Buddy's Cakes At Grocery Stores

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Kaytecake Posted 15 Nov 2012 , 11:41pm
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Hi Everyone! I saw Buddy V's cakes in my local store for the first time. They were priced around $28 for an 8" at one store and $19 at another bulk store. My family and I were curious about them because we did watch his show for a couple of seasons- so I bought the Bada Bloom Cake. They had a Chocolate Da Bomb, a carrot cake and a red velvet. I tried the Bloom cake because it had a layer of vanilla and chocolate, plus fudge filling. We tried it and were underwhelmed. I'm no expert baker so I might not appreciate the type of cake that he uses. They might be the "sponge" that they refer to on the show. The texture was a little odd and the taste was sort of bland. Not bad at all- really. Maybe I expected something else. The fudge filling was very yummy but the butter cream was just awful. It didn't have good flavor and had a weird, waxy feel in your mouth. I'm thinking it's the amount of food coloring they have to add to make it so bright. It's a cute cake, but I wouldn't buy it again. Not sure if I'll try any of the others. Has anyone here tried his grocery store line of cakes and/or the cakes he offers at his bakery? Curious to see if they are similar or not. :)

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Spuddysmom Posted 15 Nov 2012 , 11:49pm
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They just made their appearance recently here at one of the nicer grocery stores. I thought it was kind of funny product placement because this store's bakery has quite attractive cakes - not the typical Wal-Mart, etc. and the Cake Boss cakes next to it definitely suffered by comparison - looking sort of "clunky"...anyway, they haven't moved quickly enough so were cut up into little free sample cups...I had NO SHAME and went back for 2 sample. I thought it was surprisingly good, because my expectations were not high. Found the white/vanilla layer really yummy.I'm hoping they still haven't moved and I can score more freebies tonight!

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Kaytecake Posted 15 Nov 2012 , 11:57pm
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LOL They are brightly colored! I think the Badda Bloom was supposed to mimic the fondant covered flower cake that I've seen on the show. I was tempted by the carrot cake but I'm not sure that I'd buy another. What did you think of the butter cream?

I hope you're able to score more samples!

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Sparklekat6 Posted 16 Nov 2012 , 12:18am
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Kaytecake Posted 16 Nov 2012 , 12:21am
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Thanks, Sparkle! I haven't been visiting the site in quite awhile so I did miss all the fuss. Thanks for the link!! :)

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remnant3333 Posted 16 Nov 2012 , 2:11am
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I have not seen any of his cakes in the stores around where I live.  I did buy his book but I was not too impressed with the book!!  There are several recipes in his book but I have not tried any of them yet.  Since Buddy bought the huge bakery building I would think that he would not be able to watch every cake coming out of his bakery. Most bakeries that end up that big do not have the personal touch because they are done in mass production.  He probably does keep his eyes on the ones that he does for his elite clientele with the super big cakes in NY!!  I used to watch him on TV when he was on and did enjoy watching his show now and then. If his cakes in the stores are not that good it will only be a matter of time before the word gets out quickly. Hopefully not all of them are that bad.

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Spuddysmom Posted 16 Nov 2012 , 5:13am
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Okay, so I went back and discovered they were cutting up more samples to entice buyers - the colors are definitely putting off potential customers here; anyway, nabbed another sample and had that sudden sad realization that comes with overindulgence of highly processed food..........remember that first time you ate a ding-dong/hostess cupcake/"cream"-filled spongy cake treat? That's sort of like the first bite of this cake. Now, remember when you were a kid (or self-medicating after a nasty break-up) and ate a bit too much of aforementioned "treat"? Remember that feeling? Yeah, that was how that last sample felt.... not so good... I'm chocking up my initial impression to the fact that I was coming off a valium after an unpleasant medical procedure....pretty much anything tasted "yummy"....

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