Ideas Wanted - Will You Marry Me Cake

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Hollybello Posted 30 Aug 2012 , 10:39am
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hello. I am a hobby baker that only makes for friends and family at this time. I have just been asked to make a cake for a friends son to use to propose to his girlfriend next week. Whey want the cake to have will you marry me on it and some sort of flower but other details they have left up to me pretty much. I am really excited about doing this but want to make sure I get it right as it is for such a big event. I have flicked through the gallery for ideas but nothing really catching my eye at the moment. Does anyone have any ideas they can share on how I can make this really special?

I have been wanting to do the peggy porschen Rose tower cake for a while so was thinking maybe this with a swag with "will you marry me on it". Do you think this would be appropriate? They are not sure yet if they want a big cake or cupcakes but have requested that the ring and or box can be placed on the cake or board somewhere.

Eeeeeeek so nervous and excited and also kind of jealous that my hubby wasn't so romantic when he proposed to me!

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sabileos1 Posted 30 Aug 2012 , 5:45pm
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What about a Tiffany's box cake with a ring sitting in it and the lid of the box half way on..... very simple and super cute.

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EvMarie Posted 30 Aug 2012 , 6:07pm
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After looking up the Peggy Porchen cake you're talking about. What about a cupcake stand? That way you can do cupcakes with those beautiful roses. AND, a cake that matches with the ring box/ring on it for a topper.

I'm assuming they aren't asking a ton of people? Feels like an intimate thing. Ever see people stack two cake stands on top of each other to make a cupcake stand? That would be pretty, they have some fun stands available now. You could also MAKE a cupcake stand. My gut says to make sure the stand isn't too tall, cuz then the bride to be won't be able to see all the details & the actual ring and ring box on top. So, don't be afraid to arrange the cupcakes on a small stand and then around the base on the table.

You could do large roses on each cupcake. OR, I'm sure you've seen pics here on CC of the sweet little clusters of roses and pearls on cupcakes. Those would be pretty too.

For the topper cake the ring and ring box sounds great. If you go large roses on cupcakes, keep the border of the cake simple & add the same large rose next to the ring box. IF you go with delicate little roses for the cupcakes...maybe make those same little delicate roses and flowers on the bottom border of the topper cake.

Can you pipe or use cutters to write will you marry me on the front of the cake? You could keep it simple directly on the cake or put it on an elegant sign made of fondant.

That's my 4 cents! Good Luck!

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EvMarie Posted 30 Aug 2012 , 6:09pm
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To add to your comment about your husband not being that romantic when he about this????

My brothers' friend actually cut giant letters out of plywood, painted, and strung a TON of twinkle lights to the words "will you marry me". This entire huge thing was set up in his front when he brought his lady it was all lit up!

Nuts! AND.....oh so romantic. I can't believe I know that guy! icon_wink.gif

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imagenthatnj Posted 30 Aug 2012 , 6:22pm
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The ring shouldn't be visible at all. I would do a set of gift boxes (made of cake). Is the cake supposed to be big? I figure this way, you can make small cakes as many presents, and maybe one of the boxes should be hollow, where you can put the ring inside?

In the same Peggy Porschen book where "bed of roses" is, there's also Tiffany-style Sugar Boxes. They're hollow.

I think I also remember another sugar box, with flowers, hollow, more Victorian looking, in another book. But I don't have that book with me.

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cakecraving Posted 30 Aug 2012 , 7:23pm
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What about a replica of the ring and ring box that he will be proposing with.

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EvMarie Posted 31 Aug 2012 , 5:01am
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ooooohhhhh, I love that idea too imaginethatnj!

Wait a minute he gonna propose straight away? I mean, she's gonna walk in and see the cake & already know what's going on if the cake is a ring theme?

Is this what you mean imaginethatnj? Don't give it away right away? I would imagine there'll be some "decoy" reason for showing up to party.

I LOVE the hidden ring idea. Maybe a decoy lady at the party could take the bride-to-be over to the cake table & show her how cool her cake display is. The bride-to-be would just be thinking it's girl talk. The fellow could walk over and say..."I think THIS one looks like it's meant just for you...

And then, THAT would be the hollow box with the ring in it. COMPLETE SURPRISE!!! Then, she'd realize the gathering was for her! Soooo, fricken' cool!

Although, you'd need some kind of made up reason for the party that she would buy into. Not sure that that's the cake lady's department. But, I do love the general gift box theme. It doesn't give it away.....

I'm excited to see what you choose to make OP!

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Hollybello Posted 31 Aug 2012 , 6:37am
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Thank you all for your replies. Some great ideas. I have since had an email from the mum. They want red roses and she has asked if I can make a Rose big enough for the ring box to go inside so it looks like the Rose is opening up around the box. I think a bed of smaller roses surtounding the ring might be more practical. Iv never tried this so not sure how it would work :s. She has sent me a pic of the ring box and it's black and gold heart shaped, quite pretty. I'm going to find some pics of ideas today and email her see what they think.

I like the idea of cupcake tower, I have a stand for this. Was thinking maybe placing all the cupcakes on and hiding ring box behind some for her to find. I can pipe but also have various letter cutters so could do either.

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EvMarie Posted 31 Aug 2012 , 3:27pm
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That sounds great. I'm sure it'll turn out pretty. I like the "find the box in the cupcakes thing".

Not sure how you would do that HUGE rose. With it being elegant. I'm sure you'll find the right balance.

Hope you can post pics when it's all finished!

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owatto Posted 31 Aug 2012 , 11:38pm
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Oh I can't wait to see photos of this!! I love romantic things, especially proposals!!

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hbquikcomjamesl Posted 1 Sep 2012 , 12:18am
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If it were me, I'd bake it in a ring-mold (either Bundt, or angel-food, or whatever).

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