Another...i'm Stuck In A Cake Rut Rant!

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Wnt2BACakeStar Posted 2 Jan 2012 , 9:41pm
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So I have been doing cakes for a few years now. I have sold lots and made plenty for my family as well. I decided I loved making cakes and that I wanted to go to school to become a pastry chef and some day open my own bakery. Boy was I wrong! lol I started my classes even took some entreprenaurship classes ontop of pastry and I hated them! I hated that I had to be creative on demand. I also got a job at a local bakery and I also hated that! I don't want to make it sound all bad there were some fun things about my job and my classes that I really enjoyed but in the end the bad outwieghed the good so I decided to switch majors. I also left my job at the bakery. The other thing that is making me crazy is price. It took some getting used to but I finally figured out and became comfortable with what I charge for my cakes. Just recently an excoworker of mine contacted me through FaceBook and asked me to do her sons cake. She was very excited and had even gone into great detail about what she wanted on the cake. However, after quoting her a price I have yet to hear from her and it has been about a week. I get that people who don't make cake don't realize how much work goes into it but still it is rediculous to think that you want to pay Walmart prices for a custom cake. I charge 1.50 per slice plus the cost of my time and work. Which since I bake at home is a lot less than what they charge at the custom cake galleries here. In any case I just feel like quitting the cake business altogether. I'm not sure maybe I am just stuck in a funk or something but I had to rant and so I decided to do it here because I know all of you will understand my caking woes. lol Today another aquaintance of mine just asked to order a cake from me any advice how I should handle it. I am seriously considering starting out by saying if you want a cheap Walmart quality cake then please go see them because that is not what I do!

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rosech Posted 3 Jan 2012 , 1:38am
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I am employed by a telecommunications company. I bake evenings and weekends. All that I know I have learnt from youtube, CC and other websites. One day I may take classes. I love decorating so much I hope to go full time soon. I am learning as I go. I was making free cakes for family and friends wanting to improve that way. I was not learning fast enough and was losing out on supplies money. I then started advertising. I charge low prices because I am using the cakes as a learning platform. I even put so much more than most seasoned cakers in my city. I will increase my prices once I am established, experienced and popular. People love cheap. However, there are some who love quality. It may take a while to reach them but you will get there. Just communicate nicely to those who want cheap cake so you do not drive potential customers away. To some people, cake is just sweetness. Period.

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MimiFix Posted 3 Jan 2012 , 2:16am
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To Rosa, the OP: as I read about your intense enthusiasm and how it has all turned around, I wondered if your CC name, Wnt2BACakeStar, may have something to do with your expectations.

To be a cake star you need to keep working hard. Stay committed and stay true to your art.

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Wnt2BACakeStar Posted 3 Jan 2012 , 3:25am
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It's just a screen name and no I don't have expectations to be the next cake star on one of the commercial television shows. I do put in work and believe me if you look at my cakes I'm sure you 'll see attention to detail is not something I lack. In the end It's not worth my time really to take an order for a cake that I know is worth 100$ and only charge 60$. I'm sure the person ordering it would love that they are getting a custom cake creation for that cheap but that's a huge sacrifice of time and my own cash. I have gotten lots of cake orders from people who have seen my work or tasted it but when it comes to discussing prices it turns into a different issue altogether. Don't get me wrong I love doing cakes, I just think that in the end it may not be a career for me. I feel that perhaps I may keep doing cakes as a hobby and no longer accept cake orders. Either way I am glad that I can come here and rant!

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CWR41 Posted 3 Jan 2012 , 3:53am
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Originally Posted by Wnt2BACakeStar

I charge 1.50 per slice plus the cost of my time and work.

It's time to increase your prices to make it worthwhile... $1.50 per serving is way too cheap (even for non-custom buttercream-iced and decorated cakes). If it's not profitable, don't do it. If they don't want to pay your price, they won't be your customer... you can spend your precious time doing something else.

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AnnieCahill Posted 3 Jan 2012 , 12:06pm
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I charge 1.50 per slice plus the cost of my time and work.

LOL, the way you were talking I was thinking you were charging 5-6 dollars a serving. Yes, definitely time to increase the prices!!!

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