Is It True Brownies Are Baked 90 To 95 %

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imrellik Posted 7 May 2012 , 12:55pm
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Is it true Brownies are Baked 90 to 95 % and not 100%

How will i know that 90 to 95 % is achieved so that i don't end up baking 100%

I've tried 2 times but ended up baking 100% i want that gooey gooey brownies which are avail in the markets.

Any idea or suggestion for me so that i can achieve the perfect gooey gooey brownies.


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AnnieCahill Posted 7 May 2012 , 1:07pm
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I have never heard anything like that. Just follow the baking time in your recipe. I know if you are using more eggs that cake make the brownie more cake-like instead of fudgy.

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MimiFix Posted 7 May 2012 , 1:53pm
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Brownies are often underbaked which causes the gooey (texture) quality you're looking for. Some recipes will state the final texture and the recipe temp/time will reflect that. I suggest you find a recipe and bake it a few times to zero in on your desired outcome.

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imrellik Posted 8 May 2012 , 4:05am
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Well here's the recipe which i got, it was printed in the newspaper.

Chocolate Brownies (Make 16 Brownies)
100 Grams Dark Chocolate
3/4 cup of Caster sugar
2 Eggs
1 cup of refined flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
90 Grams butter
1/2 cup of Walnut halves (Chopped)

* Preheat the Oven to 180*C/350*F/Gas Mark 4. Grease an eight inch square baking tin.
* Sift the flour & baking powder together. Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler, or in a microwave oven on high for one minute.
* Beat the sugar, eggs and vanilla essence and blend well. add the sifted flour and walnuts and mix well. Pour the mixture into a tin and bake for forty-five minutes.
* Place on a wire rack to cool. Cut into squares, remove from the tin with a spatula and serve.

Using this recipe I'm not getting the Gooey Gooey Brownie, i think i will add 1 & half egg and bake it for 30 to 35 minutes and try.

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scp1127 Posted 8 May 2012 , 5:50am
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The egg will give you the opposite of your desired effect. I think if you have made them twice, it's time for a new recipe.

This is a recipe from Fat Witch Brownies. I don't use this recipe but I do use her Caramel Brownie. It is incredible. She bakes only gooey brownies. If you look at the photos, you will see the goo.

It is unfortunate that not all recipes published even in newspapers and magazines, an especially the internet are just not good. I feel that these bad recipes cause more people to abandon scratch baking than any other reason. They think they are bad bakers when, in fact, the recipe was bad.

Good luck. A great recipe is hard to find and we all have to go through a ton to find the gems.

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metria Posted 8 May 2012 , 8:05am
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some recipes will have you stick a toothpick halfway between the center and the edge of the pan to check for a few moist crumbs. the center will continue to set up outside of the oven with the residual heat.

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AnnieCahill Posted 8 May 2012 , 1:39pm
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Is this the recipe you use?

I would like to try these with homemade caramel.

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scp1127 Posted 9 May 2012 , 5:08am
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Annie, yes. Be sure to do all the steps exactly. I don't like chocolate, but these are great. I use them on every cookie buffet. I refrigerate them to cut them and get 1 inch brownies. I put them on mini cupcake liners to serve.

Fat Witch likes to use 60% Ghirardelli chips.

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AnnieCahill Posted 9 May 2012 , 11:13am
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Do you use the caramel squares as well? I don't like chocolate either, but I always love a good brownie!

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scp1127 Posted 10 May 2012 , 10:02am
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For this recipe, I do use the squares because I haven't gotten around to making an exact replica of their consistency.

Without trial and error, the real caramel could be absorbed into the brownie or be too hard or chewey. The way it comes out makes me not want to mess with it.

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imagenthatnj Posted 10 May 2012 , 11:03pm
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imrellik, don't increase the eggs. Increasing the eggs gives you a brownie that will more resemble a cake.

I don't like chocolate, but brownies are my boyfriend's family favorite, so I make them.

The recipe I use for fudge brownies has the same ratio of unsweetened chocolate, eggs and flour (100% of each), two and a half times the amount of sugar (250%), and 112% of butter, which is pretty much what the recipe SCP gave you has.

I get dense, fudgy brownies with that recipe, much like the Fat Witch ones. At the office, for a few years, every person got sent a box of the mini Fat Witch Brownies for their I know those well.

More butter to flour = dense and fudgy
Less butter to flour = cake-y

Your recipe only has about 3 oz of butter for about 4.5 oz of flour, which is less butter than you want.

So maybe make the recipe SCP gave you, which comes from a reputable place, and you'll get what you want.

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scp1127 Posted 11 May 2012 , 6:24am
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imagenthat, what other flavors are good?

I have the book, but have only made a few. The white chocolate are good, but very expensive to sell. I also made the chocolate banana, but that recipe needs help. It wasn't sweet, but they were really pretty. This one is an easy fix. I'm thinking it was a misprint. The chocolate banana concept was one I hadn't seen in a brownie.

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imagenthatnj Posted 11 May 2012 , 6:40pm
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SCP, chocolate banana? I might like that.

We used to get just the Witch babies at the office, and I think those only come in 3 flavors: chocolate, blonde and walnut/chocolate. I remember having one or two blondes and maybe one with walnut and giving the rest of the box away.

I don't think they sell chocolate banana at their store. I don't have the book. I went to get it once and there were so many bad reviews stating that the brownies they got were not the same as the ones they bought, that I didn't get it. Then again, some friends in NZ and Australia love that book. Maybe people are just measuring wrong.

Are the measurements for ingredients in cups or in oz? I might get the digital book now.

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scp1127 Posted 12 May 2012 , 9:35am
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The caramel is a mainstay on every cookie buffet.

I like her recipes because they were not overly sweet. The banana had a batter of banana "blondie" swirled with brownie mix. It was just not sweet enough. The bitterness of the 60% was too much. But that's an easy fix. I guess I'm not as concerned about the little things in recipesbecause I change them so much, but it could be frustrating to a busy mom trying to make a snack.

Another possibility is that even though brownies are rather simple, she is very specific about the method. My guess is that if you don't do it her way, the result will not be as good.

I'll send you the recipe in a pm if you would like it. Let me know.

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imagenthatnj Posted 13 May 2012 , 2:14pm
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Thank you, SCP. I would love to have the recipe. I'm on vacation but I could try it as soon as I come back! I might the book soon. I realize I don't like brownies but the rest of the world does.

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scp1127 Posted 13 May 2012 , 4:08pm
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I piped some cream cheese buttercream on the first batch and they were ok, but I could tell that a tweak in chocolate% and some added sugar to the chocolate batter would make a great brownie. It's called banana bread brownie. I have guests and a graduation (on Mothers Day), so I'll get it to you soon, hopefully tonight late.

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