Australian Duncan Hines Fans Unite!!!

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Little-Miss-Vixen Posted 4 Nov 2011 , 3:01pm
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Just wondering how many Aussies out there love Duncan Hines as much as I do?

Woolworths now stock Duncan Hines devils food and French vanilla cake mix, and milk chocolate frosting, but I would love to have a bigger selection.

I was thinking about emailing woolies about this, but thought if a whole bunch of us email, it may be more effective.

So who else loves Duncan Hines and would like to see more on the supermarket shelves???

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auzzi Posted 5 Nov 2011 , 6:03am
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Won't happen - limited shelf space and a committment to Australian Products first, means that imported products are further down the chain. With the current up-swing of Donna Hay-branded products, DH will go further down the list ..

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Evoir Posted 5 Nov 2011 , 6:31am
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Sorry - count me out. I only bake from scratch, which is much cheaper (in addition to better tasting!) than imported box mixes. Plus I have a moral stance on 'food miles' I always endeavour to uphold. We only have one earth.

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iwantcookies Posted 5 Nov 2011 , 7:52am
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Sorry - count me out. I only bake from scratch, which is much cheaper (in addition to better tasting!) than imported box mixes.

my sentiments exactly... Good luck though, OP[/quote]

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princesscris Posted 7 Nov 2011 , 1:30am
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Sorry OP - I'm with Evoir on this one too...

All the best though!

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Healthy Vegan Posted 5 Mar 2013 , 11:24pm
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I had never heard of Duncan Hines, saw a new product on the supermarket shelf, quickly scanned ingredients and was happy to see there appeared to be no dairy/milk products in the Devil's Food deliciously moist cake mix. I love chocolate cake but I don't eat animal products!!!!


At home i googled the emulsifiers as I know they can come from plant or animal. I had never seen emulsifier 541 before. GOOGLE it guys!!!


It is banned in Australia, made from aluminium, dangerous for babies and old people, linked to alzheimers, osteoporosis, parkinsons disease. The only reason I would email Woolies is to say get it off the shelf!!!!!! There are plenty of other cake mixes that will taste just as good and you won't be eating steel.


Duncan Hines does not seem a reliable/moral company given the product recall of cupcakes due to inappropriate labeling regarding traces of nuts (google it) and use of emulsifier 541. Remember when you buy products made in the USA you are exposing yourself and whoever else eats it to a completely foreign set of food safety standards.


AVOID DUNCAN HINES!!!!! We should not be allowed to sell this in Australia when ingredients don't comply with our food safety standards. I would be very suspicious of any of this company's products and labeling accuracy!!!!

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nattygab Posted 23 Mar 2017 , 9:36am
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What absolute rubbish!  Totally misleading and I would advise everyone to do their own research.  Emulsifier 475 is used in the Duncan Hines boxed cakes and is an agent that helps to mix ingredients like oil and water together as you can imagine a dry mix not being able to do that without some help.  All boxed cakes have some kind of emulsifier otherwise you wouldn't have a boxed cake.  Betty Crocker's mixes which are made in Australia have emulsifier 471 and these are all approved with no known harmful effects.  I would definitely get facts right before posting such comments.  I'm a big fan of Duncan Hines, I've cooked with most of their boxed cakes for years as well as making my own from scratch, nothing like their cakes in a hurry.  Sad to see Woollies discontinuing them, I've had other boxed cakes that are nowhere near as flavourful or moist.

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remnant3333 Posted 23 Mar 2017 , 6:33pm
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You can always add stuff to the cake mixes to make it your own. Like for lemon add lemon juice. There are tons of recipes for box cakes which you could do to make them different. With chocolate just add 1/2 coffee and 1/2 of recommended water to make it more chocolatey. You can also add coconut milk instead of water and some coconut into batter to make it coconut cake along with nuts. Google it and you will find many different things you can do to make them taste different. Good luck. I used to use cake mixes but because they keep lowering ingredients in box I only do scratch now. But you are right, the Duncan Hines used to be pretty good.

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nattygab Posted 23 Mar 2017 , 11:37pm
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I actually suspect that Healthy Vegan's dislike of Duncan Hines has nothing to do with Duncan Hines and more to do with American products.  She probably takes her kids to MacDonalds every Saturday, maybe we should ban them too.

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