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MoonicaLeigh Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 12:57pm
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I have noticed quite a few military people on here. Just curious to see how many of us there are. I am sure that there are many currently in and others retired.


For me, I am military as well as my husband. ARMY National Guard for me, and my husband is going back in to the Active Army since his overseas deployment with the National Guard. He was Active for 8 years before as well.

And in the great spirit of being in the military we will be moving soon, but I will still be here!

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TinaRe Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 1:04pm
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Well, moonicaleigh you know my experience with the military! LOL But here it goes anyways! My husband isn't in the ARMY anymore but I say once a military wife, always one. I mean who can make $50 strech for 2 weeks of groceries better than a military wife!! We wear so many "caps". my DH was in for 8 years as well as an ARMY MP. He went to McClellan for basicand AIT. Then to Korea, Ft. Ritchie, MD, Ft. Deitrick, MD, and then finally to Ft. Knox, KY. Now we are at least in our home state. He is of course a police officer here. I miss it so much! There are some things i miss and lots of it I don't! Just wanted to share, sorry to ramble on so long!

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scoobam Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 1:43pm
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DH is full time Air national guard here!!! He will be in for life I'm sure. I guess full time guard is somewhere between the civilian and active military worlds.... at least that's how it feels. But we love it and are very proud! usaribbon.gif

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MoonicaLeigh Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 1:53pm
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I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!! I am National Guard, but I work full-time LOL Most people dont get it when you tell them icon_lol.gif Where are you guys stationed? usaribbon.gif

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scoobam Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 3:00pm
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Most people dont get it when you tell them

you are SO right!!! When we were looking for places to live you could tell people were nervous when we told them he was full time guard... they thought it meant we might have to move around a lot...
It happens all the time... I am always saying.. you know, that 2 weeks a year, one weekend a month thing?? Well, it's that.. but also full time during the week...someone's gotta keep the base running. They still look at me, like, okay.. don't get it lady! icon_lol.gif

We are in Pittsburgh.

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MoonicaLeigh Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 3:07pm
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HAHA Someone else who feels my pain!! LOL That's not too far from here. I have a friend in the Army Guard in PA.

We will be moving a lot soon, with my hubby going back in the Active Army. But he's one of the crazy ones who jumps out of planes that your hubby works for, so there's only a few places we will get sent. icon_lol.gif

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chikie Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 3:37pm
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Well, I'm a military wife. My Hubby has been in the U.S.C.G going on 14yrs. We are stationed in Alameda CA right now but, are due to transfer next year. He is gonna do his 20yrs or longer. He will be able to retire at 39yrs old. I have been married to him since he's been in . So far we have been very lucky and he hasn't had to due do any sea time...yet, but we know it's comming soon.

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MoonicaLeigh Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 3:42pm
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That's cool, I've always heard that the CG really takes care of it's people! Like the Air Force. Of course I didnt know these things when I got in, and went Army LOL

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RAVUN Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 4:07pm
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SweetArt Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 4:56pm
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I grew up in the Military. My father was Navy. We did move a lot and went through many deployments. And now I am also a Military wife! My husband was in the Marines for 4 years, but shortly after 9/11 he transfered to the Army National Guard to be part of the new Homeland Security force. If there is ever a chemical, nucuelar, or biological terror attack or even accident, he is one of the first responders. Every state is required to have one of these teams now, but the training is extensive and in depth, so many state's teams are not even certified yet. He has done 6 months out to sea deployments, and that was very difficult, but being in this unit, we are not even allowed to leave the state without special permission, in case something happens. This is the first time in my life I have lived in one place longer than 2 years. But I love the Military!!

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lastingmoments Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 5:48pm
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My DH is in the navy, hes been in 8 years. Hes een out to sea SEVERAL times. He missed the birth of our daughter by 9 days. because his ship was on there way home and when 9/11 happened he got turned around and had to serve two more months out to sea!

I think thats why we are still married we never get a chance to get enough of each other!! he usually gets deployed when the HONEYMOONS over! hahaha

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Mjmil7 Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 6:00pm
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Hi, I am also a new military mother. My 24 year-old son joined the Air Force in July and was on standby to be leaving for basic today, but they didn't call him. I'm not sure now when he will be leaving. I hope the Air Force can give him some direction and goals for his life. He is newly married--in April--and just can't figure out what he wants to do in life. Although we are worried parents as well, we support him 100%.


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nanni Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 9:04pm
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I am former military-AF, father was AF, hubbie retired AF-between my family there is over 85 years time! LOVED it and still do.

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aliciaL_77 Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 10:49pm
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I am a former NAVY wife.. hubby got out in 2004. I miss it sometimes though (mainly the commisary icon_smile.gif )

now in San Antonio though from Great Lakes IL UGH!

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tripletmom Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 10:57pm
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My father was in the RCAF for 27 years so we moved around a little bit. My brother is currently a Major in the Canadian military. He is doing a 2 month stint in Wainwright, AB and will be going to Afghanistan in February. He loves it more than anything else in this world, claims he has never 'worked' a day yet, he loves it that much. We are all so proud of him. Hats off to his wife, she is one tough cookie! Actually, my hat is off to anyone with a partner in the military. It's not an easy job for either person...takes some pretty special people to be in the military and some just as special to be with 'em!

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Kesha Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 6:54am
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I am a military spouse. My DH is in the USCoast Guard and has been in for 11 yrs. and is planning on making this his career. We are currently stationed in Hawaii.

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TinaRe Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 1:29pm
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Originally Posted by aliciaL_77

I am a former NAVY wife.. hubby got out in 2004. I miss it sometimes though (mainly the commisary icon_smile.gif )

now in San Antonio though from Great Lakes IL UGH!

You're right! I miss the commissary too!!! icon_cry.gif But don't miss having 2 grocery carts for once a month mass grocery shopping! icon_wink.gif Now we do it every two weeks!

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tcturtleshell Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 2:23pm
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I grew up an AF brat & married an AF man. My Dad was in Ammo for 30 years active. My hubby is a hydraulics tech on the B-52's. He was in the active AF for 12 yrs working in hydraulics on F-15's &
F-16's. Got out of active in 1992, joined the AF Reserves in 1992. Became an AFRT (AF Reserve Tech) in 1996. He's been in the AF for 24 years! I've been in the AF all my 38 yrs!! I'm independant as all get out & HARD HEADED TOO!!!!

Military spouses are strong women!! We all have no choice!! icon_smile.gif

My hubby will be a AFRT till he's around 55 or 60 then retire. Hopefully he can transfer to Maintenance Operation Control so he won't be turning wrenches the rest of his life.

My hubby & I are hoping that our son will join the AF soon!!! That will be 3 generations of AF. icon_smile.gif

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allysons Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 3:33pm
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My dh is Army. We just moved to Baumholder, Germany. We were stationed at Ft.Riley, KS prior to coming here. He is due to deploy end of this year, so I'm taking college to keep myself busy. Nice to see so many military here icon_smile.gif

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MoonicaLeigh Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 3:41pm
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icon_eek.gif WOW, I figured there were a few of us here, but I didnt imagine this many!! This is great!!! We love the military life!! Keep em rolling, this is cool to hear everyone else's stories!!! thumbs_up.gifusaribbon.gif

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klkhoneycutt Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 4:11pm
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Hi I also grew up an army brat my dad was in the 1st cavalry...and then he retired ( my dad retiered as a First Sgt) & I was always told not to EVER date a GI.. But when you get pulled over by a cute MP on base, well my non ticket turned into phone calls and then we dated ,moved in together..and got married 2 yrs after that ( the same day he pulled me over we got married). he has been in 7 years and we have been married for 5 yrs and have to drive me nuts but u love em kids ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2..he is planning on doing the full 20 years.. usaribbon.gif .He just made drill Sgt and we will be staioned at Ft Leonard Wood ,MO .. he has done the typical stuff we have been stationed @ Fort Huachua,AZ, Fort Carson, CO where he deployed all the time,he comes home tommarrow from BNOC and he made honor grad and won the leadership board thumbs_up.gif and when we get to MO he will go to school to be a Drill Sgt and hopefully we will be there a while cause it seems like we r moveing every 18 months or so ...well thats my long story in a short care..and have a great day

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chikie Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 5:31pm
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My DH is a Yeomen in the U.S.C.G going on 14yrs. Where else have you been stationed?
We're in Alameda right now, but been to Boston, Petaluma, and San Francisco. He has been lucky and hasn't seen a boat.... yet. We're due to transfer next year...I'm hoping if he does have to go on a boat ...He gets one out of the Bay area...due to we are both from Sacramento and My kids and I can be close to family. Overall I love the military lifestyle..I can't complain icon_razz.gifusaribbon.gif

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ump107 Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 9:09am
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I am former U.S. Coast Guard, I spent 4 years active duty and I have just completed my I.R.R. commitment and I am now contract complete and have no worries about being called back to active duty. Chikie your husband is lucky as a Yeoman he may never have to do sea time. The old CG phrase of choose your rate, choose your fate seems to be very true. I had 3 ½ years of sea time when I was released from active duty. However I was a Boatswains mate I enjoyed what I did and I dont think I could have handled being an YN not my thing. My wife disliked it when I was out to sea, however communicating through E-mail and using phone cards does make the heart grow fonder. I will add one thing though there are days I miss the Guard dearly and there are days I am glad I am out, I met some of the best people when I was in the Guard and I wouldnt trade my experiences for anything.

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flayvurdfun Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 11:20am
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Military born and bred! Grew up being an Air Force Brat....I went into the Navy, loved it but family problems kept me out...then I have married an Air Force man....he's been in for almost 23 years!
Needless to say I love the military, and the people who support it...I tell ya if it werent for the military I couldnt have stayed home as long as I have!

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cakecre8tor Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 12:24pm
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My husband is in the Army - just went over 11 years. He is a blackhawk Helicopter Pilot. We have moved many times however we are in Virginia (Fort Monroe) right now. Due to move to Kansas next summer. I was in the Army Reserves for several years but got out cause it is just too hard to be duel military. I love the lifestyle and would not change it for the world! We get to meet so many different people and live in so many different places. Our last tour was Europe and we got to go to about 15 countries! My Hubby went to more or course in the balkins!! HA! Go ARMY!!

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MoonicaLeigh Posted 19 Sep 2005 , 12:10pm
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Once again Wow. See since you mentioned the Balkans, cakecre8tor, I have a funny one for you guys. I met my husband in Bosnia icon_eek.gif We worked in 2 different sections but were on the same base. I was friends with his drivers so they introduced us =o)

We will be military until he retires, he's a lifer.

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frogfiend Posted 19 Sep 2005 , 12:19pm
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I too will be joining the ranks of military moms. My son who will be 18 in November has just signed up for the Marines. He is due to leave for basic the day after he graduates in May. I knew he was going into the military for 3 years now. He has been in J.R.O.T.C. in high school preparing, but he was going Navy then all of a sudden he decided to go Marines. My DH and I are very proud of him, but worried out of my mind, the field he chose to go into scares me to death. The recruiter has assured me he will not see action for at least 2 years because of the training he has to get, so I pray daily for the war to be over, not only for my son but for the many men and women who are losing thier lives daily. Be safe and come home soon.

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momoftwogirls Posted 19 Sep 2005 , 12:23pm
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I am not in the military and neither is anyone in my family.
(well, my uncle retired from the Navy years ago)

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I support everything that you do, your husbands do, your sons, or anyone else in the military!


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mrsrunning Posted 19 Sep 2005 , 5:40pm
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Navy wife here, My DH has been in the Navy for 5 years now, he is going to be a lifer as well. We are currently stationed in Washington aboard the USS Stennis. I love the commissary but dislike deployments and long hours.

Navy wife, toughest job in the Navy

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dolphinhunt Posted 19 Sep 2005 , 6:07pm
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Well I was in the Navy and my husband just got medically retired from the Navy. We now live in Florida near his family. I miss some of the military life but not all of it.

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