Friday Night Cake Club 10/19/12

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catlharper Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 1:42am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Who's up? Whatcha' workin' on?


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catlharper Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 1:47am
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Hi everyone!

This has been an insane week for me. Not only do I have two clients but it was also my 50th birthday yesterday and starting with last Sunday I have been out every single night with someone in my friends/family group! TONS of fun but busy busy busy!

The two cakes both have histories. The first one is for a friend of a friend. He is turning 36 and has already talked his wife into a Galleon for his 40th...with masts and rigging and everything. So, as a joke, she had me make a little kiddie type sailboat cake for this birthday! LOL! Too funny.

The second cake is for a clients husband. This is his 3rd birthday cake I have done and they have all been different. For instance, last year was a close representation of a certain Bay Area football team jersey. This year I made a Mahjong set. The basic pieces were not terribly hard but, well, I don't write in Chinese so who knows how well those characters will look to them...look great to us! LOL! Here it is in my gallery:

I deliver it tomorrow night and I hope he's just thrilled. Sunday I get to have a bash thrown by my kids and husband. It's a secret so I have no idea what they are doing or where we are going<G>. Fun but weird for me since my younger daughter is my partner in our party planning biz and I'm so use to working with her or at least know what she is doing for an event! LOL!

What are you all working on this weekend???


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Brettley Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 2:38am
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Well Happy Birthday to you Cat! I am sure your daughter has something super awesome planned for you. That Majhong cake looks fabulous!

I have a busy few weeks ahead as well. This weekend though is just a small hugs and stitches themed cake as well as a 3D Grave digger. I have 500 cupcakes for next weekend. 220 of them have 3D halloween toppers, and the remaining 280 are just swirled with Sugar Pearls. AND it is my Step-mothers 40th birthday party next Saturday as well.

I am also teaching my very 8 week class in the months of November an December so I am getting prepared for that, which has been quite time consuming in itself. I am super excited about it but also super nervous.

Make sure you let us know what your daughter had planned.

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catlharper Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 2:49am
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Wow! 500 cupcakes makes me tired just hearing about it! Add to that the 3D toppers! As with you, this is the kick off of my Fall Season. I have two cakes for next week too but one of them is for our 25th Wedding Anniversary Party next Saturday. I'm doing a set of luggage for that one since the theme is World Travelers. Then we are running away for a couple of days getting back on Tuesday afternoon where, of course, I have cupcakes to make for our son's 6th grade class party. After that every single week till New Years is booked up. Then in January we have a Bridal Show before I get a brief break before February when the Spring Season begins<G> I look forward to the weeks off but I'm SO thankful for the work. I'm going to Sicily with my Mom next May, my nephew is getting married in Texas in April and we want to go to Comi-Con in July and end our year with my husbands 50th in Disneyland...that's a lot of fun trips that I need the money to pay for! LOL!

Thanx for the birthday wishes! I'll take photos Sunday!


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KJ62798 Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 3:37am
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Evening Ladies!

Happy Birthday Cat!

Brettly--I can't even imagine 500 cupcakes, let alone doing so many 3D toppers. Good Luck!

My serious caking has been sporadic lately. I did a ladybug baby shower cake a few weeks ago and then had another big break.

This weekend I have a bridal shower cake for my cousin. The party is Sunday but I'm trying to get as much done tonight as possible. My kiddos have a fall carnival at the school and I'm not ready to have the 12YO & 9YO be totally responsible for the 4YO so I'm stuck wandering around there for at least a few hours tomorrow. I still need to pick up a few more items for the gift & wrap it as well.

The shower cake is a tree stump with the "carved" names of the bride & groom on the top. I'm doing it in a more birch/aspen color scheme so white bark with brown shading. Fall leaves & purple flowers. Everything is getting a touch of luster dust. I've never done one of these but so far it seems to be going well. I made the roots out of RKT and everything has been frosted so it can set up in the fridge. With the chocolate buttercream it is already looking pretty stump-like. Wish me luck with the bark.


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Elcee Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 3:38am
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Happy birthday, Cat! I recently turned 50 myself. icon_smile.gif

I have a busy week myself (for me, at least), My home business is just a step above a hobby and in infancy stage. I just finished a baby shower cake and 4 dozen baby boy cookies (similar to the ones in my gallery) and in the morning I'll do 4 dozen meringue swirls in lemon and lime. These are all for the dame party. I wish all cake decorators had a customer like this one! She kept adding more to the order, never bat an eye at the price of anything. The party decor is absolutely charming and I've loved everything about this order. I deliver tomorrow afternoon. Ihaven't taken pictures of the cake yet but here's a sneak peek at the unfinished topper (with the cute invitation).!/photo.php?fbid=430189250375818&set=a.106564279404985.10273.100001542403642&type=3&theater,
Hope everyone has a great night/weekend!

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catlharper Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 3:51am
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Thanx for the birthday wishes! far 50 is great! Your topper is beyond adorable! Can't wait to see the whole cake!

Kristy...that sounds SO beautiful! Please do post a photo when you are done with the whole cake!?

One of the things I love about FNCC is that we get to personally share our weekly creations as we go along instead of hoping to catch them later in the week. I love that!


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Brettley Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 4:14am
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Elcee: I would not be able to part with that little guy! OMG he is sooo cute!

I think I was feeling a little over ambitious when I bookd both of the cupcake weddings, but the way I see it, cupcakes are WAY easier than 2 wedding cakes for a combined total of 500 people, and honestly most of it can be done in advance. Luckily I have tons of space so it is easy enough to just set all off the cupcakes out and frost away. I am aso making 30 halloween cupcakes for my daughters class. 220 of the cupcakes are halloween themed so an additional 30 while everything is out will be a breeze.

Kristy: I love the tree stump cakes. I hope someone orders one from me soon, or I can find some sort of occasion to make one! Can't wait to see what it looks like. You won't need luck, it will turn out great!

Cat it sounds like an exciting few months ahead!

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debidehm Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 7:18am
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Happy Birthday Cat!

Cute Teacup Boy Elcee!

I just finished a 3 tier 1st Birthday cake along with a smash cake and a dozen cupcakes for delivery tomorrow. Nothing again until next weekend and that will be a Spiderman birthday cake for my great nephew who turns 5!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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HalifaxMommy Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 11:01am
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Last night I made about five pounds of butter cream for the three dozen cupcakes and barbie cake I have intentions on making today- Saturday.

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Chellescakes Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 11:10am
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Evening , Cat and everyone,
Happy Birthday to you Cat, I hope yours was as great as mine was a few weeks ago. Lots of October birthdays .
I finally uploaded my cakes from the last couple of weeks.

I decorated the cake for my Mum at the Rose show .
Quieter week for me this week , I did bake 11 fruitcakes on Monday , but I only decorated one small birthday cake for a friend this week.
I am in the middle of baking nine more fruitcakes at the moment. It is spring so it is busy here at the moment , November is a nightmare for me, so I am trying to get ahead with my baking.

So I will try to bake the mudcakes for three upcoming weddings next week . I have been systematically cleaning out the freezer so I have room for them.
I only have one cake next week , due out Saturday afternoon a pretty pink Dolly Varden cake complete with Barbie doll. I am actually looking forward to it. It is just a vanilla and rose cake underneath . So I can probably do the whole thing on Saturday.
That leaves me the rest of the week free to do flowers for three weddings, A medieval castle , complete with dragon , maidens and knights for a 50th . Also a dragon bride and groom for another wedding cake. Oh and I have two workshops to teach on Peonies.

No wonder I sleep three hours every afternoon .

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Chellescakes Posted 20 Oct 2012 , 2:40pm
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Well it is now 12.40 am and I have just taken my last cake out of the oven . 9 fruitcakes done . Time for some shuteye have a great Sunday.

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KJ62798 Posted 21 Oct 2012 , 3:41am
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Hi Everyone,

I hit the exhaustion wall last night and didn't get to finish the tree stump cake until late afternoon today. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the final result.

There were requests for pics so here is the linky to my gallery:


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Brettley Posted 21 Oct 2012 , 4:52am
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I am at the exhaustion wallicon_smile.gif On cake # 2 for the weekend and worked a bit more on my toppers and such for next weekend.

I love the cake Kristy, it turned out great. I added a link to the hugs and stitches that I did yesterday. Just a super simple cake but I love how it turned out!

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