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louanne Posted 27 Sep 2012 , 5:34pm
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So my shop has been closed for well over a year until the last month I was working in healthcare so I have not takne a single order since i closed the doors ( getting ready to do some baking under CFL, no cakes, just cupcakes, breads, due o a recent hand surgery, but besides the point, back on topic)

I get a call just a bit ago on my personal cell, as soon as i pick up this lady starts yelling at me "where is my cake, it was supposed to be here an hour ago.....blah blah blah" This went on about 5 minute before I could even get a word in. I told her I have no idea who this is, I do not even do cakes anymore, and how did you get my personal cell. She gets super mad and starts yelling about her cake and how she ordered it in July and paid in full the check was written to " susie q " ( fake name) and has been cashed and everything. At this point i begin to vaguely recall a converstaion with someone who had gotten my number from a friend who thought i might be able to help the lady out, which when she called in July I told her " I am sorry I no longer do cakes" then gave her a list of about 5 people I knew in the general area that done decent work. She apprently went with someone not on the list recommended by someone else.

So when I finally get a word in again I tell her just that, she got real quiet and replied" oh sh** i didn't write down their number, i just found a piece of paper with cake lady and your phone number and thought that is who i ordered from" She appologized and we had a little laugh ( fortunately the good lord blessed me with a good humour and tolerance).
I do not know the person she said she wrote the check to to,
but boy do i feel sorry when she finds the number for whoever her cake was supposed to come from, she is one ticked lady right now.

Anybody else ever gotten irrate calls that were really menat for another baker?

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Godot Posted 27 Sep 2012 , 6:38pm
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YES! I had one like that a couple of summers ago.

A venue called and ripped me anew one because I had delivered the wrong cake and the couple was having a hissy fit.

When I finally got a word in edgewise I explained to them that I had no cake delivery to that venue that day. They didn't believe me and kept yelling. I finally hung up, and to this day neither recommend them nor do I deliver there.

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louanne Posted 27 Sep 2012 , 7:04pm
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I guess people go shopping around and forget who they ordered from and do not have their receipt on hand at the venue. The lady wouldn't stop long enough for me to tell her "hey I'm not suzy q". When I finally got it out she felt bad for yelling at me and not letting me talk, I mean i feel bad for her too, I kind of feel bad for the baker, I mean I know things happen and everything, but boy do i hope she has a good excuse ( not that it matters a mistake was made). I hate to think there is someone in my community ripping people off, apparently it was not a very cheap order, i think the lady said it was something like 285.00 she paid.

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MimiFix Posted 27 Sep 2012 , 8:12pm
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A woman walked into my shop, politely waited her turn, and then said she was there to pick up a birthday cake. I had no more cakes left for pick-up and asked her what kind she had ordered. It was a triple layer white cake with cherry frosting which we did not offer on the menu so I knew she'd made a mistake. I began explaining that she had not ordered the cake from us and this woman lost her temper yelling and making a nasty scene. "You ruined the birthday party," blah blah blah. She left my shop screaming and pointing back at us.

I called a bakery nearby and asked if they had a white with cherry birthday cake for pick-up. Yes indeed! That shop owner said she would call the customer immediately. I never heard anything again - too bad the nasty customer didn't at least call with an apology.

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Annabakescakes Posted 27 Sep 2012 , 9:04pm
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I had a lady that acted really excited to order a cake, and spoke of it months in advance, then called 4 days before the party to order! I missed her call, but called back and left a message that I was booked that week, but could maybe squeeze in a large round cake (rather than the multiple small tiers she wanted). I called a few more times in 2 days and gave up. She never answered or called back.

Friday night I get call from another number, asking for my address to pick up the cake! ALL cakes had been picked up,and I was making dinner, so I choked my heart back down, and asked for the name on the order, to which she replied the lady's name who I had spoken to before, but couldn't get a hold of to say I couldn't do it. I said that she hadn't placed the order, and there was no cake. She hung up. I tried to call back 5 times, but they never picked up. ( I was going to say, sorry, I must've dropped the call, and not mention she hung up, lol, but i wanted to know what was going on! Never knew what happened.)

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costumeczar Posted 28 Sep 2012 , 1:33am
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I got a call a few weeks ago from some coordinator's assistant who wanted to confrirm the cake for Saturday, but I didn't have the bride on my schedule. I vaguely remembered her name, so I asked them if they had a copy of the contract and she didn't know anything about that. So I told her to research it and call me back.

About 5 minutes later I got a call from a lady with the same last name as the bride on my caller ID. I answered the phone and there was a silence, then she said "Is this so and so cake shop?" I said no, it wasn't. She said that she must have called the wrong number. I went back and looked for the bride's name and she had set up an appointment then never showed up because I'd written "no show" on her sheet. So she had given the wrong info to her coordinator then set her mom out to call me and yell at me, but her mother realized that it wasn't where the cake was supposed to come from before she had a chance to yell at me.

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