Things Not To Ask/say To A Baker!

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cak3m0m Posted 20 Jul 2016 , 3:43pm
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Anyone ever have a client insist on wine and caramel as a flavor combination? Me personlly, eww. But, this client keeps insisiting on it and I can't talk her out of it. She knows were available for the order as my assistant already took her deposit. Sigh.

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-K8memphis Posted 20 Jul 2016 , 4:01pm
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as much as I do not create weirdy  flavors for people -- I would do this one because I know  I could find a caramel-y wine to go with caramel cake -- and I'd make a simple syrup splash with the wine --

you can just ask the liquor store clerks and they can direct you 

this would be a 'yes' for me blush.png

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n01b Posted 29 Jul 2016 , 12:03am
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I stumbles across this post a week ago and i was hooked. I read this all at work and would be so mad when a customer interupted my reading. This is not really a "what not to ask a baker" and more off "what you should tell a baker"

This is my story

I started baking 5years ago and just wanted to do this as a side buisness in the last year, i also work full time in a office so i have a limited amount of cakes i can make per week.

Even though i have made many cakes and deserts i was still not 100% confident to make a wedding cake, i just did not want the stress and if somthing horrible happended i dont know  what i will do or think i can ever recover from a wedding cake disaster.

So i get a email from a customer asking for my phone number so she can pass it on to her niece, her niece calls me and ask me how much would it be for a "simple 3 tied naked floral cake" i give her a quote and she is happy with the price.  She later starts sending me photos of differnt designs she would like and i had to raise the price a little more becuase it was not as "simple" as she made it to be. She agrees and also wants me to deliver it to the "party" venue. I assumed it was for a birthday party?

1 day before the cake is due she calls me and ask if she can come and give me a topper that she would like ontop of the cake, i agree and she passes it on to me, the topper is covered in hard cardbored and she was very quick just gave it to me and walked off. When i came to unwrap the topper it wrote "Just Married" . I was shocked and though is this for her wedding??

I messged her and ask her if the cake is for the wedding and why it was never mentioned she says it is a small wedding and she did not think she needed to mention it and did not think it was a big deal.

So on delivery, i take the cake and it was not a "small wedding" the reception was a beautiful hall that will seat at least 200people, and the cake was on the table in the middle for everyone to see.

I am not saying that i would have made a "better cake" or done anything differently but don't you think i should have a least known?

I was telling a friend and she told me that she did this to lower the price becuase if i was to have known it was for a wedding the prices would have went up?

I was shocked people actully think this way and the reception did not look cheap so why was the cake not important enough?

I have yet to hear from the bride.

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Jul 2016 , 1:25am
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that's weird and while I guess I always ask what the occasion is I've never delivered to a 'surprise' (to me) wedding -- that is strange 

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Apti Posted 29 Jul 2016 , 4:41am
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n01b -- apparently she saw this video:

Hope that gave you a much needed laugh!  Welcome to the forum!

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Jul 2016 , 3:39pm
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apti -- that is a riot -- too funny stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes.png perfect for n01b

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n01b Posted 30 Jul 2016 , 1:03pm
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This video was too funny thanks for sharing i can see why people have a bad perception of bakers when it comes to weddings

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costumeczar Posted 30 Jul 2016 , 8:35pm
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Yeah, wedding magazines and stupid advice columns tell brides that the price goes up when the word "wedding" is mentioned. So they suggest doing exactly what your customer did, just telling vendors that it's for a party. If you charge the same price for a wedding cake as for any other cake that's the same size, it shouldn't be an issue. Honestly, wedding cakes aren't any more difficult than a tiered party cake, but they do take more hand-holding BEFORE the fact with the cake tastings, contracts, multiple emails to the bride, etc etc etc. I charged the same for a wedding cake as I did for any other cake, but people still have the idea that prices get jacked up immediately on hearing the word "wedding."

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MyFairDiva Posted 20 Oct 2016 , 1:32pm
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So we have this new customer who is asking for Gluten Free.

Ok, we can do Gluten Free, no problem.

"Can you also make it NOT TOO SWEET?" arghhhh...!

We are bakers lady, we work with sugar. We are no magicians! >:/

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indydebi Posted 20 Oct 2016 , 1:50pm
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Frequently!!!!   When they asked "Is your icing sweet?", my reply was "Uh, it's made of SUGAR."

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ch5964 Posted 20 Oct 2016 , 2:28pm
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Right indybebi??? UGH!![postimage id="5384" thumb="900"]

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