This Buttercream?

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LaurenSprinkles Posted 3 Aug 2012 , 3:28pm
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Hey there everybody!

Okay i am trying to figure out WHAT KIND OF BUTTERCREAM this is that she is using in this video. If you watch her scoop it out it kind of "drips" on the counter. And then as she spreads it on the cake it is VERY SPREADABLE! my buttercream i use it more of a pick up and plop, not so easy to spread and yes it is a crusting buttercream. does anybody know what kind this is or maybe have a recipe i could try that is close to this! Here is the link to the video!

TO see what i'm talking about fast forward the video to about 5:10!

Thank you SOOOO MUCH! FOr any help!

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GarciaGM Posted 3 Aug 2012 , 4:13pm
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She says in the video she's making a strawberry shortcake. On their website, that cake is described as "gold velvet cake, topped with fresh whipped cream and fresh strawberries". I'm pretty sure that's just a whipped cream icing.

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jones5cm Posted 3 Aug 2012 , 4:24pm
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Whipped Cream Butttercream Icing is time consuming to make; but it's delicious. Here's the recipe I use for my 'Ice Cream Cakes':
Make in 2 parts, making sure that none
of part 1 gets into part 2 until it
is time to mix the two parts ogether.

Any grease in part 2 will keep it from
getting stiff.

If using the same mixer, make sure
beaters are well washed before going on
to part 2. (I use my KA for meringue or
part 2 and just a regular hand mixer and
a large tupperware bowl for part 1, then
mix them together with the hand mixer and
just put the lid on the bowl when done.
Usually make mine as a double recipe.)

Part One

Mix, using a rubber spatula or pastry
cutter at first to keep powdered sugar
from flying everywhere.

Then switch to a mixer and beat till very
creamy and fluffy, about 5 to 8 min., making
sure you occasionally scrape sides of the bowl.

1 lb. powdered sugar (sift if using C & H, has more lumps)
2 1/2 cups Crisco (omit 1/2 cup for crusting)

Part Two

Mix together:

3/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
2 TBsp. meringue powder (add another
2 Tbsp. if you want a crusting frosting)

Add and immediately mix on high speed:

1/2 cup (less 2 TBsp.) BOILING water (has to
be boiling to melt salt and sugar)

When mixture is beginning to get stiff, add
1 TBsp. or less of flavoring of your choice.

Keep on beating until mixture gets very stiff
and stands in peaks, about 8 minutes.

(I use clear vanilla.

This gives a white white frosting.

Regular vanilla makes it cream colored.)

Add part one and part two together and mix well,
about 8 minutes, occasionally scraping sides of
the bowl to make sure all is blended.

Using a rubber spatula, down beat a little bit
to remove some of the air bubbles caused by the
high beating.

Will be very light and creamy.

Cover. Do NOT refrigerate.

Since no ingredient spoils, the frosting will
keep for 3 months. (After that it begins to break
down and get watery.)

Just whip again with a spoon each time you use
it to restore fluffiness.

Save any left over colors for next cakes.

Mixed with jam it makes a good filling.

Mixed with ready made fillings turns them into
cream fillings.

For a decorating cream cheese icing omit one
cup of crisco and replace it with 2 (8 oz.)
pkgs. cream cheese.

For a butter flavor, use butter flavored crisco,
but the color won't be white.

For chocolate buttercream add about 1/2 cup cocoa
in with the powdered sugar or to taste (or omit
one cup of crisco and add 1 tub of readymade Choolate
Fudge Icing and some cocoa for more chocolate taste)
and some brown color for darker shade.

Omit 1/2 cup of crisco, add ½ cup creamy peanut butter
for peanut butter taste.

If you want other flavors than vanilla, just add it
to the finished icing and whip.
Use AS IS for everything.

No need to thicken or thin down.
Works great for ice cream cake

I found this recipe here on CC (I think) a long time ago. Give it a shot it's really tasty and veristileicon_smile.gif

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Mikail Posted 3 Aug 2012 , 4:34pm
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She first mentions that she's using buttercream for the dam and fills with whipped cream/strawberries. Later she mentions that she's using buttercream for the frosting which has a thin consistency (probably with water or milk). I'm assuming she's using American buttercream, not meringue.

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shanter Posted 3 Aug 2012 , 6:43pm
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Do I understand correctly that since the recipe you posted has no cream in it, it is buttercream but not whipped cream buttercream? (Now that I type that, it seems obvious....)

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Annie8 Posted 3 Aug 2012 , 8:34pm
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What happens if you refridgerate that frosting? I refridgerate all my cakes and if I incorporate it into a filling with some jam, I was curious what to expect since you said to not refigerate.


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