a salary for the baker.. will people know now that with your price you are far under minimum wage?

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goodvibrations Posted 13 Feb 2013 , 8:28am
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8" -  $80.00


9" -  $100.00


10" - $120.00

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ConnieJ Posted 13 Feb 2013 , 6:49pm
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10" - $160

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handymama Posted 13 Feb 2013 , 7:08pm
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10" -- $175

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Annso Posted 13 Feb 2013 , 7:42pm
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I'm in the caribbean so a 10inch fondant cake with such details would be $85 U.S or $228 E.C

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ellavanilla Posted 14 Feb 2013 , 9:14pm
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Originally Posted by DeliciousDesserts 

I want a slice dummy!!!

I totally want a slice dummy too!

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