Flavor Offerings...how Many Is Too Many?

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cangela4re Posted 8 Jan 2012 , 5:57am
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Ok, Im a hobbyist transitioning to a cake business and Im working on a flavors list. Ive been baking since I was a kid and I have a ton of recipes that Ive worked with so for me, the possibilities are endless (imagine Bubba Gumps list of things you can do with shrimp). I do plan on putting together separate lists of cake flavors, filling flavors and frosting types/flavors so that people can choose their own combinations but my question really is about making a list of flavor combinations for the more culinary uninventive.....where does it end? I mean I could sit here and dream up stuff for hours (I think I have about 50 already). My question is how many is too many to list? My business head is telling me that too many choices will overwhelm the customer....would love your input!

(And for some reason I couldnt put this in the Cake Business section so I hope you guys still see my post)

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jason_kraft Posted 8 Jan 2012 , 6:19am
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You're right that too many choices can confuse a customer. I wouldn't list more than 10 or so flavors of cake/frosting/filling, and it helps to give people examples of popular combinations of flavors.

We list about 40 different popular combinations, but they are divided up into categories: vanilla, chocolate, tropical, citrus, spice, and almond.

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cangela4re Posted 8 Jan 2012 , 6:30am
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So far I also have them broken down into categories based on the flavor of the cake itself (chocolate, yellow, white, fruit flavors, spice and "specialty" for whatever doesnt fit in those categories like red velvet), but Im already at 50 and I feel like Im just getting started. I mean Ive got 30 years of recipes not to mention ones handed down from family. We love cake! lol At least knowing 50 isnt complete overkill helps...maybe I can edit myself and try to keep it there. Would still love to hear from anyone else willing to comment.

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myslady Posted 8 Jan 2012 , 11:56am
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I agree to much of a choice makes people indecisive.

In addition to each category you can highlight a special combination each month for one of the other combinations.

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leah_s Posted 8 Jan 2012 , 12:28pm
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I offered about 31 flavors of cake, probably 10 fillings and 2 icings - bc (van/choc) and fondant.

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kakeladi Posted 8 Jan 2012 , 2:11pm
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You could list about 10-15 of the most popular than all "Your suggestion".

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abchambers Posted 8 Jan 2012 , 4:03pm
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Yeah I agree with the others...just list a few of the popular ones. I find that most people just want white or chocolate anyway. But then you always have a customer here and there that wants to get creative. You could always have a separate page that offers all your flavors for anyone that asks for it. Just offer a disclaimer: "For a complete list of flavors, please contact me".

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cangela4re Posted 8 Jan 2012 , 7:00pm
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Thanks so much, you guys are great! Im going to keep my list to no more than 50 and may even cut that down a bit, but think I will maintain both the "combinations" list and separate lists for cake flavors/fillings/frostings so people can view the choices whichever way they prefer. At least that way I will feel like Im conveying the possibilities and offering the cake recipes Im most proud of without overwhelming them.

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DeniseNH Posted 8 Jan 2012 , 7:13pm
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I have about 30 listed in categories: Chocolate, Liquor Accented, Vanilla, etc and have had a lot of brides tell me that they contacted me because I have a lot of flavors to choose from. They generally go with the standard French Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Mocha and pink champagne but at least they have fun looking through the listings and it got them to call me.

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planetsomsom Posted 9 Jan 2012 , 3:18am
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I've been so deprived in life. The only cake flavours I've ever had are chocolate, vanilla, spiced-flavoured ones that came with the little easy bake oven and ice cream cakes from dairy queen!

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cangela4re Posted 9 Jan 2012 , 3:47am
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Ive had to resort to blackmail and bribery to get a couple of recipes (before internet recipe sites of course)...I had a friend who made me a peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting for my birthday about 20 years ago and I was in love with that cake (I love me some peanut butter), but she refused to give me the recipe so about 6 mos later, she calls me and says "I have a flat tire and cant pick my daughter up from daycare before they close can you pleeeeease go get her" lol the first thing I thought of was that peanut butter cake recipe! Needless to say, I picked up her daughter and she brought me the recipe! Sorta felt like a hostage situation but nobody got hurt lol.

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